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  1. Spyder Graphix

    Accepting Credit Cards?

    I go with my bank. They have the best rates. A lot cheaper than paypal. I also have a wireless gateway so I can process cards anywhere even on my phone.
  2. Spyder Graphix

    Sign Riders

    Grimco or SW
  3. If its just a one color one side which is what I quoted our profit would be around $2.10 - $2.75ea. But we dont our source it we print in house. Would take about 2.35hrs from start to finish (setup,screens,cleanup..etc
  4. We would be at $4.75ea on Port&Co or Gildan tee
  5. Buy ours at fellers and out corner rounder at Michales craft store
  6. Spyder Graphix

    Lost power

    Well I have the 2500 for about 4 years now. Today was cutting with it and inbetween jobs it died... Will not turn on or anything. It was cutting about 2min before then nothing. I am thinking that it is the power supply. Anyone had this problem yet?
  7. Spyder Graphix

    5x long sleeve T

    Just checked sanmar for you only have them upto 4x in that color.
  8. Or I offer contract screen printing to the members here. I would charge you $4.60ea with the me providing the shirts and you could mark them up and make alot more money and not have to do the work. No set up or screen fees.
  9. Spyder Graphix

    Where to buy window tint?

    Suntek here also. We buy it direct from them.
  10. Spyder Graphix

    Quote 2' x 4' color logo exterior banner

    I would be $45 text or full color. And $5 shipping
  11. Spyder Graphix

    Best way to go for shirts

    Not just because I screen print do I say this but why would you want to heat press 30 shirts with 3 colors of vinyl on it? think of the time and material that you would have in it. When if you sub it out to a printer you could be doing something different like a few banners or whatever else you have to do that week and then just deliver and collect money on the shirts. You make twice as much. Even when I did not screen anything over 12 shirt I sub out just because I could make more money that way.at a 3 color one side print our contract price would be $6.00ea with the shirt. So then you could turn around sell for $9.00ea and make $90 and not have to do a thing but make customer happy. And in all the time you would be trying to press 3 colors on 30 shirts you just done a few hundred dollars in other work. Don't get me wrong I am all for keeping the work in house but sometimes you can make more money by sub it out. Just my thought let me know if I am wrong.
  12. Spyder Graphix

    Best way to go for shirts

    at 30 shirts I think it would be alot better for you to sub out to a screen printer to do and you just mark it up to the customer. Let me know the details and I would be happy to give you a quote for it. rick@spydergraphix.com I offer wholesale to the site and so do a few others on here.
  13. Spyder Graphix

    looking for swome one to print some shirts

    I am in Indianapolis and offer wholesale screen printing not sure if that helps or not for you. Shoot me an email with what you need. rick@spydergraphix.com
  14. Sent you a PM Slayer