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  1. Yes blades wear and may work better or worse depending on the quality of the blade. I've had some that only lasted only a few weeks and others for months. I've been using the same blade since startup with my 630 and recently increased the pressure by only one point after several thousand feet of vinyl cut. Haven't noticed a difference in weeding but will pay attention in the future.

  2. Vinyl tracking is only an issue until you get used to the cutter. It takes practice to get it setup right.  Tracking is always an issue with all friction feed plotters no matter what the price. I have a 630 and it works flawlessly. I won't take credit for this but, run the vinyl back and forth and adjust it until it tracks straight enough to do the job. Works every time. And yes the 9 pin serial connection is the one to use.

  3. If you have a digital camera, take a pic of the views you need being careful to be square to the surface to avoid distortions, then import the pics into your design software. Works better than outlines being you can show the client how it really looks before installed.

    Edit: Take some measurements to be sure your scaling is accurate.

  4. knobhill , I'm glad you said you were not offended by me in the other thread . I try to let people know how they are coming across IN CASE they don't know . That was the reason I said your 1rst comment to me in the SBE 4-sale thread seemed snotty  ( I had sent you a pm ). Now I don't see how anybody could take your last comment about being " irrelevant if not redundant " as anything but negative :huh:  Hmmm .......

    Well john your correct. What did you expect after being treated as I have been on this site? Ken will verify where I stand. If 'yal can keep on subject there would be less BS.

  5. WOW , I apologize if anybody thinks my panties are wedged up or if i offended anybody  ;D . I have no problem with anybody ( well knobill isnt on my buddy list ;) ) . I have had no tension with anybody but slopshops & knobhill . knobhill has changed the attitude & i am glad . I am not for anybody leaving  . I would rather everybody adjust if it bothers anybody . I'm adjusting right now ( limit my weird humor , repeat to myself limit my weird humor .... OOPS I'm doing it again ) .

    regards , Rodger

    At least you named me directly in this thread as one on your list rather than bash and attack me again. One step forward.

    No offense but I am watching.

  6. Honestly , not trying to bash or start any friction . I don't think you have the people skill/ temperment to deal with stuff like that . The most easy-going , care-free person in the world gets grouchy etc when dealing with the public . U-Hall rentals & stuff like that , you have to let the customers be right , even when they are not .  Reading your posts & the responses you have given & especially the response you have given me , I don't think there would be much repeat business . I don't deal well with the public for very long either BTW ,

    Actually I've  had a dealership for over 6 years now and have more rewards in this region than any other dealer.  Been dealing with the public for almost 30 years. What you've seen on this site is irrelevant if not redundant.