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  1. Designing a sign for a customer. I am in need of a basic corn on the cobb in yellow (for the corn) and green (for the husk). I have have looked on here....and check google images, but can not find anything in 2 colors. Any help would be much appreciated. I am looking to cut this using Flexi. I have attached a picture of the current corn cobb...just looking for something a little more than this basic one. Thanks again!
  2. tnwalkinghorse

    Flee Market Sign Shop is it Legal?

    Wow! What did I start here? This is a great discussion. Thanks (so far) for everyone's input. I am going to start visiting that Flee Market regularly now and see what else goes on. These people that own/work there should know better...they have to be in their 40's & 50's. About 4 of them work the booth. (Not that that's old...cause I am up their too!)
  3. tnwalkinghorse

    Out Grown my PCUT 630

    Thanks all. Are the knives (cutting blades) more money for one vs. the other? Is one quieter then the other? Thanks for the answers!
  4. Hello, well, it's been officially 1 year since I purchased my PCUT 630 from USCutter. With the exception of having to replace a power supply board when it was new, the machine has been flawless. However, my volume has increase and am now looking to purchase a second machine for higher volume. I will most likely still keep the 630 as my backup unit. However, I am looking for something a little more professional, maybe a little quieter. Anyway, what do you suggest for my second machine. I don't know if I will ever cut above 24", but I am prepared to purchase a wider cut just in case of more future growth. What do you all recommend? Thanks!
  5. tnwalkinghorse

    Help Identifying A Business

    How much are the machines to do this? I am also interested...and have been for some time. There is a place by me that laser engraves on wood...pretty neat stuff!
  6. tnwalkinghorse

    Flee Market Sign Shop is it Legal?

    Maybe these people do it so openly, that others think they are licensed to sell?? Just a thought.
  7. tnwalkinghorse

    Flee Market Sign Shop is it Legal?

    You know, I would love to sell (my ORIGINAL designs) at this Flee Market...however, I can't because of them being their for so many years. So, it has ran across my mind several times to say something, to report them. However, I am not a squealer, so I can't. I guess I will continue to have patience and let them dig their own hole. Someday, they will get caught. Maybe one of these weekends, I will go in there and find the booth empty, and then a few weeks latter, go to a government auction to purchase their equipment for $100.00 at auction. lol Now, I don't wish this on anybody, however, don't do that stuff if it is illegal. Some of us are trying to make a honest living.
  8. tnwalkinghorse

    Flee Market Sign Shop is it Legal?

    Pretty amazing Rodger...pretty amazing!! Wow!
  9. tnwalkinghorse

    Flee Market Sign Shop is it Legal?

    Speedoggy, That article just reminded me of my trip to mall recently. I saw a Kiosk selling designer sun glasses....however, their marketing trickery included a saying in small letters "similar to..." and then the brand name. I wonder how they get away with this?
  10. tnwalkinghorse

    Flee Market Sign Shop is it Legal?

    See and that's where it's not fair. Someone like me, would want to go in their and be original and legal. So it bothers me that these people can go in there and do this so openly and make all this (illegal) money and not even worry about anything. I mean the decals are being handed right to the customers in front of everyone...oh yeah...saw a "Browning" decal as well. They have been doing so good at this that they opened a store down the road where they can sell Monday - Thursday. I have turned down so many request for copyrighted decals, it's not even funny. However, I plan to be in business for the next 10 years too! It's not worth it.
  11. tnwalkinghorse

    CupCake Graphic Needed...

    Any others out there?
  12. tnwalkinghorse

    Flee Market Sign Shop is it Legal?

    Well, that's what bothers me. I would not touch all this copyright stuff, yet so many people are doing it, and do it so openly. I mean, what happens if I were the copyright police (is there such a thing) and asked them to make me a vinyl Chevy or Ford sticker..and they did. I can close down the shop right then and there. Funny about the embroidery person, because there also use to be a embroidery booth there as well, and they disappeared overnight! lol Anyway, crazy topic. I am not the person to rant out someone either, unless it was my stuff. Who do you call on this stuff anyway?
  13. Ok...I have a question that may or may not have been brought up here before. While visiting a local Flee Market this weekend, I stoped by the vinyl cutting booth to see what all the traffic was about. People picking up banners, requesting names to be cut in vinyl etc. It was a very busy booth at the market. However, this is the 2nd or 3rd time I have slowed down to look at this booth. What did I see this time, but a customer buying a "FORD" vinyl graphic for his truck. The second time I was there, they were cutting out a "CHEVY" emblem for a customer. My question is, how can a sign shop do this openly in the public and not get in trouble, but yet they are placing fines on Ebay store owners left and right for doing this. this type of business illegal, or is it legal since the "customer" requested it and the sign shop is not advertising it. This is a Sign Shop that also has a store front. I don't know, but I have turned down request to do this type of work for the fear of being "busted". I create my own original pieces, or buy legal pieces that they allow us to cut in vinyl and resell. Anyway, this has been bugging me, so I thought I would get some ones expertise on this subject to please share what you know. Please help clarify this. THANKS!!! :-)
  14. tnwalkinghorse

    CupCake Graphic Needed...

    Thanks Jay...I may be able to work with that one! :-)
  15. tnwalkinghorse

    CupCake Graphic Needed...

    Hello, I found 1 request for a cupcake, however, it had a candle in it. I guess I can edit it, however, are there any more cupcake .eps files out there that anybody won't care to share. The customer wants a brown (cake part) with pink for the icing. Thanks in advance!! -Matt