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  1. My first cuts on my MH721

  2. I guess that Size DOES matter !
  3. Back Lit signs

    Easy answer --- building a custom-shape lighted sign box from 'scratch' is not something for the average Joe. I order my "Cloud" signs from Rick in Georgia He says that "We work ridiculous hours" ('til midnight 7 days) !!!
  4. Two things -- 1. Download SBE and run the cutter with that program, instead of SCAL. (Use the RedSail driver in SignBlazer's cutter setup) 2. Switch from USB to DB9 (RS232 null-modem serial cable). After you do these two things, you should be able to continue without further hang-ups.
  5. New SC2 introduced

    Just a heads-up, there is a new model of the SC machine. It features a higher memory, quieter operation, and a different control keypad. Also, the body is robin-egg blue. I have a feeling this will become the #1 most popular-selling unit for USCUTTER. SC2
  6. Graphtec Question

    This is what she's reaching for (Expanded Outline) ---- I also chose a bolder font for the text. home.EPS
  7. Graphtec Question

    Your software (built-in) HELP/Tutorial instructions may provide the answer. edited -- (dammit, Skeetz, stop copying my answers!!!)
  8. Graphtec Question

    This is not a Graphtec equipment question. It's a question regarding your design software. Also, you are not printing anything with a Graphtec. You are cutting. Here is MY question --- why not just cut Ohio as a silhouette?
  9. Newbie Needs Help

    Chris, Just so you know, the use of Periods and creating Sentences is standard procedure when writing. SignBlazer
  10. I think my cutter is broke

    "lever" ---- I don't own a Graphtec, but apparently what you are saying is that the pressure rollers are controlled by a single lever and the main control board will recognize the lever being put in the Down (closed) position, and automatically Poll the media (determine width of vinyl). Your machine is failing to do that, right? Fixing a problem like this might indeed require a replacement of the sensor itself.
  11. Vectorizing needed

    There are three basic elements in this design. the text (Brush Script) the madonna (standard clip art, included within SignBlazer -- DRAW menu/Library/Design Elements/Mason figures) the gun (very simple to vectorize in SignBlazer) In other words, this whole thing is able to be completed in three minutes right within SignBlazer.
  12. What the "H" ?

    That's the one. Sue, a gold star goes to you today, thank you.
  13. What the "H" ?

    I only have this single letter H, and the image is of questionable quality. Not having anything better leaves me in a quandry, but perhaps it's good enough for someone to I.D. ?
  14. Set the ORIGIN wherever you want (or the reset button to bring the carriage Home) each and every time you begin a cut. You don't need more than 1/2-centimeter (not a few inches) of vinyl extending forward beyond the ORIGIN blade position.