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    New Logo....Maybe

    much better, looks good in blue.
  2. Wee John

    New Logo....Maybe

    I really like your business logo, design your freelance logo around that.
  3. Wee John

    gasket material and cutting

    Try increasing your blade tension with the original blade.
  4. Thanks for the info Nutttso, it looks very promising for a printing idea I have. I'll give you feedback on how it goes. Thanks again. John.
  5. Wee John

    MEET MY NEW FAMILY - First Cut

    You have a huge family, Ilike it. Wee John.
  6. Wee John

    first a frame sign

    Looks good Jimbob.
  7. Wee John

    help a newbie.. vinyl questions

    Congratulations and good luck to all with your newbie babies. Wee John.
  8. Wee John

    first banner

    Nice idea, looks good.
  9. Wee John

    Make Your Own Graphics!

    I like it, real nice.
  10. Wee John

    How old are ya?

    Good job BannerJohn, I knew somebody would know my weight. 1 Stone = 14 lbs.
  11. Wee John

    How old are ya?

    Age: 38 Height: 5'10" Weight: 12 Stone 12 lbs.
  12. Wee John

    Newbee, New Cutter, New Everything...... From the UK

    Glad you're enjoying it Sam, you got a good deal, there is no way you can buy one and ship it from Ca. for less than
  13. Wee John

    Newbee, New Cutter, New Everything...... From the UK

    Sam I bought the Refine MH 721 and loved it so much I decided to sell it (at a profit of course) and upgrade to the P-Cut. Not so sure if it really was an upgrade, I miss my refine. I was thinking of buying a Refine and sending it to my sister in Glasgow, I'm living in California. Let me know how your Refine arrived because the boxes are not as strong as they could be. Wee John.
  14. Wee John

    Newbee, New Cutter, New Everything...... From the UK

    Welcome Sam from fellow Brit and fellow Newbie. Wee John.
  15. I was thinking of buying my sister a Refine and shipping it to her in the U.K.. Is there anything I should be aware of before purchasing and shipping? Power requirements? Should I ship it myself or directly from Us Cutter ($225)? Any other suggestions would also be much appreciated. Thankyou, Wee John.
  16. Thanks for the info, thats what I needed to know. Wee John.