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  1. protek

    Any help with an EPS?

    MM, Tinaski, Dakota! You peeps saved my Arse! I will forward these files to the client. This is a charity thing for a re-opening of a historic building event kind of thing. I only wish they knew the kindness and help that I was given. I will tell them that I did need help and who I got it from. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! Paul
  2. protek

    Any help with an EPS?

    Oh No's! Says "can't open. The file was generated by a newer version of Illustrator". :'( I appreciate the help though, your fast MM64! Are you on CS3 or CS4? Thanks Paul
  3. protek

    Any help with an EPS?

    I am having alot of trouble with this EPS. I can trace it over and over but just get a dirty cut file. Inkscape and Vector Magic didn't work for me. Can anyone help me get this cuttable? It's supossed to be about 32" long and about 12" tall. They used AI to create it so I don't know what the problem is. Any help would be MUCH appreciated. Thanks, Paul DiscoveryLogoFont32x12.eps DiscoveryLogoFont32x12.eps
  4. protek

    Headliner in my truck

    I think it's cool but, I am a heavily tattooed guy that loves skull's. I have to admitt the comment by Booper had me rolling. I like skulls, somebody likes dogs, to each their own. Good job. I'm still laughing about the AARdvark but hey, I do have a sense of humor. I think the work is Great! Paul
  5. Thanks for the input. I sure stay away from HD and Fox now, Already been busted from both. I was just throwing some ideas out there. I have plenty of designs that I purchased the rights to but, some of these people ask for things on the internet. I don't want a $5K lawsuit over a $200 day. Heck NO! So I'm guessing 6 X 6 for $10 bucks sounds fair? I've never done this before and am abit nervous. Not a big people person but I'll give it a shot. And I gues I'll bring plenty of White, that's what I alsways used to buy. Thanks for the help, You all Rock! Paul
  6. I'll be setting up a booth at a festival (which I have never done before). I have seen others such as in a mall or carnival and at other events. I have seen them price small decals (5"X8") from $10-$15. Most of them want just the basic things like sayings, skulls, calvins and other basic things. How do I price these type of decals at an event like this? I have costs such as material, labor and the expense for the booth. I realise that this are mostly impulse purchases (especially after a few beers, LOL). Any tips on working an event? I want to be fair but have to cover costs as well. It will also help get my name out there so I am willing to eat something just for that. Also what are the most common colors that they might purchase in? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Paul
  7. protek

    Harley Davidson

    I've been busted by HD twice. They didn't do anything but give me a nasty warning. When I talked to some not so nice lady on the phone I asked, Well, I want to make decals and retail them. Her response was that they have over 1500 licensed people already and would not give out anymore licensing. The only reason I got caught is because I was selling on the web. I've also been busted by Fox Racing. I won't sell on the web anymore but if I am approached and a customer wants a decal for the bike or helmet, I will do it. They have much bigger fish to fry than you.
  8. I resemble that remark!
  9. Awsome! Thanks for the help peeps. I'll look into those.
  10. Any feedback on the monkey press? Looks pretty good. Cheap as well. I know you get what you pay for but, it looks darn good. Anyone got one? Paul
  11. Found the problem, You will not believe this ... I kept getting an error with another program that is not related. I hunted the issue down and it turned out that something changed my windows setting to make my pc think I was in Newzealand, LOL. Techs at VMP could not tell me what the problem was even with screen shots. The other error led me to the fix. I would have never thought. I went to control panel, regional and language and changed it back to the US version of English and changed my country back to the USA. Because I installed the program as a US version, the PC did not understand the communication because it thought it was from another country. I appreciate the help and also learned a big lesson. I am in IT and I would have never expected this! WOW! It blew my mind, lol. Paul
  12. protek

    I'm back

    I really like this small work horse. It might not be as fast as the newer cutters but they do last for years and years. Would I recommend one? YES. Thanks for the welcome peeps.
  13. Hi cutme, I just tried inkscape and it only lets me use ps level 2 and 3. Maybe an older version of it will work. I'll see if I can hunt 1 down. Thanks for the reply. Paul
  14. protek

    I'm back

    Hi all, Hope your all doing well. It has been awhile since I posted here. I'm getting back into it again and more than likely going to get another cutter from USCUTTER. I've had the refine and PCut but now I have an old Roland colorcamm PC50. I look forward to meeting the newer peeps and catching up with the old. Paul
  15. Hope you all are well, it's been along time since I been here. Can anyone help with a VMP question? Every time I try to import EPS or AI I get either nothing at all or I get a strange shape like a tri angle or something else. Here is what VMP support is telling me, "When the file being imported into VMP was originally exported from a 3rd party program as an eps file that required the importing program to have a postscript interpreter to unpack it and as VMP is a vector based program it does not expect this type of eps file and therefore cannot open it. In these cases when you export from another program to import into VMP, do so as .eps without a bitmap (tif) header, make all text curves, use Post Script Level 1 and uncheck all the additional options like