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  1. Hmmmm, in the words of hip-hop Mike Stud -- "Ya nevah know." (YNK) Now Hek5 has us all scratching our heads, and then going on with our day. (I hope he returns just to solve this mystery).
  2. Well, dakota, you helped, but the helpee (hek5) seems to have gone off the rails somewhere along the line.
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    Hey, what can we tell ya? Around here, it's hit or miss!!! (HaHa)
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    And I noted that you were correct, dakota. You made your point, and then proceeded into another realm. A realm I vehemently disagree with. "Outdated" does not mean "useless" My work continues to be based in SBE, my cutter functions flawlessly in SBE, my brain is comfortable in SBE, and furthermore, I've helped many people here on the forums troubleshoot their hardware/software problems with SBE. The legacy abandonware left to this community by Jerry Bonham is what it is. Still a great resource.
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    Now is cutting message

    Maybe try and go into Windows Device manager and change the COM port (USB) and see if that jolts things back to normal.
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    I utilize software that is comfortable for me, and the "PIA" you described was very easily resolved by deploying a command script (as darcshadow describes he uses with VM). I offered that script here on the forum because you mentioned that it's a PIA, and I showed any readers here who are still using SignBlazer that it's really not. My workflow has never involved .eps files --- I open the SBE program, design what I need inside the pink rectangle, and then cut. Anyway, we were discussing fonts, and I wondered what the age of SBE had to do with fonts?
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    "housekeeping to remove those temp files was a PIA" Are you referring to the *.pvw files that it generates inside any folder that contains graphics & images? Those are a snap to be rid of. Here's the script to run, it wipes them all out instantly in one click (run it from inside a folder that has the preview files). You're welcome. If you were thinking of the auto-backup of SBD files, that can be turned off. (Settings menu/ Preferences) previewclean.cmd
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    Hello guys, and a warm hello from Puerto Rico!!

    Refurbished machines come with full warranty.
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    Yes, Dakota. SignBlazer installed fonts are indicated by "SBF_" and Gloucester is not one of those. Thanks for the heads-up. (BTW, what does "outdated" have to do with a particular font style? Is there some sort of 'expires by' limitation for fonts?)
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    Hello guys, and a warm hello from Puerto Rico!!

    Design software is really more about personal preference than anything else. Yep, that's why I stick with SignBlazer. Cartoon interface, but I like it. By the way, you can try calling USCUTTER and speak with a sales rep to work out a discount pricing deal on the equipment & supplies you'll need. Right now, free shipping on material orders (not machine) over $99.00 (vinyl, HTV, weeding & cutting tools, app tape, banners, magnets, coroplast sign blanks, etc.) You can also save over a hundred and fifty dollars by getting one of the REFURBISHED units they have available.
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    The "Made By" text seems to be Copperplate (hard to tell from the picture at low res). Gloucester is correct (included with the standard SignBlazer 200 installed fonts).
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    US Cutter Out of Stock

    Not only are the LP3 units available again, but they are now $100 LESS.
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    Hello guys, and a warm hello from Puerto Rico!!

    I've been getting by for years with the SC2. Probably the LP3 is enough bang for your buck. What price are you budgeted for?
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    Toolbar occasionally disappears

    What happens when you click on that little blue arrow?
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    Cutting direction question

    Just a follow-up, when anyone has an issue that needs to be addressed regarding their cutting software or hardware, the BEST thing is to download and install SignBlazer (disable anti-virus first, as has been explained countless times here). Your MH cutter is a RedSail unit.
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    Cutting direction question

    Make sure you don't have WYSIWYG enabled. Also, Why do you even care what direction the cut design faces? (with the exception being 'Rotate Across Vinyl' for wide or narrow/tall items to fit properly on the media) I'm not seeing a problem.
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    mother board

    Cliff it.
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    Convert SBD files to EPS

    Just to return into this thread, regarding the subject of .eps VIEWING -- there's a great little thing called IRFANview which just displays those .eps files. A cool .eps utility freely available. FWIW.
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    Arty-RC - batten down the hatches and stay safe

    Tropical depressions all across the open Atlantic, which has become a three-ring circus of tropical activity with Dorian in the main ring and other concerning areas brewing farther out, over the central and eastern part of the ocean. Gabrielle is forming from Tropical Depression Eight. This is the only Gabrielle I know about. Hopefully any hurricane namesake won't be so fierce!!
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    So much out there.

    Your first order of business is to redo the graphics on the window and reapply them correctly, with improvements YOU create. Fonts are a world unto themselves. I've managed over the years with the standard set installed by SignBlazer (about 200 styles). Many people (including I) have used the MH profitably and successfully and US CUTTER brings vector plotting to the masses with their VM software partnership and offering the line-up from Mh to SC2 to LPIII. Upgrade to Titan? There's an old saying, don't try to fix what ain't broke.
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    Straightforward, from hidden USCUTTER archive -- As for 'driver' software, that's generally considered a different thing altogether. Called an 'emulation driver' --- a bit of code that allows your computer to easily communicate with a COM port acting as a USB output. THIS is the CDM20828 software installer.
  22. Hopefully in your software / cutter commands, there should be a function "Advance [x] After Cut" ?
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    So much out there.

    Zombie family decals! Oh my.
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    Comparable font to LHF Scriptana

    "Distressed" is the term.