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  1. slice&dice

    Log of vinyl ?

    Well this IS Great Britain, they drive on the wrong side of the street, and eat crumpets. In the USA, we call something else logs. (I prefer not to get more descriptive, it's sorta gross)
  2. slice&dice

    Vinyl for vehicle lettering?

    UScutter sells a refurb 34" MH for $287. (no stand included, that's another $18 more). The SC is $520. --- Substantial difference in pricing, several hundreds of $$$ --- and remember, the cutter is just one aspect of your investment that's needed for specifically this one purpose. Go with 10 yards of white (?) 751 24' and do your projects. You won't be wasting much vinyl getting the machine running. It'll be painless, and you'll have that truck lettered in no time after the unit arrives. Mustn't forget to obtain the app tape! Hell, that transfer tape is about $80 by itself ... plus grab a 6"squeegee, and a nice pick tool; it's best to get these things you need all in one order and consolidate the shipping fees.
  3. slice&dice

    Vinyl for vehicle lettering?

    As a past user of the MH, my opinion is go for it. Especially since you are aiming for a project the MH can handle!
  4. slice&dice

    Log of vinyl ?

    Because they look like logs!
  5. slice&dice

    Contour cutting

    What are you trying to contour cut? Show the file.
  6. slice&dice

    Cutting Size

    Murphy, whazzup!!!! Not sure what you've got going on there. Give us better details. Also, remember that there are two options for sending cuts -- WYSIWYG (absolute position) and ORIGIN (where you set the machine). Those are software settings in the design/cut program.
  7. slice&dice

    Part for mh 871-mk2

    Yeppers, it is indeed the top piece from the carriage assembly. Looking at it, I would venture an educated guess that the SC carriage can work, since it appears to have basically the same configuration.
  8. slice&dice

    Part for mh 871-mk2

    That is the Reflanger Maflix. C'mon Milton, get with the program here. How did you break it?
  9. You'll need to buy CAST vinyl, which is much higher cost than the regular stuff. Going over rivets with calendared vinyl is not recommended. And use the soft squeegee around the rivets --- 1/2-rounded felt squeegee.
  10. slice&dice

    Tee Shirt or Decal

    Hi Doug, That's more than one question, but let's see where we land. 1. The logo is going to be photographed, which produces a pixel-based graphic. (RASTER) 2. Since you are describing a full-color end result, the use of cut vinyl sounds highly improbable. (Show the logo here if you want). 3. You'll be able to obtain a high-resolution image (.jpeg or .tiff or even .pdf) and just send the raster file to be printed by a wholesale printing company. (Plastisol transfers)
  11. Hi, did you damage the PORT on the machine where the cable plugs in? Or just the end of the serial cable? Get a NULL MODEM type, they're standard db9 cables available from many suppliers.
  12. slice&dice

    Nudge setting

    There is an ALIGNMENT function, which permits centering objects to each other, or to the sign area. You can look into the Help for exact details of how to adjust the nudge precision. It does have that control.
  13. slice&dice

    Prismcut P28 beginner issues.

    Jimmy, You can run that cutter effortlessly with SignBlazer, take your .eps designs from Illy, export them as v.8 or earlier, and SBE will handle them.
  14. slice&dice

    Any tips on application tape, fixing? wide stuff!

    Yes, that's how it's done. After you've tried it a few times, the advice of DWP99 above may be relevant to your skill set when laying it down. Also, I prefer a 6" squeegee rather than the shortie 4" -- and I am a huge fan of the YelloTool gold squeegee. It's well worth the $7.19
  15. slice&dice

    Any tips on application tape, fixing? wide stuff!

    That app roller rig sits on the edge of a table with a flange, but I find that it's best to anchor it to the table with 2 C-clamps.
  16. slice&dice

    Gerber Omega importing open type fonts

    The original posting says --- "Ok I'm floundering ..." Maybe the necrothread can be directed into a topic many of us are fans of ----- fishing! Who prefers casting from a boat? From shore? Salt or fresh? What bait works best for what fish? Comments? Suggestions? Clarifications? Let's have some fishing fun!!! C'mon, people, join in! It's a slow news day!
  17. slice&dice

    Prismcut P28 beginner issues.

    Call USCutter Tech Support on Monday. Nothing we can do, if it doesn't start-up then you're stuck with an expensive brick. Pack it all into the box, get ready to spend money next week on return-shipping.
  18. slice&dice

    Pcut Cs630 help me pls

    Welcome, Angie, this is your lucky day! If the driver for the CT630 doesn't work, get back to us and maybe we can try something else, but I would start there.
  19. "You might be waiting a bit for anyone here to answer about a craft cutter." Well, a reply only took five months to appear! Proving my point above. cheers.
  20. slice&dice

    I think my cutter is broke

    Doesn't sound like (blind) remote troubleshooting is gonna be easy on this one!
  21. What does Graphtec support say about their firmware updates? We're just a bunch of guys and gals who putter around and can handle basic questions regarding the work we do, and sometimes we try to remote (blind) troubleshoot -- things like user error or mechanical failures or explaining design software workings etc. What 'problems' are you encountering with this used machine? When you bought it, were these problems evident?
  22. slice&dice


    Wow, blingGirl, you're still stuck on this? It's been several days since you came here, and yet, you said that the project had to be completed ASAP! Just load SignBlazer, Import your .eps design, and use Liyu model in the Cutter Setup. SignBlazer is a great troubleshooting tool to determine if a cutter operation failure is hardware or software related.
  23. There is a VinylMaster trial. (the CUT version is now on sale for $43.19, well worth it) --- just make sure it has a driver (reach out again to USCutter and ask if it will run your older machine) VM includes LPII and LP3, but not sure if it will handle an original LP.
  24. We just danced around the true solution -- we certainly came pretty close. Probably should have asked for a screenshot of the SBE Cutter Setup screen (and showing the list of comPorts). Which is ultimately what the remote session with USCutter discovered. All's well that ends well.