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  1. racinboy30

    Using SB for yrs now, looking to upgrade

    Windows10 design and cut, Q130 vinyl express, copam and future printer
  2. I've been using SB for 8 yrs now, looking to upgrade. What software do you think will be a easy learning curve to adapt to. I'm very proficient at SB, I probably can do stuff with it many haven't seen or done. Custom artwork is my thing, drawing, node edit, and modifications are a must!
  3. racinboy30

    just got a vinyl express Q130, now i cant cut!

    It cuts the job fine now, but after it completes the job it just feed the entire roll to the end and stops. I went into the printer support on windows 10, updated driver, set a port to usb1, then selected that port in signblazer and worked.
  4. racinboy30

    just got a vinyl express Q130, now i cant cut!

    i got it to work, but it feeds the whole roll through after it cuts its job
  5. windows 10, signblazer, and Q130 cant get it to cut, any help would be appreciated!
  6. Its a tribute sticker and my printer is not up and running do to relocating. Need a price and the artwork may need resizing to make it fit. pm me here or email me frontiergraphix@aol.com.
  7. racinboy30

    This yrs Racecar and sign work

  8. racinboy30

    This yrs Racecar and sign work

    Nope, just cut vinyl.
  9. Make sure you have the right port selected for the usb. I installed mine on both of my window 7 rigs, one pro and one home laptop. Neither have had a problem getting it to work.
  10. racinboy30


    Yeah, you re-sized it right. No registration marks, I don't use them. Most stuff I use app fluid and will get it lined up no problem using clear app tape. If you want reg marks, just make a circle, then duplicate it and change it to each color.
  11. racinboy30


    Here's a redraw, in signblazer. This should work fine for you. med.SBD
  12. racinboy30


    I'll have something for you in the morning. np
  13. racinboy30

    can someone help to put in SBD format

    It needs 10 min of node editing and you would be good, the lines can all be fixed. I would never cut a image for someone, customer or not with crooked lines and distorted letters. It's up to you though. Here's one cleaned up, depending on size, you may want to clean it up further. 1go ancaster.SBD