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  1. keith2j


    i think the problem is i'm working in trail mode...
  2. keith2j


    everytime i try to make something in layers. won't let me cut everything. it will cut the 2 layers ans the font will only cut half. NEED HELP BAD.
  3. keith2j


    please help with this. i can't get sign blazer to work so i need it to work in win pc
  4. keith2j

    Need help

    Can some one help me with this thanks Keith
  5. keith2j

    Yuengling Logo

    I'm looking for the yuengling beer logo. can anyone help me. I looked on that best brand of the world site but wasn't there. Thanks Keith
  6. keith2j

    Please help me

    it's close but I can't get it to print like it is on the car.. it's hard to explain. the Johnson is cut out of the green.. if that makes sense. keith
  7. keith2j

    Please help me

    I been trying to vector this for a few day in inkscape and can't figure out how too. can someone please help me. I need the number vectored. Thanks Keith
  8. keith2j

    help with pic

    Can someone help me with the number on this.. if the pic isn't good enough i can get another one. Thanks Keith
  9. keith2j

    Wet ApplicationS?

    This worked great thanks. Keith
  10. keith2j


    Terry Thanks you very much Keith
  11. keith2j


    Sorry I need to cut it.. I know it's a easy thing. I need the orange thing that is between the the gold and canyon.
  12. keith2j


    Can someone help me. i have this image i need to print and it won't let me. it keeps saying it is a bitmap. i tried everything to get it to work. what do i have to do to get it to work. Thanks Keith
  13. keith2j

    using/cutting bitmap images

    Same here
  14. keith2j

    won't cut right

    The total decal size is going to be 32 long 13 wide. i turned it sideway to get it to cut tthat way but it won't. is the a way so set it up to do this
  15. keith2j

    won't cut right

    i'm trying to cut out my new logo and it onlys want to cut out the K and nothing else. what i'm i doing wrong