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    Great job, great idea! Kirkland's has them listed for $9.99 is that the usual price or do they sell them for less?
  2. That was the ticket! Thanks for the help guys.
  3. Thanks, I already have that set but it does not allow for custom settings.
  4. I have checked the manual and did a google search but came up empty. Does anyone know if it is possible to set the cutter to advance a specified distance after the cut is complete? Thanks in advance
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    Nice work and welcome from NJ
  6. Thanks guys for the input. I explained to her about about standard procedures and the hazards of installing on the inside of the glass. I offered to redo the whole job (8 linear feet of vinyl) at cost plus shipping. Going forward, I guess I should explain up front the vinyl is cut for the outside of the glass.
  7. A customer contacts me asking if I can make two signs to go on their rear windshield. They already have an eps of their logo. Easy two color job. She also asks if I can make an hours sign for her store. We agree on a price for everything, she pays with PayPal, I make her signs and ship them to her. She emails me that she is super sad the decals were made to go on the outside of the glass. She says "Everyone I had reached out to was a deal inside the window looking out... These decals will not last very long on the doors or windows being its so hot.. I was under the impression the vinyl was on the inside not to be tampered with. Let me know if there is anything we can do." How would you respond?
  8. jumpink

    How do you get jobs?

    I live in a medium sized town about 50 min outside of New York city. I haven't been doing this long enough to be able to rely on word of mouth or referrals. I started placing coroplast signs around the town to stoke up some business. My most successful ways of getting business have been finding trucks, trailers and vans with no signage and soliciting them.
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    Really great! Can you share the eps?
  10. jumpink

    How do you get jobs?

    I would like to see what you guys have found to be your best methods for getting vinyl work. I have had good success with going door to door with my business cards and talking with people. If you go door to door do you carry a portfolio of your work?
  11. I have a potential customer who has several vans he wants lettered. Vinyl measures 7.5 sq ft each side single color relatively easy weed. He wants an RTA price and cost for install. I know what I want to charge him but I was unsure if I should offer some type of discount for multiple vehicles. Any ideas?
  12. jumpink

    vinyl on textured wall

    Might I ask what the new trick you learned was?
  13. That makes sense, thanks for the input.
  14. I want to give a warranty for the installs that I do. Not sure what length of time would be adequate but not excessive. Wondering what you offer if any? Thanks