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  1. DieselStew

    Setup Freezes

    magicly it works after the third restart. Oh well. I am using signblazer.
  2. DieselStew

    Help with chrome vinyl

    i have red carbon fiber that is the same way. i can see wasted product in my future.
  3. I was able to cut about 3 stickers. I then went to switch to a different size roll and when i hit set up it just shows the hourglass and it freezes up. I thought maybe i screwed things up by installing the software in my other comp so i uninstalled that then uninstalled the software from the laptop. Reinstalled the laptop software and it still freezes up when i click set up. What in the world is going on? My pcut is on, says online.....
  4. DieselStew


    well i dunno what i did but she made her first cut. Sliced way to deep - then i adjusted the pressure and wow i'm impressed. Nothing better then being extremely mad because you have no clue to all of a sudden you have your first cut. Wish i could tell you what i did wrong .....
  5. I got a cutter off ebay. PCUT630 I followed the instructions per the manual. I set it up for the usb cable. Using signblazer i type in some words, roll in some vinyl then click cut and it shows a little bar which looks like it is sending the info to the cutter but nothing happens. If i mess with the arrow buttons in the software it does not move anything on the cutter either. Is there a help file or something? The instructions that come with this unit are horrible and a pain to install the discs !!!