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  1. The Elvis Legacy

    Supplier for Car Tags to sublimate

    What are the best places to get Car tags for sublimation?
  2. The Elvis Legacy


    Thanks! I will check that out asap!
  3. This pic is of about 1.5 inch lettering cut on my graphtec CE 5000. Is this indicative of needing to change the blade or perhaps another problem? All the cut lines are smooth and cleanly cut with the exception of at the corners as you can see.... For cutting regular vinyl, is it better to use a 45 or 60 degree blade?
  4. The Elvis Legacy

    Ghosting images from old vinyl

    Thanks for the input, bamafan2277, but there is definitely no glue there. I used a razor blade and alcohol to clean when I applied the new vinyl. The images they are seeing are not visible AT ALL unless it is moist with dew outside. By the way, nice to see a bama fan on here...I live in...A U B U R N
  5. The Elvis Legacy

    Ghosting images from old vinyl

    I have a customer that contacted me after having replaced some vinyl graphics on his business door. He stated that when there is dew outside that images from the old vinyl show up on the glass. Does anyone know of a way to get these old images to stop appearing when the windows have dew on them?
  6. The Elvis Legacy

    NEW from Fairhope Alabama

    Welcome, Ray...from Auburn! War Eagle!
  7. Does anyone know of a USA wholesaler for Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Tshirts or polos?
  9. The Elvis Legacy


    I did it the hard I did use a compressor with a sandblasting gun...the gun came with a sandblasting cabinet from HF. I just got a disposable painting coveralls with a hood...a dust mask and goggles and blasted it without removing the door. I used sand instead of AO because I didnt want to deal with all the black dust everywhere.
  10. The Elvis Legacy


    Here are a few pics of a door I etched yesterday...
  11. The Elvis Legacy

    License Plates for Sub

    I have not started sublimating just yet but was interested in doing the cell phone cases and the license plates. I know that Conde sells the License plates for almost $4 each if Im not mistaken. I then saw some for sale on ebay for a little over $1 each. Is this a situation where you get what you pay for? Are there different qualities of substrates?
  12. The Elvis Legacy

    Need help on this design!

    This is my first order for Tshirts. Im having difficulty trying to decide which way to put the design on. For the white and red flag and text at the bottom, would you use HPV? Should I have screen print transfers made? Should I have the whole thing digitally printed? I am going to have the "Alabama" digitally printed and add after the red and white is applied. Would it be better to have the entire graphic printed off and transfer paper? How much would you charge for 15 shirts to start off with? They want these on gray Beefy Ts. Just to clarify, the Alabama is NOT going to look like it does on this pic...
  13. The Elvis Legacy

    Printable vinyl

    When printing on vinyl to heat press onto a shirt, you would use ink jet ink or eco solvent ink depending on the printer you have. Sublimation ink would not be used uniess you are using sub paper and pressing on a sub garment.
  14. The Elvis Legacy

    My first attempt at etching

    Looks Great!
  15. The Elvis Legacy

    Epson Printer for tshirts

    I have been looking into getting an Epson printer for making designs for t shirts. I have a roll of and was wondering if I can print on this with the Epson or if I need to use eco-solvent ink on it. I was also looking at the Epson WF 7610 mainly for the larger print size (13 x 19). I also see the Epson Artisan 1430 has the same print size. Any suggestions on one or the other?