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    XP vs Vista

    Support for XP will be around for at least another year or so. If you buy a new desktop just go with what it comes with for an OS. Now it's mostly Vista. Since you already have a proven machine, you have a backup in case there are problems with the new one. I'm using XP and Vista x64. I suggest purchasing a machine that will serve your needs for the next 3-5 year's. The notion you need the latest and greatest for a sign shop is ludicrous. I do work for a shop with six and eight year old computers. Both still working perfectly. Since I built both machines I have some bragging rites. One on XP and the other Win98!. LOL
  2. Knobhill

    Heres a monster truck I found

    Thanx, I was looking for something like that.
  3. Knobhill

    2008 scion vehicle outline

    I have a 2007 if it helps. Sorry, I stopped logging in from my shop so my libraries are now limited. You can thank another member on this forum for that. 2k7Scion.eps 2k7Scion.eps
  4. Knobhill

    Yep another new guy

    Welcome, isn't this great??
  5. Knobhill

    Helloo everyone !

    Welcome and Helloooooo back. LOL
  6. Knobhill


    Welcome, you'll not have trouble setting up.
  7. Knobhill

    Hello everyone!!

    Welcome to the world of sign making.
  8. Knobhill

    What web browser do you use?

    I agree John, opera may be the best but I've been using Firefox for so long it's hard to change. LOL
  9. Knobhill

    how do i convert a pdf to jpg

    That's pdf, Sound it out. Pee Dee Eff.
  10. The answer I received when I replaced my primary machine following the instructions 100% was "Serial number was invalid". Enough time has passed where this question should have been answered and the issue resolved.
  11. Knobhill

    PCUT with diamond tip??

    Looking at the same, still on the fence.
  12. Interesting, worth a try.
  13. Knobhill


    I tried it on the table first but found the stand works so much better.
  14. Razor knife or if needed for precision, an exacto knife.
  15. Knobhill

    Activation Key

    It's been too long for the activation servers to be gone. I didn't pay for two legal copies to be treated like this. I no longer use SignBlazer and wait for a class action suit. Anyone else been spammed from someone selling EasySign???
  16. Any cheap razor and a straight edge works.
  17. Knobhill

    strange request

    Maybe try a blend of tearing down the old and building the new using the equipment as inserts. Old building being torn down and new building being completed. I'll work on it, great concept.
  18. Knobhill

    And So Much For Advertising

    Glad to here you got a hit on your ad. Race cars ar good and bad. Guaranteed work but always at the last minute. Can't count how many nights spent cutting new panels from previous weeks havoc. Have fun!!!
  19. Knobhill

    Semi vector needed

    One more try
  20. Knobhill

    Trouble loading Fonts?

    This may be why, Or not
  21. Knobhill

    Moving: Need Packing tips

    That's the wonderful word of moving!!! : ;D
  22. Knobhill

    OK a sign question for the sign crowd...

    I agree about the MDO. You need to be careful who you buy from too. There's a lot of garbage out there being passed off as higher grade. Home Depot is a good example for this!
  23. Knobhill

    OK a sign question for the sign crowd...

    Not sure what I would have charged without seeing the layout. With that said... Some people have no conscience Or ethics. Always trying to make the most profit with no regard for quality or customer satisfaction. Keep in mind that "word of mouth is a very powerful tool". Good or bad... my 2cts
  24. Knobhill

    Moving: Need Packing tips You can get box dimensions and packing prices here.