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  1. slice&dice

    651 not sticking to stainless steel?

    What happens with another color?
  2. slice&dice

    help needed please

    You are welcome -- this was a fun and interesting thread!
  3. slice&dice

    MH781 cutting lines across design

    Start a new thread, please. (If you did not properly register the VinylMaster software, it will cut lines on your work)
  4. slice&dice

    help needed please

    Uh, skarekrow seems to have hit the nail on the head! Serpentine Bold Oblique Boom.
  5. Yeah, you'll be fine doing your art in Illustrator and then just exporting as .eps and bringing that file into VM. (Just as many people design in Inkscape --- an open source vector editor that approximates AI) BTW, the SC2 is a very nice piece of equipment, and it's worth spending the few bucks additional for a catch-basket (media basket).
  6. slice&dice

    help needed please

    I kinda have to disagree with Mark on this one. Friz quadrata "A" with some node editing. The other two letters (L and G) are indeed AirMillhouse, with the obvious alterations in the logo. Hey, graphic designers do this sometimes, putting different fonts together to make a logo.
  7. slice&dice

    Odd issue w/ MH871-mk2 and my logo

    " Does this logo have a fault somewhere? " Yes, it does, there are overlaps of the paths, that's a definite no-no. For instance, the nodes at the upper right corners of the letters L and I (in 'CLASSIC') are messed-up. MH model in SBE uses the RedSail driver.
  8. slice&dice

    help needed please

    The 'A' is the key to this. In any case, you're gonna have to do some node editing, obviously. Friz Quadrata is what I would use for the 'A' as a basis to get this design done, along with Air Millhouse for the 'G' and 'L'
  9. slice&dice

    JUNK MH871-MK2

    TheBoss said -- " I took the shot gun and let 2 rounds off plus a base ball bat to finish off this MH871-MK2. " OK, let's see the photos, or it didn't happen!
  10. slice&dice

    need help cutting vinyl decals by hand

    Autometrik, just keep in mind that NOBODY here is going to give you support or encouragement for making decals (or text) by cutting them by hand. Everything you are talking about is a waste of breath on your part. You say -- "I still don't have an answer as to how people cut vinyl by hand without cutting through the backing paper?" Simply put -- we don't cut vinyl by hand.
  11. slice&dice

    MH720 (PIXMAX 720)

    Over the years, yes we've seen this 'chattering' on the MH models, it's apparently related to motherboard failure (usually caused by static zapping through the electronics). If you want to troubleshoot with another software -- SignBlazer (use the RedSail driver in cutter setup).
  12. slice&dice

    Hi guys I'm new to all this

    Reeper, you are in luck. Your machine is likely the same as a USCutter Refine model. (MH) -- if you are using USB, the chipset driver is HERE Download and install SignBlazer Elements from this hidden folder located HERE --- try to operate it with the RedSail or Copam selected in cutter setup. By the way, as a general piece of solid advice, never buy a cutter/plotter that doesn't come with its appropriate cutting software and don't hand over a dime until you are able to see the machine run with your own eyes.
  13. slice&dice

    Blades that last longer than Clean Cut?

    Looking at the blade tip sticking out !!!!
  14. slice&dice

    Blades that last longer than Clean Cut?

    I buy cheap chinese blades online, they each last many months. (Roland-compatible carbide tipped)
  15. slice&dice

    wiring mh721

    Green/Yellow stripe is ground wire. (per IEC color-code standard)
  16. slice&dice

    Wheel decal.

    Appears to be one single large Red rectangle, bisected with a Black stripe.
  17. slice&dice

    Vector image help needed.

    Y-W. (You'll need to go into the Node Editing mode and clean it up, my vector conversion result is not very neat & tidy).
  18. slice&dice

    Vector image help needed.

    Here ya go -- this should get the job done. FALCON.EPS
  19. For now I can only spend at the very most $400. SC2 is clearly at your price point, and for just $40 more than the 24" you can go up to the 30" model. Keep in mind that consumables are also part of your start-up expenses (vinyl & app tape). Have fun!
  20. It sucks, when things break and any replacement effort for a small part is hardly worth the time or energy expended. That being said, it appears that the entire plastic retainer for the grit roller is shot. Now, if you can manage to remove it completely, intact, there is a possibility that you can have somebody produce a 3-D-printed item (scan the original and make a copy on 3-D plastic printer).
  21. slice&dice

    Mh721 Part required!!!

    Perhaps something like THIS?
  22. slice&dice


    "AAS" = Accu-Aligning-System (Laser pointer ) Check into this information and see if there's anything you can do at your end, otherwise, motherboard replacement time ! Great thread title, by the way! Made me look!
  23. slice&dice

    Print verus cutting

    Just a thought, why not cut this map in vinyl?
  24. slice&dice

    Print verus cutting

    Think of it this way --- the machine is going to follow PATHS (composed of nodes/points) with the blade or pen. If you bought this machine to print, then you made a mistake.