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  1. What Font is This

    Thanks Guys
  2. What Font is This

    Can someone tell me what font this is? Thanks
  3. Can someone trace this for me?

    Thanks so much to all of you. I will start working on my manual tracing skills. again thanks.
  4. Need just the letters not the cross. Thanks
  5. Need Some Info

    Yes it is his. Thanks for the info
  6. Need Some Info

    A guy sent me this picture and wants to use it on t-shirts, signs etc.. for his business. How can this be made into a printable and scaleable graphic?
  7. Logo Needed

    Does anyone have the CAM2 oil logo?
  8. Need this vectorized

    Sorry I finally got it to open. I still haven't figured out what I was doing but I did get it. Again sorry and thank you so much for the help.
  9. Need this vectorized

    Soundmasterx the ai version when I download it nothing is showing up. Sorry to be so much trouble--THANKS
  10. Need this vectorized

    Can someone vetorize this for me? Thanks
  11. does anyone have this

    Grabbed it also, Thanks
  12. Does anyone know this font?

    Thanks a bunch.
  13. Does anyone know this font?

    I need the font for the sign that says "The S-Cape". I cannot find a match with my fonts. Thanks
  14. Font

    I need a "G" in this font.
  15. Airbrushing 631?

    Just saw your post. I have airbrushed vinyl using auto air but it will need to be clear coated.