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  1. This may sound dumb are you doing the reg marks in the right order earlier today i did left as right and right as left and it did that exact thing but then after the duhh moment everything worked fine.....Man did i really just admit this in public ....
  2. swaneejuggalo

    Bat in my basement! Got it!

    It would have been bad. No more daytime trips...up all night..avoiding the sun... ahahaha thank you for that :)
  3. swaneejuggalo

    So what all have I missed?

    Hello BK That explains why i haven't had a msg from him (Joe) in a couple weeks thanks for the info..
  4. swaneejuggalo

    Ok Linux and mh series-- project--

    aweee yeahhh back to my trusty ubuntu install..
  5. Call fellers (800) 654-8405 I don't have my catalog around me but I'm pretty sure have seen the fat head logo in there somewhere....
  6. swaneejuggalo

    App tape removing paint...

    Get duplicolor, Its how i get my xbox 360 cases to look like this Its good stuff you'll find it at any automotive place..
  7. swaneejuggalo

    Stepping down as a moderator...

    Sucks to see you guys step down but i feel your concerns.. I used to love this place when i first came here now not so much....
  8. haha i love messing with these people stringing them along i have a fake email just to do so it's called scam baiting more info on it here http://www.419eater.com/
  9. swaneejuggalo

    Gamer's decal: Know your roots!

    That is f'n brilliant i love it......
  10. swaneejuggalo

    Thinking about closing down

    The way i see it we'll l have to change as the industry changes That's why my next goal is a decent wide format printer to stay ahead of the wave of people buying the cheap cutters and getting in the biz.It was only a matter of time before a lot of people had these given the low price point price.And if people getting in business is ruining the industry I'm going to play devils advocate and say what of the companies who sold them the cutters at such a low price lol...Also there's always skill and quality which i will keep mine at the highest level possible a lot of these other people getting in will not..
  11. swaneejuggalo

    Serial Port or USB

    I made sure when i replaced my mobo that i got one with a serial port as it has never once given me troubles...And has been perfect plug and play on all of my 3 computers i have used it on..
  12. swaneejuggalo

    Read this one...

    Man i wish this thread would be dropped...I think everyone knows the of breaking the law it's getting to be a bit soap boxish for me...
  13. swaneejuggalo

    Need opinions...

    Ha ha ppl do seem pretty opinionated over the issue here as of late..In that case i will see what i can do anyway..
  14. swaneejuggalo

    Flier and Postcard/flier for a Local RC Track

    Very nice and that place looks like fun..Reminds me i need to take a break and bust out the jato
  15. swaneejuggalo

    My Oldest Daughter

    Very nice work