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  1. polarkiss

    Triangle Banner Blanks

    Hi Guys, Haven't been on here in awhile but i'm looking for a specific product I cannot find - even after contacting my suppliers. I need 3' x 5' Triangle Banner Blanks - hemmed and 3 grommets on the 3' side. I need them in Purple, Black and White. Probably need several of each color. No printing or vinyl applied - I will do that myself. Does anyone have this capability or have access to a supplier that will create a custom banner for me? I can upload a picture if it helps. Could be some extra $$ if I can find the right supplier as I have a contract for 1 year sponsorship pennants for a school. Contact me via email or mssg if you want. Thanks!
  2. polarkiss

    Current Decal Project

    I made the packaging myself. Designed and printed the label - it is a fold over style, printed on 110# Super smooth stock. Just printed it, score it, cut and folded it over my packaged decals. Stapled in a few spots. The wrap is just from my cryovac roll and heat sealer. Put a chunk of cardboard behind and sealed it up. Only takes a few minutes to package up each one w/instructions. Keeps them clean anyway.
  3. polarkiss

    Making a Bands Logo?!

    Try keeping it real simple - and make sure it is vector. Then if he wants it pimp'ed out you can raster it later and load on the special effects.
  4. polarkiss

    Current Decal Project

    Yea they are pretty racy... but not as bad as some I have seen. They are layered vinyl, On LG 6 Year. 7" x 7" selling for $6 each. I also have some with AK on the bottom, also VP on the bottom.
  5. polarkiss

    Current Decal Project

    Been working on these all week. They seem to be a big hit around these parts
  6. polarkiss

    Fresh Paint!

    That just blows me away. How do you do those flames? That is crazy good.
  7. polarkiss

    My first A Stand Sign

    Looks good
  8. polarkiss

    What to do ?

    SignMe, What happened in this matter? I'm curious.
  9. Here is my art, I would need a specialty size banner. About 4 Foot by 8 inches. It is weird and long. Would need to be printed full color - or layered on a red banner in the 3 colors shown. I would do it myself layered, but the shipping to Alaska for ordering 1 Red Banner is not going to be worth the effort. And there is no quick cheap banner printer here in my area. Any takers, or bids?
  10. polarkiss

    Bad Moon Rising

    Oh my heart goes out to you Grace. You are strong, though.... much stronger than you think you are. And we are all here for support. I agree with the others... USE the HELL out of your car for advertising. It is a rolling billboard. People pay thousands to have that much advertising. And lay it on thick. Don't worry about it looking tacky. If it gets you work, then it did the job. You can always change it later. Join your local Chamber of Commerce and get the word out through them. Networking with local businesses can really pay off. Hand out flyers and business cards like they are going out of style. Even put the annoying ones on people's windshields. Be assertive and confident, people like that. I'll post more when I think of them
  11. polarkiss

    Republican VP Pick

    My Alaskan Opinion: Her speech was great. Her motives are great, Her beliefs are admirable. Everyone in Alaska loves her. Love, Love Loves her. It is a freakin phenomenon. We are proud and excited for her. Yet I know quite a few people who are NOT voting for her. Myself included. Simply stated, although I cannot state my admiration for her enough... I do not belief she is correct for this job. I have cast my personal feeling for her aside and have dug deeper in the real situation and find it quite scary. I get that creepy old man feeling when McCain and Palin are together and he can't stop staring at her boobs. She has unfinished business in Alaska. She has dug Alaska out of a depressing hole, and we are just now getting fresh air. BUT, Many of you may not know that while she accepted the VP ticket, her second in command Sean Parnell is vying for Congress. Selfishly ( I admit ) we felt like we have been hung out to dry, while our leaders have gone off to pursue bigger and better publicity. Who will be left in charge of all the changes she is trying to make in Alaska? No one will answer that question for us.... Personally, I want to see more experience on her plate before she bites off this steak with her lipsticke'd bulldog lips. Kissin' babies with her coifed beauty - and aggressive speech does not sway me. (and it WAS an awesome speech). I feel the McCain advisors have used her as a prop, a tool, a gimmick to bring shock and awe to the party. And it is hard to look past that when she is such a stunner, with such a quaint story. I am not even going to delve into her family life - that is a story that will tell itself in it's own time. LOL. Almost ALL women in Alaska are very similar to her. You have to be to live and survive in this rugged land... Eat moose, yep. hockey, yep. Still look good?, yep. 2nd in command of the white house... still not so sure about that one.
  12. polarkiss

    Anyone here a U-Hall dealer?

    Sounds pretty time consuming, but could be the right job for the right personality. Research it a little further and make your own desicion
  13. polarkiss


    Hang in there, we are all here for support.