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  1. ewen.jamie

    Floral Image

    Slickhick, THANK YOU!!! I super appriciate it!! And Skeeter, they didn't have my image, but I am so glad you showed me that site! It has some really great stuff in it! Thanks!!!
  2. ewen.jamie

    Floral Image

    Is this possible to vect with the detail? I'm having a terrible time finding where else I could get this image... http://www.etsy.com/listing/62751926/vinyl-wall-art-decal-ivy-flowers-decals?ref=sr_gallery_10&ga_search_query=childrens+vinyl+wall+art&ga_search_type=handmade&ga_page=&order=&includes%5B0%5D=tags&includes%5B1%5D=title&filter%5B0%5D=handmade Thanks! Jamie
  3. Ha, they paid the 30 bucks it cost me for supplies... they have no idea what kind of a deal they got.
  4. Is there anything that Inkscape can do that my FlexiSign-Pro can't?
  5. ewen.jamie

    Buzz lightyear and Woody

    I've taken plenty of images off of here. Glad people are finding use for this one.
  6. This is all awesome info!! Thank you!!! I can't believe I hadn't figured out color trace... I always tried highlighting something, when all I had to do was simply CLICK on an area of color!! Oh my gosh! I'm sure there is still So. much. more. Seriously, thanks for taking the time to help.
  7. Thanks for the reply...I appriciate it a lot. I figured I could have made some pretty decent $$$. Oh well, that was my last hand-out. I'm done with having people want to use me because I'm cheap and good. I just want to be used because I'm good with fair prices.
  8. I have FlexiSIGN-PRO. So I know I can do more then I think I can. And Mike is right that even though I've been doing this for 3 years, I am completely self taught, and do this out of my kitchen while being a stay-at-home-mommy to 4 kids. If I charge these people for the time it takes me to learn, I'll never get a job like this where I CAN learn. That's why I'm here asking questions. So that next time maybe I'll know how to do it a little faster, and spend more time playing with play-doe. =)
  9. The brands of the world website is perfect. Thank you! When you say trace, do you mean trace by hand? or with node-editing or whatever you would call it? Probably sounds like a crazy question.
  10. What about an image like this one that I've attached? It's so tiny and full of detail, and you would THINK that an organization like this would have an .eps file on hand. But nope, just a blurry .jpg! I actually don't know how to do any vectorizing on my flexi other then the brezier button. Sometimes i wish I could hire someone to spend a day with me and teach me all the amazing things my programs can do that I'm oblivious to.
  11. The number one problem I have is people wanting me to turn their logo into a vinyl image, but all they have for me are these crazy little .jpg that are in terrible condition. How do you handle this situation? I either bite it and just "re create" the image or try to find someone else who can do it for me. But its so much work! What do you guys do?
  12. I did this banner for a friend. Only charged them cost of materials. Just curious what I "could" have gotten for something like this? I'm over here in WA state, where I rarely see many vinyl banners...usually all printed so I'm guess that it the cheaper route in this area.
  13. ewen.jamie

    Iced Latte! =)

    Thanks! I think I'm looking for a little more detail though...
  14. ewen.jamie

    Iced Latte! =)

    Trying to put together a sign for a coffee stand, and looking to see if I can find an image that looks like a plastic cup w/lid and straw? Anyone have anything that might work? I can pay in vinyl! =)
  15. ewen.jamie

    Futura Font

    sweet. Thank you.