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  1. Some people just keep on...

    Now you can spend your week doing another few jobs that are simple, straightforward and give you a profit without headaches. Valentine's Day is not too far off, maybe find a client that wants 'Team Love' on a bunch of shirts? Just an idea. Design it and sell it.
  2. Vinyl catches on edge

  3. Some people just keep on...

    I certainly thought about doing so, but I'm a really nice guy, and just let it be. Getting back to the O-P question: On my Job Sheets/Contracts, I have written that up to 2 Revisions of the artwork (i.e. - First version is v1 and I will allow up to v3) are included in the pricing quote, and each additional Version going forward will cost $40 per.
  4. No corta el vinilo

    I don't speak a word of Spanish, but in the top-post it says laserpoint II ---
  5. Some people just keep on...

    Reminds me of a fellow who asked me to come out and do a site survey on an apartment complex for all sorts of signage (parking, wayfinder, no trespassing, etc.) I told him I charge $90 for the trip, no free estimates, the $90 would be credited to his job if he went with me for the work. Sure, OK, he said. As soon as I arrived, first thing out of his mouth was "I had another sign guy out here and he didn't charge me a survey fee, you shouldn't either." Jumped back in my van, and adios...
  6. Some people just keep on...

    I require a deposit of 50% up front on written estimates before embarking on any type of work. No design is presented prior to a contract being signed and money changing hands. Saves me headaches and avoids what you are describing. Shirts with different numbers and names on each is for sure extra work on the design phase, because each one needs to be sent for approval prior to cutting.
  7. Ahhhh, Newbies! It's a plotter/cutter, no printing is involved. If you want help, you gotta help us first by providing details of your computer operating system and how the Mimaki is connected to it (USB? Serial?), the software you have installed to design/cut, and what your design consists of.
  8. Vinyl systems evolution

    What drives me crazy is that none of these Chinese manufacturers provide a 34" (870mm) sized machine with servo motor. Go to alibaba, and you'll see what I mean.
  9. Cutting paper and card stock

    Well, some residue will indeed remain, so while you are already at walmart, buy some of THIS --
  10. MH721 and Win 10

    Just go into the SBE cutter setup and choose the RedSail brand (the 721 is RS800c) or, do as Bertie suggested in this thread back in July 2016 --- Cutter: Creation PCut CT630
  11. Cutting paper and card stock

    What about this stuff? Available at walmart. (says it is 'repositionable')
  12. Blade Pressure Will Not Change. Please Help!!

    Mine is more than dumb -- it's totally bat-sh!t crazy. It cannot remember the selected force and pressure settings when I turn it off and on again. Have to reset those each time. Oh well, I'll live with that, it's a minor thing in the grand design of the universe.
  13. New cutter ????

    This SC2 unit has been introduced as the premier unit of their line in the low-end stepper cutters. Now if only there's some way that a 31" servo Titan 2 SE (Special Edition) machine can be imported and sold for $40 above the 24" size !! (Just as the 31" SC2 is $40 above the 24" size) Just wishing...
  14. I have run into my first concern. When in the cut spooler, there's an option for Advance After Cut (checkbox) and I cannot see anywhere to command the system to advance a particular length. Am I missing something, or is the software lacking that feature?
  15. New cutter ????

    Hi there. The LPII is discontinued. There's a few Refurbished ones still offered.
  16. From my recollection, you have to be using a com port 1 - 4. Manually assign in Port Properties/Advanced
  17. Signblazer has stopped working claims to be a virus

    Phil how are ya?! First things first. Uninstall the program. Next, restart your computer. Now, download and run the v7.0.0 from this link (make sure your anti-virus is DISABLED before you attempt this, since darcshadow's explanation is accurate) After you do that, you'll have a clean, no-trial SignBlazer application. Get back to us when you complete these steps and are again in business.
  18. HELP.....What is this font

    The font/text itself needs to be altered to create that distortion effect. The bottom text is NOT a font actually -- it's custom-made by hand (you can tell because the 'h' and 'r' are different in each word) If you are interested in something similar, look up Distressed Fonts and grab one that you like. (distressed type like that cuts and weeds like hell)
  19. Eva Freeman

    What happens when you cut something BIG??
  20. OK, as we head full-steam into 2018, what kinds of New Years' resolutions are you coming up with? Mine --- quit Cola.
  21. Greater Jacksonville Area, Jamie Garrison

    Welcome, Jamie. Beetles, you say?
  22. Misaligned Cut

    " after re-calibrating my SC series plotter, " What does that mean, actually? What steps were taken to 're-calibrate' ?
  23. Help the Newb

    In this business, you have to be running that sucker a lot to make it pay. If you just need printing now and then, best thing is to sub out your jobs to a shop that has one (either one of the Forum members who does that work or go with a commercial/wholesale company, like ZooPrinting). Over the course of sign making, I have clients here and there who need full-color and for those times, outside contracting is the way to go. Your mileage may vary.