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    A quality pair of tweezers sharpent to a pin point so far is the best method I found. Gives that stab n grab method. For very small cuts I agree to use the dental picks. I quote " Practice, practice, practice"
  2. Knobhill

    How much would you charge?
  3. Knobhill

    just found this site

    Nice find, Thanx again.
  4. Knobhill

    your next prez.
  5. Knobhill

    just found this site

    Thanx for the link.
  6. Knobhill

    Speaking of Movies...

    Cut Hard Blade Runner (no change needed) LOL
  7. Knobhill


    Guess I'll have to break out the 'ol meter and wring out the cable to see what it is. A pass through or a null modem (aka crossover). I don't trust the paperwork. I believe it's a pass through since it has a male and female connectors. A crossover should only have female.
  8. Knobhill

    Speaking of Movies...

    The Cut Guru. The Forbidden cutting. The Chronicles of,,, Prince Press again. Han'Cut You Don't Press with the Zohan!
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    Creative block for promotional car

    Those pinup girls look familiar. Where did you get them? I'd like to put them on scooby.
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    How old are ya?

    Years or experience?
  11. Knobhill

    anybody been here?

    Thanx for the link, Cool site.
  12. I have the set of three and find all have their value especially buying here at 13 the retail price. I've sold graphics from all three. Paid for them selves many times over.
  13. Knobhill

    wet app

    Good point, but the silhouette will always be in the paint surface.
  14. Knobhill

    wet or dry application on vehicle?

    Ya John but you have the experience. Think back to when you first started.
  15. Knobhill

    wet app

    Never apply to a freshly painted surface wet. It won't stick.
  16. Knobhill

    Flexi 8.1 pro

  17. Try using the DMPL driver. Lower the com port to com4 or less.
  18. Agreed. Also if you need to up the pressure using the same vinyl is a good indication the blade may need replacement soon.
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    STL cardinals logo

    I extracted these with WinRar. St__Louis_Cardinals__5870.eps St__Louis_Cardinals__50005.eps St__Louis_Cardinals__5870.eps St__Louis_Cardinals__50005.eps
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    Here's one. Don't know how clean it is. HRSSHOE1.EPS HRSSHOE1.EPS
  21. Now all's you need is a simple program to preview the files.
  22. Knobhill

    2005 Nissan Titan

    How's this? 2k6TitanExt.eps 2k6TitanExt.eps
  23. Knobhill

    Looking for some turkeys

    Good one BannerJohn
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    Download the files and windows will open them. They contain eps files.