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  1. i've been looking at the sc cutters and i use flexistarter 10.somthing and i was just wondering if flexi starter works with the sc and is it worth up grading because i'm starting to get 1000's as in bluk orders and i seen the mh is just a hobby where the sc is for bussiness and more along bussiness work any hints or tips on better buying
  2. desertrat033

    Flexisign upgrade?

    i'm using flexi 10.0.4 or something like that and it's working great got it for 130$ on ebay it's the baby bro one tho good for a starter like me
  3. desertrat033

    filling in

    ok so i've learned using paper for text cuts before cutting vinyl but i'm wondering if there is any way to fill in with a sharpie or something because right now i'm using my uscutter mh 721-mk2 and flexisign starter the cheeper little bro of the 3,000$ program and just wondering if there is any box i can check so it fills in instead of just doing the out line. i mean it for silhouettes just would like a full image colored and all instead of just the outline then coloring it in my self by hand any help, tips or, a right up front answer would be nice
  4. desertrat033

    wine bottles

    very nice i've been doing that by hand for a few years and just got started using vinyl as a template
  5. desertrat033

    Flexi Starter/Mac Book Pro/ MH721= Freeze up problems

    i'm having a thing the same lines but mine is flexi starter 10 on windows 7 and for some odd reason it won't send my image right to my cutter it's holding for a sec then says it's ready. then my production manager blinks with a save as window, i save the job and then add that job and it only cuts about half of my image i've cut the image before like a not even a week ago idk what's going on. i have the mh 721 from uscutter
  6. desertrat033

    Write Port Error

    i reset my laptop from two days ago and reloaded my flexistarter offline where i got it from the first time but it still won't let me send and cut right to my cutter
  7. desertrat033

    Write Port Error

    i'm getting a Exception from HRESULT: 0x80200049
  8. desertrat033

    Write Port Error

    i just took off my flexi fully and trying to install it now hope doing that helps
  9. desertrat033

    Write Port Error

    i am sending it directly to my cutter i'm not wanting to save it my flexi won't let me cut it with out saving it first and then it does not cut it fully. i have been trying to find a way to reset it were it just starts cutting when i hit send
  10. desertrat033

    Write Port Error

    yea it doesn't drop down
  11. desertrat033

    Write Port Error

    what do you mean a drop down box and mine is flexistarter 10 send now, ready, cutting <--- that's how it goes if it's working right
  12. desertrat033

    Write Port Error

    i've done it four other times in this size and i cam out fine and how do i fix it from save to file to send now
  13. desertrat033

    Write Port Error

    sorry took me a sec but here is what's going on same image and all when i get to send it it opens well screen shot two and i've saved it and tried to cut it but it only does like half the job
  14. desertrat033

    Write Port Error

    my start screen
  15. desertrat033

    Write Port Error

    this is what is going on yes the image is the same and i have cut it before but for some reason these last two days it won't work right but here is screen shots