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  1. Hello, I have owned a PCut CS1200 for years but never used it much and now I have gone sign crazy. Using flexistarter 8 which came with it, when I try to cut a simple 100mm x 100mm box, it gets cut at roughly 96mm x 93mm. Can someone please help me fix this? I noticed that the production manager automatically increases the scale slightly seemingly adjusting for the cutter but it is still off. I am running via serial port on windows xp. Thanks for any help! Reece
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    UFC Octagon Floor?

    Thanks for the replies!!
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    UFC Octagon Floor?

    Hi all, I have been lurking for a while but in need of some advice. The gym I train at will be getting a cage in the next few weeks and there is definitely potential for me to do so work on it if possible... I only own a vinyl cutter and Im fairly new and still learning every day and having fun doing so! I was wondering if it is vinyl placed onto the canvas floor or is it printed on beforehand? Would I be able to do the uprights etc? Attached a picture for reference. Thanks for any help or advice. Reece
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    cuting with windows 7 ?

    Yes you can. 32bit and 64bit.