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    atv/quad racer

    I am looking for a cuttable vector image. black and white of a quad motocross racer or just a race quad thanx to all!
  2. switchatvmc

    large graphic application

    I am putting my business name and website etc on the side of my sales trailer, here is what i've got its 5 1/2 ft long by about a ft and half tall my question is, how do i do this, all in one peice?, or separate the lines...should i use some kind of application fluid....? thanx Byran
  3. switchatvmc

    ATV Graphics kit

    Well, it was a bit of trial and error, i measured it out then put a pen and a roll of paper in the cutter and drew it on paper, cut it out with scissors to check the size and angles and everything, sounds tedious but it only took a couple tries to get it right
  4. switchatvmc

    ATV Graphics kit

    Graphics kit i did on my wifes Yamaha Blaster, don't pay any attention to the website on there it is no longer up. let me know what you think. http://i71.photobucket.com/albums/i143/b_sepp/blasterenginescoop.jpg[/img]
  5. switchatvmc

    ATV Graphics kit

    lol, she thinks it looks cool but she would have preferred it in pink, but since i like to ride it too....., i also have a yamaha raptor which i have attempted to do a graphics kit on but the compound curves are killing me, i have tried heat but with no luck, ne1 have any ideas??
  6. switchatvmc

    Photo Sketch

    Hello, you know those machines at the mall, where it takes your picture and then makes it into sort of a sketch?, i was wondering if anyone knew how to do this on a copam 2500, or if its even possible, i have adobe Illustrator CS2, & MX Freehand. Thanx Byran
  7. switchatvmc

    9-11 firefighters rasing flag

    I am looking for a cuttable vector image of the 9-11-01 firefighters rasing the US flag on the pile of rubble, if anyone could help me out that would be great! thanks to all for your time Byran Switch FX
  8. Hi, my hard drive crashed, i'm wondering how to re set up my cutter since my sign cut program was on a subscription? thanx
  9. switchatvmc

    Hard drive crashed....help

    what is signblazer?, how much does it cost and what are its advantages over signcut?
  10. switchatvmc

    Hard drive crashed....help

    my hard drive was completely fried, won't even spin, i had it replaced
  11. I have a PSD Image of a customers logo that he wants stickers made of, i need some one to convert it into a vector file, i am willing to pay for a professional job as this customer is picky about the decals looking as close to his logo as possible. if anyone is interested let me know and i will e-mail you the logo file. thank you!
  12. switchatvmc

    Real estate BANNER

    I have a customer who is looking for a 2' x 2' banner that has 3' stakes attached to each end to poke into the ground, to be used as a roll up real estate sign, he says he has seen these before but i am having trouble finding them at any of the sign supply places, i'm thinking i will probably end up buying some light stainless rod and making them myself, but if anyone has seen these anywhere please let me know thank you Byran
  13. switchatvmc

    Concrete Power Trowel Trace

    Could someone please try to trace this image for me into a cuttable vector format , i have tried numerous times, but my tracing skills are not too great thanx to all for your time Byran
  14. switchatvmc

    Concrete Power Trowel Trace

    graphixUnlimited, yes i would like that i vector form , excellent trace by the way!
  15. switchatvmc


    what i ordered was thermoflex plus, but it has a different feel than the other stuff so i talked to ordway and they told me to ship it back because there might have been a mixup with some other material the fabric i am applying it to is 100% cotton, and like i said the three other rolls i have work great. i kind of wish i knew what the white stuff was, maybe i could use it for something...lol
  16. switchatvmc

    A Banner Question......Where to find..??

    http://www.sportswearforall.com/premiumgraphicx-apt/bannerb.htm try e-mail this company for a 10 x 10 banner
  17. switchatvmc


    Ok, someone tell me whats going on here, i ordered a few different colors, white, blue and pink, the blue and pink go on fine 380 degrees for 15-20 seconds at hard pressure, the white does not work at all, no matter what i do, i've tried different temps, different times and different pressures can this stuff get old? I ordered it from Ordway thanx to all for your time Byran
  18. switchatvmc

    Concrete Power Trowel Trace

    LOL, amen, thanx Billy
  19. switchatvmc


    Tater,what heat/pressure/time settings did u use for thermoflex, i just got some in and i am having some issues with it sticking down to the fabric
  20. switchatvmc

    Concrete Power Trowel Trace

    yeah SWEET, can you get it to me in vector format for my cutter?, by the way how did you get such a clear trace? thanx Byran
  21. switchatvmc


    as far as Heat transfer vinyl goes i have found some big differences in them, so far i have used Hotmark 40, Hotmark 70, and Thermoflex Hotmark 40 is thin, smooth, shiny and it goes right into the fabric, good for cotton and cotton poly blends, Hotmark 70 is almost like the 40 but it is thinner, VERY flexible and you can do amazing detail with it, also good for cotton and cotton poly blends Thermoflex feels very similar to screenprinting, its heavier and works very well for doing multiple colors also good for cotton and cotton poly blends there are MANY heat transfer vinyls out there Hotmark Thermoflex EZmark Duracut Spectracut to name a few
  22. switchatvmc

    layered multiple color graphics

    lol, someone help me, i know there is a better way to do multiple color layeers than just guessing, Billy said something in one post about little boxes....but i dont really get it, a tutorial would be awesome thanks all
  23. switchatvmc

    layering hotmark

    after a few attempts and a few screwups i have managed to do layers with hotmark.........i have ultimately decided that thermoflex plus is much better for layers simply because you can peel it hot, hot mark you have to peel cold and by the the time you peel it your shirt has shrunk or stretched slightly from the heat press and it is a pain registering the second layer heres one i did for my brother, turned out pretty good the registration on the top lettering was a lil off tho.
  24. switchatvmc

    Banner for Fleamarket

    I know what ya mean on the Fox decal tater, they are VERY protective of their intellectual property rights, been there done that...got an e-mail from fox racing....lol, not cool.
  25. switchatvmc

    Hotmark 40 black on red t-shirt

    yeah it has a great feel, really smooth and right into the fabric, i am going to experiment with doing 2-3 colors later today