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  1. ok thanks guys, i also just found a guy with a laminator and an sp54 for 10000$, I gotta say im really nervous to buy either....
  2. Hey all, theres a local shop near me selling him vp540 and im interested, I see that roland doesnt have this model any more should that concern me? Also what should i look for when going to see it, it will be my first printer. oh ya and whats it worth? Thanks Guys.. XSTAR
  3. Isn't default O9U with the original blade? Thats what i use and mine is ok, what blade are you running ust curious?
  4. xstar

    Illustrator cs5 to FlexiPro wrong colors?

    Thanks for the reply ill look into that, google here we go...
  5. Hello guys, I have a question im trying to figure out and its driving me nuts. Why isnt the orange the same in flexi after i import it from ai? Ive tryed converting to pdf,eps,tiff ect and it just not the same? Have a look at the picture i included of both side by side. Thanks XSTAR
  6. xstar

    r/c cars

  7. Thanks guys, im not to happy with it. I want to be able to make printed decals so what do you guys recommend i get, I would really like to get a 24" printer? Thanks
  8. Im using flexi to print and also tried printing through photoshop, Im printing on digital printing media from orajet basicly decal vinyl, anyway my ink is running down the paper and smudging the image? Im completely lost...please help me. I just want to make stickers..
  9. xstar

    stick family and animals

    Thanks man
  10. xstar

    Stick People

  11. xstar

    looking for Stick People

    Thanks allot
  12. xstar

    Stick people sports

    Thanks really nice
  13. A friend of mine has a problem with his pcut cutter, when he turns it on it shows the firmware like its booting up and then doesnt go to online, it just keeps rebooting, any ideas what the problem could be? Thanks xstar
  14. ok all fixed, i updated my cutters firmware to v3.70 and uninstalled cutter plotter controller v2.20 and installed v1.20, i had installed drivers from the graphtec uk site because their versions were newer. xstar
  15. Try tapeing your design to a larger sheet so it registers larger then it really is..