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  1. I recommend installing the serial card and not using a converter.
  2. Knobhill

    dodge caliber

    Try this. Caliber.eps Caliber.eps
  3. I expect you charged for your extra time? Shops around here require a deposit before even starting a design. Then charge a setup fee.
  4. Knobhill

    Sliding Vinyl??

    I'm having similar issues with the boarder cut around my work. I now cut it by hand.
  5. Knobhill

    wet or dry application on vehicle?

    Interesting, I never tried alcohol in the mix. Next batch I will. Wet or dry it all depends on what your applying to and your level of experience. Newbee's should start with wet application methods and stick to small graphics until they get used to it. my2cts
  6. Knobhill

    my first job

    Nice... Fun isn't it? Enjoy. I can't wait to get my first big order.
  7. Is the cable supplied a straight serial cable or a null-modem?
  8. Guess hanging on to old cables is a good idea after all! ???
  9. No OS driver needed for the serial connection itself but what driver are you using in SignCut? I only could get Pcut DMPL drivers to work not HPGL. I don't have SignCut so I needed to ask.
  10. Knobhill

    killer in the midwest

    These things really p*ss me off. If true you'd think someone would have noticed. Being a registered sex offender and all. ???
  11. Knobhill

    SignBlazer Elements Trial Mode

    Are you cutting images larger than the width of your cutter?
  12. Knobhill

    NBM Shows

    Too bad for me the link doesn't work.
  13. Knobhill

    makeing decals question

    Tape aside, the utube vids I've been watching are a good guide for beginners but I have many issues with them. Mostly being too quick and sloppy. Most of the problems shown are caused by this. I really had to laugh when the narration didn't match the vid. fiverstar and others are trying to help but you need to do some serious research to learn the basics. Take your time, we'll help all we can.
  14. Knobhill

    New movie

    I'm forced to wait for the DVD on most. Dr Who season finally is priority.
  15. If I have the same good luck I've had with my cutters purchased from USCutter, I'm looking forward to being busy with shirts. This would be a good change from hanging off the side of a building or a 53' trailer with a yit load of rivets.
  16. Knobhill

    Painted my vinyl

    Looks great. Did you clear coat it? A good airbrush gives much better control than a rattle can. I miss my airbrush setup.
  17. Knobhill

    clean cut blades discount for forum members

    I also use the 60s for everything. I got a bargain on ebay a while ago. 6 Roland blades for $6.00 shipped free. I may try a CCD . If it makes better cuts I'll start buying them.
  18. I just won one on ebay, I'll let you know.
  19. Knobhill

    Best software to use - pros and cons!

    Unfortunately a fresh build means nothing when dealing with MS Windows. Try a good cleaning, you may be surprised.
  20. Knobhill

    New to sign business and cutters suggestion

    I'm currently using SBE trial (untill activation is fixed) and Vinyl Master Pro. Pcut 630 with a Bridge Pro 720 (rebadged Refine) as backup. I have to admit I like both cutters. Today I had more anomalies with the Bridge so I decided to install a serial card and get rid of the USB. I'll post my results. The Pcut has been on serial from day one and performs flawlessly. Pen plot is a good idea also. I've just been dry running the plotter and watching it. The anomalies are so apparent they're easy to spot.
  21. Knobhill


    Good 'ol B & B, Don't get me started. LOL
  22. Knobhill

    Soooo, How Much is your machine worth?

    Since I stopped building computers several years ago and only have a handful I now support, my cutters are being considered a retirement business. Priceless
  23. Knobhill

    Best software to use - pros and cons!

    Sounds like your computer needs a good cleaning or your download is corrupted. Post the errors and we may be able to help.
  24. Knobhill

    Best software to use - pros and cons!

    Sorry to say I have ArtCut, hated it and uninstalled it the same day. I suggest getting SignBlazer Elements. Unless you want to spend lots of money this has the most bang for the buck. Does most everything needed for a startup shop and more being very easy to setup and use. Look around here for links to the free trial download and give it a try. It's fully functional. I think you'll like it.
  25. Metric vs SAE, what a pain! LOL