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    Faux Leather

  2. slice&dice

    The Coolest Weeding Tool EVER!

    OK, as long as we're going to offer homonym PUNS, I'll chip in my suggestion!
  3. What version of SBE? Go to your "Help/About" menu and check if it's V7.0.0. If not, remove the program and start fresh.
  4. This is the time to take advantage of USCUTTER pre-Thanksgiving sale. $200 off on Titan models. Also, for those who want to decorate things with symbols of the fall holiday, grab some WingDings -- And for those of us struggling to come up with a unique meal idea (instead of Turkey) -- You're welcome!
  5. slice&dice

    Where is SB config information?

    Re-install SBE using the download I've provided.
  6. slice&dice

    JII-61 Cutter Plotter

    Try using SignBlazer just to verify communication is OK
  7. slice&dice

    Where is SB config information?

    Apparently you have access to all the old SBE graphics files (located in a folder called SBD, at the top-level of your C: drive) so all you need is a fresh copy of the program. Download it and install from HERE - (skeeter's link is to a general Directory, containing several options, but this link is direct to the actual V7.0 installer) (disable your anti-virus defender or it will attempt to prevent SBE. The reason is the program has been 'cracked' internally to eliminate the nag screens at startup and bypass the registration scheme).
  8. slice&dice

    Floor Graphics

    I do not think that floor applications of any vinyl product will withstand foot traffic beyond a short period.
  9. slice&dice

    Floor Graphics

    Oracal Oraguard 250AS Anti-skid PVC laminating film requires a high pressure cold-laminating machine. Durability: 3 months
  10. slice&dice

    I didn't do it

    Cliff it (Insert sound of receding whistle and thump)
  11. It is a good idea to put a drop of sewing- machine oil into the bearing hole while the blade is out. The blade rotates 360° and must spin freely. I check for debris, gunk, & vinyl shards, every Monday a.m. before a workweek starts.
  12. slice&dice

    Used Plotter Problems

    SignBlazer Elements - get ya up & running before you can say "quid pro quo"
  13. slice&dice

    Looking for font help

    There is no "A" in CHEVROLET
  14. slice&dice

    Looking for "Lunch atop a skyscraper" October 2, 1932, Rockefeller Center. Glass-plate negative, stored in Iron Mountain archives. (was dropped and cracked, no longer usable for reproducing prints). Original rights owned by Acme Newspictures, then Corbis, and now, Visual China Group, which has a distribution deal with Getty Images. It was the best-selling historical image in Corbis’s portfolio, averaging around 100 purchases a month over a 10-year span.
  15. slice&dice

    vinyl installers NYC

    Suggest you send a private message to Mz.Skeeter, she handles this type of thing. You also should investigate "Brick Wall Advertising" --
  16. slice&dice

    vinyl installers NYC

    What is your question? Are you asking for someone here to provide a local-to-you sign shop referral? I find it hard to believe that you're unable to find a sign guy in New York City! Or perhaps your question is -- "I want to buy a cutter and create my own designs & produce decals in-house. What vinyl is good for putting onto walls?" We'll be right here, get back to us about your true aim.
  17. slice&dice

    Windows OR Mac

    "I'm planning on building my first computer" That would have to be a WindowsOS device. You can't 'build' a mac these days with off-the shelf components. The closest you can come is a Hackintosh!
  18. slice&dice

    My subs almost up !

    Wildgoose, back in the 1990's I first used a computer (yeah, an Apple macintosh, Performa) -- in order to understand the ins-and-outs of working with computers, David Pogue was my mentor (through his book, Macs for Dummies). One thing that would crop up from time to time was a fatal (BOMB!) error, and Pogue described this as being likely caused by corrupted font suitcases. Solution? -- try (I have seen some reports online of the default font San Francisco being the root cause, for some arcane technical reason).
  19. slice&dice

    MH 721 not cutting correctly

    OK new, this is gonna take a bit of effort on your part to assist in troubleshooting. Give us something to work with.
  20. slice&dice

    Metal substrates and how do you charge?

    GRIMCO is a leading supplier of sheets of MaxMetal (composite). I triple my cost of substrates, and then add the pricing for vinyl (design/cut/apply). 4x8 sign is $100 for the single-colored decal (one side of sign) and $300 for substrate MaxMetal. Delivery/installation at the job site is extra-- it can run a few hundred more dollars just for that aspect, especially if I require a helper and/or there is height involved. (ladders and/or man lift). I also sometimes add a "P.I.A. TAX" if the work seems like it will involve 'back-and-forth' design changes with the client.
  21. slice&dice


    Biggest misconception that newbies have -- the cutter is NOT a printer and doesn't install like one. What you have is an external device that operates using a COM port. After following the instructions Skeetz offered, are you good to go?