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  1. That would be a good starting point. I tried a long cut today and had some issues. Fixed it by switching drivers. I'm now using the Hewlett Packard HPGL driver and works perfect again. Here's a suggestion, Dry run the cutter, meaning no vinyl and no blade holder, and see what it does. I found this method best if your software doesn't have the exact driver for your cutter.
  2. Knobhill

    2 Colors to one app tape

    I use clear backer and tape for this wet. Makes it so easy to align and water doesn't affect it..
  3. Knobhill

    Bridge brand cutters

    Then why are you asking since you didn't bother to check? LOL
  4. Knobhill

    Bridge brand cutters

    No I didn't. There are other drivers that have been posted in other topics here that work. Sorry, I don't have WinPC Sign. Does it have the Refine MH721 driver?
  5. Knobhill

    More free vinyl from Avery..

    Thanx, free is always the best way to try out new vinyl.
  6. Knobhill

    Please Recommend Vehicle Template Software

    I personally have Car'nTruck from MR. I'll be getting other programs soon. I'll post them when I do.
  7. Knobhill

    Vinyl Master Pro fonts

    I found some of the fonts in VMP are not clean or they were corrupted. Only two. I used a font editing program and fixed them. No problems since.
  8. Knobhill

    Bridge brand cutters

    I've started using my Pro720 this past weekend for a couple production runs. It is setup on USB at all default settings. In one program I'mn using the Refine MH721 DMPL driver and in another the Roland PNC1000. The only thing I don't like is the plotter resets to factory default settinf every time it's powered up. I can live with that. I now see why so many people like the Refine.
  9. Knobhill

    The END of vinyl signmaking may be in sight.

    What next? We need a major priority change and fast!!! My8
  10. Knobhill

    Current reasons for actvation problems

    I only have the latest versions of SBE. With other programs I've used with a dongle you can install on as many computers as you like but only run it on one machine at a time transferring the dongle. My guess is they took down the download site because SBE works fine in trial mode without activation and the new owners don't like it. I hope they do away with activation and convert everyone to dongles. I imagine USCutter has a contract with them so Support and activation should return.
  11. If you recently purchased a cutter packaged with SignBlazer software and not received your activation code after more than one attempt, be advised the company in the process of being sold and support is no longer available. When or if it will return is unknown. Account for domain has been suspended
  12. Same here without the alcohol. Clear ivory liquid. Working for over 20 years.
  13. The Teflon squeegee will also scratch the vinyl. It all depends on the manner of application, surface applied to, type of vinyl, backer and application tape.
  14. Knobhill

    10,000 BC

    I used to LOVE DR Who...I actually got to mee Jon Pertwee in 1986 at a Dr Who convention. I wish I could have met any of the original Doctors. John Pertwee was my second fav after Tom Baker. Colin Baker was tied a close third with Peter Davis.
  15. Knobhill

    New movie

    I'm planning to. I've been following Pixar and can't wait to see it. They've been 10 of 10 from day one.
  16. Knobhill

    New movie

    I watched Zohan also. You need more patience and watch the entire movie and understand the story line. Guess that's why most people would be a lousy critic. Anyone seen the movie Sorcerer with Roy Scheider? Opinions? Let's see how good a critic you are.
  17. Knobhill

    10,000 BC

    I'm an old Dr Who fan and all those low budget sci-fi movies. There are so many bad movies and shows out there that are so good. I also find microwave popcorn disgusting. Same quality as most of todays movies and shows. I watched this movie and give it 5 of 10.
  18. Knobhill

    Current reasons for actvation problems

    I didn't post this to cast any bad shadows on SignBlazer or USCutter. Just posting all the info I know since having activation problems with both copies of the software I own. I'm forced to use my old software until this issue is over with the buy out and things get back to normal. I purchased both my cutters back in March so I never got to know Jerry. Be assured their's plenty of support here so don't be afraid to ask!!! I hope SignBlazer doesn't go away since it's the easiest to setup and use I've seen so far. Their web page is still up and it appears you can still purchase it so I'm confident the new owners won't shut it down.
  19. Unfortunately since Jerry has left us things are in limbo. I have confidence this will be resolved soon. Until then,Trial mode works.
  20. Wow, four pinch rollers and still a problem. Did you try and cut something narrower? Say 10" wide or less on both drive rollers? If your looking for no drift after 10', get a tractor feed plotter. Even the high end plotters drift. It's a vinyl alignment problem when setting up. Not a plotter problem. Mine tracks fine after I indexed it and added my alignment marks. Took about 20 minutes.
  21. Knobhill

    Adobe CS3...does it have to be registered?

    I agree, but a virus is only a small risk compared to others. Download a file and scan it, it's claen. Too late,, you've been tracked and now your IP address is filed in someones database. SMILE, your on Candid Camera!!! Question-> But I'm running ''someones'' Internet security? Doesn't apply to this. There are files out there that are tagged and traced to anyone that downloads them. Don't go there until you learn to protect yourself. my2cts
  22. Knobhill

    us government is a lier

    I believe if GW was Pinocchio his nose would skewer the moon. Same goes for the rest of his cronies. BannerJohn is right on track except for the fact that there are oil reserves that will last for centuries. Short memory my 2cts
  23. I agree with Goodwin, Teflon is my favorite.