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  1. slice&dice

    Cutter cuttin oval

    Maybe the question is "how can I rotate across vinyl?" (Change orientation of cutting)
  2. slice&dice

    Cutter not initializing

    Windows device manager --- assign a Port manually (between1-4)
  3. A few years back, I owned an SC machine. It was manufactured with the set-screw on the back rail in the wrong position, so that when sliding the pinch-roller assembly over to hit that stopper, the rubber wheel would not be in contact with the lower grit roller. At the time, I created a thread here about this issue, and also called it to the attention of USCUTTER so they could contact their people in China and have factory engineers fix the problem. Well, guess what? Today I got their Brand New Improved SC2, and it has this same defect. I kid you not. So, I took out my electric drill, made a new hole (1.25" over) and put the screw in position where it belongs. Now, when the roller assembly is moved over to that stopper, the wheel remains in contact with the grit roller up front. Anyone who owns the SC2 should be aware of this, because if you slide the right-hand spring-loaded wheel all the way over to the end of the rail where the factory places the screw, it won't hold your vinyl properly and it'll scrunch up or not feed properly. And so it goes...
  4. slice&dice

    Cutter not initializing

    Not sure where we are in this troubleshoot escapade, but it seems that SignBlazer should NOT require any codes at start-up, if you're using this HYBRID/NoNagScreens version (shows v7.0.0 in the About menu after install and running the app.) This is where USCUTTER archived the abandoned program.
  5. slice&dice

    Font request

    What leads you to believe it's a typeface (font) rather than graphic freestyle lettering? It looks nothing like a typeface to my eyes.
  6. slice&dice

    Titan 3 SE and Mac?

    I would just step up to a Graphtec and be done with it. Sound advice. Always. Has anyone seen SignBlazer run in Parallels? That would be cool to know it cuts from a mac hooked up with USB.
  7. slice&dice

    Noob Questions

    Well, so much for an "Industry Wide Standard"!!!! The above reference, of course, is just for the Roland-type blades, and Graphtec has their own proprietary thing going on. One cap color I've never encountered is the yellow --- I wonder about the benefit or use of 30* blade angle?
  8. slice&dice

    Titan 3 SE and Mac?

    I can only think of this suggestion --- Get a cheapie laptop DELL pc for under $100, install the abandonware SignBlazer (archived in a SECRET place at USCutter's servers) and let that be the unit to run your cutter directly and dedicated to the task. With a little thumbnail drive you'll be able to design and control workflow from the mac, then just take your .eps cutfiles over for running within SBE. (make sure to create older versions than 8 for the eps to render correctly in SignBlazer) Just a tip from a guy who stands by SignBlazer to get USCutter machines dicing & slicing nicely.
  9. slice&dice

    Easy Cut Studio
  10. slice&dice

    Rideshare driver hat

    As a side hustle, I do rideshare driving, and I often wear a baseball hat (or trucker's hat). Hmmmmmmm, this gave me an idea. Ordered a small sheet of pink HTV, and there ya go!
  11. slice&dice

    Noob Questions

    You should be using 60* blades (the ones with the blue cap) on the thicker reflective white.
  12. slice&dice


    Keep in mind that shipping on cutters & other equipment is not part of that $11.99 deal. And 9 pounds limit for the $9.99 postal rate is pretty lightweight, not much can ship in a box (or boxes) from the warehouse with that option. Just throw some 30" app tape into any order, it'll far exceed 9 lbs. Hey, not that it's really part of the topic in this thread, but I noticed USCUTTER is offering Free vinyl color charts. Ask for them to throw 'em into your next order, I'm sure they can.
  13. Running SignBlazer, when opening files from your computer, you'll end up with Preview items all throughout your folders, generated by SBE as it tries to present views of your graphics. Here is a trick for erasing those little files. ( *.pvw extensions ) Run this Windows Command script inside each folder that contains those .pvw thingies. They'll vanish, buh-bye. previewclean.cmd
  14. For this piece (2'x6') you would be at $160 for RTA ??!! Uh, yeah, no.
  15. You are going to be using a piece of vinyl that measures 22" x 72" in area A regular calculation for RTA decals is (L + W) /2 and using the above sizing you'll be at about $50. Do you want to provide decals at 50 cents each? Charge whatever the market will bear.
  16. slice&dice

    Summa DC5Sx Question

    $7500. (30" unit) This thing is huge and heavy. Thermal consumables are probably much more expensive than inks. (look up the pricing for those 5 ribbon cassettes that are proprietary to Summa). You would have to start with ten of them 5 in the machine and 5 on the shelf. It might be a worthwhile investment if you have the space to run it and enough work to keep churning out in order to achieve a pay-back that's not gonna take forever!
  17. slice&dice

    Help Identifying a font

    I wonder, does the 'shear' have to be reversed for the passenger side door? (to slant towards the rear)
  18. The fast answer is simply NO. From what I know of mat boards for custom framing, the openings are often bevel-cut. Not gonna happen with any of the plotters we use to cut vinyl.
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    Free Free Free Free.
  20. slice&dice

    New Member in Canada

    Welcome, and good luck.
  21. slice&dice


    When you 'turn down' work, why not accept it and simply outsource the printed decals? (online wholesale printing) It's highly unlikely that regular Forum members are familiar with Ghost White or the specific HP unit you mention. Furthermore, the direct answer to your last question is simply Yes, for basic vector designs that are meant for cutting, but there apparently are some limitations regarding full-color printing.
  22. slice&dice

    Loose usb port

    Yes, you can just use a regular USB repacement socket, or even attempt to reseat the existing one, but be careful with the soldering. Regarding the belt, just remove the left-hand side endcap (there's a few screws, easy to take the endcap off) and adjust the tensioner on the belt.
  23. slice&dice

    Help with graphic...

    You're most welcome, glad to have pointed you in the right direction. Another WINNNING thread !!! How come I just don't get tired of WINNING?!!! (hat tip to DT)
  24. slice&dice

    Help with graphic...

    Kronick, I've clearly explained what to do. Vector just the kitty. Add the circles. (I managed to remake this entire design in three minutes).