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    99 Chevy Suburban

    Here ya go. 1:20 scale 99suburban.eps 99suburban2.eps 99suburban.eps 99suburban2.eps
  2. Thanx, that's about what I did. I gave him a price of $275 installed. I'm more used to trucks and trailers.
  3. That seems to be a bit high in material cost for a small sign. I'm used to buying in bulk so I may be wrong.
  4. Knobhill

    A new record was set today...

    Sometimes this is no more than a chat room. No complaints but it does get minuteness. Some post with no real content only to increase their numbers. What's new? Under redundant in the dictionary should read "see redundant" LOL
  5. Knobhill

    New movie

    Comments on the ending?
  6. Knobhill

    pcut and flexisign

    If possible, use the serial connection instead of the USB.
  7. Knobhill

    Importing image shuts down sb

    Did you download the files from here? If so, post the location so they can be checked.
  8. Knobhill

    Is there a way to do both outline and shadow

    Thanx for the info. I'm learning Flexi also and haven't had this problem yet, so when I do I'll know how to fix.
  9. Look around locally for a metal supplier. That way you can see the material in person. In the past I always bent aluminum framework myself unless it was a remote sign, then I just had a metal shop make the frame. McMaster Carr is one of the best suppliers I've dealt with. Next day shipping on specialty parts for custom control panels on sometimes a daily basis for years without an issue.
  10. Knobhill

    New yard sale treasure find

    I called today and didn't get a price so I'm now stuck in the middle. LOL If you want to sell it come up with a price shipped to 06790 and maybe I'll buy it. Thanx
  11. Knobhill

    A new record was set today...

    Congrats ;D
  12. They're using a laptop. I haven't had any luck either getting Signblazer to work under Vista, but I'm running Vista x64. I'd suggest even when you get your new machine working right, I'd get someone to clean and upgrade your old one if possible and fix your first cutter as a backup/second station. My 2cts
  13. Knobhill

    Where do you buy transfer

    Thanx nonnabelle for the info. I added them to my database.
  14. Knobhill

    Cheap corner rounder

    Thanx again for the info, getting mine tomorrow.
  15. Knobhill

    Coroplast cheap on sale

    Thanx for the link. I ordered a catalog.
  16. Knobhill

    what type of "sign board"

    Thanx for the links and info. I'm trying to build my own suppler database and this helps a lot.
  17. Knobhill

    Difference in clear app tape?

    Good info, I've always used R-Tape and also looking for alternatives for my shop. I'll give those a try. Thanx
  18. I'm planning on getting one too. My hands are not very steady anymore either. Sux getting old. LOL
  19. Knobhill

    Is there any *simple* way to cut text?

    Never saw it but understood. Thanx John.
  20. Knobhill


    WHAT MASKING TAPE? Working on other projects, got my terminology wrong. Been corrected. Thanx for pointing this out.
  21. Knobhill

    New movie

    At least this one adds to the original story and not try to completely reinvent it. Look at the quality and volume of new movies today, is this one so bad?
  22. Knobhill

    Is there any *simple* way to cut text?

    I agree too, this site is here to help, not attack someone for asking an honest question or asking for help. Now,,, Yes use signblazer, I found it very easy to learn and use.
  23. Knobhill


    Interesting, but I found a piece of tape at each corner has worked perfectly for many years. How do they apply the application tape I wonder?
  24. Knobhill

    New yard sale treasure find

    I know someone still using one of those and needs one for parts and asked me to look for one on ebay. I'll ask.
  25. Knobhill

    Two color lettering

    It all depends on the size and the way your applying it. When I apply to a vehicle in layers the first layer goes down dry unless the surface has too many compound curves etc, then the next go wet using clear application tape. The clear makes it much easier to register the top layers. When pre-assembling to be applied one piece, best to use clear backer and clear tape wet. My 2cts