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  1. Reading in here late but I think he really needs to use a cnc router with a drag knife. Design and G-code in fusion 360 and send it right to the cnc...its going to last a lot longer
  2. Buggie Pilot

    Banner Johns passing

    I haven't visited the forum in a long long time... When I started years ago John was so helpful to everyone. truly a huge loss. RIP John
  3. Buggie Pilot

    Please help Identify this font

    The font in the word warehouse is the one I am trying to figure out Thanks Pete G
  4. Buggie Pilot

    Sport fishing boat

    My boss (real job) just got his captains licence and i would like to make him a shirt with some kind of sport fishing boat. Thanks Pete G
  5. Buggie Pilot

    Is SignBlazer obsolete

    Some get it and some don't. In the hands someone that does, Signblazer can do most all that the other programs can do and paired with Inkscape (another free program) you can work around any situation that comes up If you have a cutter that is supported by SignBlazer you cant go wrong for the price
  6. Buggie Pilot

    Some gave all

    Just think where, what, or if we might be without them I honor them any chance I get. Honored to be a member Patriot Guard Riders Pete G
  7. It needs a little cleanup but still has some grundge 5til.EPS 5til.EPS
  8. Buggie Pilot


    In your cutter sceen there are 2 boxes (weed all and weed each copy ) If they are checked and there is a value greater than zero then it will cut or draw a box around your design.
  9. Buggie Pilot

    DesignJet 800 info needed

    Just to clarify ... It does have an automatic cutter but only cuts the job off the roll
  10. Buggie Pilot

    DesignJet 800 info needed

    Just an inkjet printer and only cuts width. I dont even think it is capable of using uv inks but I could be wrong
  11. Buggie Pilot

    Not all bad.

    Just wondered if you ever went metal detecting in Hell!
  12. Buggie Pilot

    Help Needed Please

    Excellent point ....Probbaly the best bit of advise that can be given to someone just starting out
  13. Buggie Pilot

    help with cutting different objects at once

    Yup ... can be done. Make your workspace bigger (I usually make one of the dimesions the same as the width of the vinyl I'm using) After you import an design, just move it out of the workspace til later. Then import more and do the same. After you have imported them just arrange them and cut Tip: I change each different object to a unique color just after importing them so if they do overlap you can select them individually with the color selector You can also OPEN multiple files at once by using the append function Good Luck Pete G
  14. Buggie Pilot

    Shirts I came across on vacation

    This would be photochromic ink and I'd love to try it but it's expensive ( from what I'm told almost $300/gallon )
  15. Buggie Pilot

    Help with Horizontal lettering....

    Thanks SpeedD I actually think I did that once, but I must got amneis......er I forget what its called Thanks