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  1. riribarr

    I have problems when short fine print

    okay, ken against where I need to change the value, the question is what happens if the increase or diminished .... what is the behavior, not to be wrong?
  2. riribarr

    I have problems when short fine print

    signblazer the deal, as it works off the set?, I must increase or decrease the value?
  3. in fact the problem I have is that when short letters or little things sometimes does not close the plotter cuts well or not well outages ends, explained to me if the letter is to cut "o" sometimes does not close the Contor not entirely by the both the vinyl I must finish cut with a knife any idea ? thanks
  4. riribarr

    problems cuting with flexi 8.1

    okay, thanks
  5. riribarr

    problems cuting with flexi 8.1

    may be the thickness of the line?
  6. riribarr

    problems cuting with flexi 8.1

    my problems The plotter cuter twice the same place, if not explained to me, that designs which make a flexible, plotter ago as if it cut twice
  7. in the description back show: 110/220v ??
  8. riribarr

    laser point spare

    shipping cost a chile, by postal service?
  9. riribarr

    laser point spare

    and what is the price?
  10. somebody knows if they sell the laser pointer plotter as a spare?
  11. hello friends, recently I have the pcut 630 and I am quite consistent with its operation, but one always wants more and I am analyzing the differences between the plotter and laser pcut point and apparently the only difference is the laser pointer that brings, besides if either are fixed in pcut 630, precisely at the cutting head, behind the holder there is a hole to put the laser point, someone know where you can get that laser, sell it as a spare?
  12. I understood Ken, what happens is that in working with USA 110volt and cable that brings plotter is to 110volt, but in chile deal 220v, and wondered if I need these tranformer 220v to 110v or plotter is layers endure the two types of electricity
  13. hello friends, I bought pcut in the united states and I sent him a chile, the voltage used here is 220v which is higher than for which there are 110v, I put the processor or plotter works with the two electricity
  14. riribarr

    flexisign cut twice...

    hello, if I can help there, I'm working with flexisign 8.1 and when designing a logo or something, my plotter the pcut 630 cutt each line twice, told me, passing twice by the contour line of the logo, which can happen , Will be the width of the line? I can do?