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    Hawk Head

    Looking for a cool hawk head that would be used for a school logo redesign. Does anyone have some that they would like to share? TIA.
  2. CyberSultan

    Greetings from So Cal

    Welcome from So. Cal!
  3. CyberSultan

    winpcsign pro 07

    See if these steps help importing .ai files into your version of WinPCSIGN: You may have to scroll down a little to see the lines in the header you need to remove.
  4. CyberSultan

    Hello from California

    Welcome from SoCal!
  5. CyberSultan

    USB vs. Serial Port...

    I use the serial connection with my Copam.
  6. John's always a great help!
  7. CyberSultan

    first rhinestone shirt

    Great job Sandy!!
  8. CyberSultan

    AMAZON - great deal on Epson 1400

    Just ordered the Epson 1400 on Amazon today. Looking forward to using it!
  9. CyberSultan

    new to this forum

    Welcome from Southern California!
  10. CyberSultan

    Would you be mad?

    I personally get great satisfaction in donating. Today I'm completing a bunch of shirts and other items to be donated to a 5th grade class at a local school. These 5th graders have been reading all year round (on their own time) to earn points for an end-of-year auction. The students wrote letters to various companies asking if they would be willing to donate any items they could to support their reading efforts. Makes me feel great to help in a way that makes learning fun by providing something that will a lasting reminder of something they worked hard for and accomplished during the year. This world needs less selfishness, not more. The current mess in our economy speaks volumes as to the results of selfishness.
  11. CyberSultan

    BSOA Trailer

    Great job on how it looks and in supporting your local Boy Scout troop.
  12. CyberSultan

    Heat Transfer tape for rhinestones

    For rhinestones, you use what is called Hot Fix tape. Let me know if I can help get you setup and going with that.
  13. CyberSultan


    Just in case anyone was wondering, WinPCSIGN is a product of Sign Max. Here is a link to their website: All other websites that sell this product are individual dealer websites.
  14. CyberSultan


    Have you had an opportunity to try the demo version of WinPCSIGN? If not, we have the free demo available for download here: WinPCSIGN Pro 2010 Demo This will give you a great look at what features are available in WinPCSIGN2010 and let you compare it with other software. Let me know if you have any questions. -Scott
  15. CyberSultan


    I know Shinerite (from Fellers) has been mentioned a couple times in the forum. But wondering if more people have now purchased some of this vinyl and wanted to share what they think of it. I have a project coming up for a couple hundred decals to be used on car windows. I like the blue backing on the white Oracal 651 and the fact that it does really well with small, detailed work. Does anyone know if Shinerite has a blue backing on their white? You sure can't beat the price on Shinerite. But wondering how it holds up to smaller, detailed work.
  16. CyberSultan

    Raglan: Short Sleeve

    Just want to add that the Bella Raglan shirts from Jiffyshirts run very small but are very nice. With any shirts, you will want to read the actually dimensions and comments before purchasing.
  17. My Sunie is the same way, just a metal base. It is working ok for me as is, but I'm sure you could put some rubber feet on it if you need some stability or leveling.
  18. You can definitely use your existing eps files with WinPCSIGN. You just import them in and away you go. Has a nice vectorization tool built-in as well if you want to convert any bitmap images into vector format. Scott
  19. I would report it also.
  20. CyberSultan

    kimmy from Cali

    Welcome from So. Cal!
  21. CyberSultan

    Stop wasting apptape on Coro Signs!

    Thanks for putting in the time to post this tutorial. Great job!!!
  22. CyberSultan

    Anytime Graphix Truck

    Here is another set of stars with sharp angles. I included three single-color stars of different thicknesses. I also included a 2-color star. Enjoy! BTW, I just realized I hit 1,000 posts. Whoo hoo! Stars.eps Stars.eps