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  1. slice&dice

    MH 721 not cutting correctly

    OK new, this is gonna take a bit of effort on your part to assist in troubleshooting. Give us something to work with.
  2. slice&dice

    Metal substrates and how do you charge?

    GRIMCO is a leading supplier of sheets of MaxMetal (composite). I triple my cost of substrates, and then add the pricing for vinyl (design/cut/apply). 4x8 sign is $100 for the single-colored decal (one side of sign) and $300 for substrate MaxMetal. Delivery/installation at the job site is extra-- it can run a few hundred more dollars just for that aspect, especially if I require a helper and/or there is height involved. (ladders and/or man lift). I also sometimes add a "P.I.A. TAX" if the work seems like it will involve 'back-and-forth' design changes with the client.
  3. slice&dice


    Biggest misconception that newbies have -- the cutter is NOT a printer and doesn't install like one. What you have is an external device that operates using a COM port. After following the instructions Skeetz offered, are you good to go?
  4. slice&dice

    Engstrom Graphics - Demolition Derby Signs

    Probably like the General Lee (01)
  5. slice&dice

    Vinyl colors

    ...and don't forget Blue. Of course, the question is -- WHICH Blue?
  6. slice&dice

    Who "owns" designs?

    Thanks Skeetz, interesting dilemma. In this instance, the logo itself was not the ORGINAL creation of fishbone. Basically, I guess, someone just handed him a business card and he reproduced what someone else had designed for that business. It's quite common, actually, for a person to approach my sign shop with a business card, and ask if I can make a sign with what's on the card. At that point, I'm not DESIGNING the logo from scratch, all I'm doing is figuring out how to copy the artwork (and in fishbone's case, it was a matter of font identification only, apparently).
  7. slice&dice

    Who "owns" designs?

    Digital files that are created in-house are yours, unquestionably. They have value, due to the labor invested, and you have no contract (either in writing or orally) to transfer back into the clients hands ANY of your proprietary working files. However, that being said, the logo itself is not yours to use or reproduce. That design is the property of the copyright holder -- this client, ostensibly. As a matter of courtesy, you are welcome to enter into a contract at this point, with two elements: Performance & Consideration. (Any first-year law student knows this.) You agree to transfer the proprietary work/production files that YOU own (having created them yourself, with an investment of time, technical knowledge and graphics skills) in exchange for money that the client pays to obtain them. Amount of money? Ahhhhhhh, there's the rub. It could be $20 it could be $200. Only you and the client can negotiate that based on perceived value. However, keep in mind that the logo was simple to reproduce, as you've noted, so your original (time) investment to create it was rather minimal. I've sent old clients my design vector files of their projects, I don't really care, it's not a biggie, certainly not worth wrangling over, considering the work is done and I've been paid profitably anyway.
  8. slice&dice

    New to the forum and new to cutting

    Wildgoose, yeah, I tried to use a HomeDepot bucket holster, but the handle (bail) center-of-gravity pivot was awkward, because a heavier thing (specifically my Makita drill) on one side would cause the bucket to tilt while carrying.
  9. slice&dice

    Mh 721 not recognized windows 7

    OK, got it, your USB port on your printer cutter is non-functional. What you'll need to do is follow Skeeter's advice and troubleshoot the com port assignment within Windows Device Manager (right click on the Keyspan item within DM -- select properties, then Port Settings tab, and press Advanced button and the Ports are available on a drop-down list. Make sure it is Com4 or lower.)
  10. slice&dice

    Weeding Tips

    Got a few quick tips for weeding -- == When weeding letters/text, do it from the right to left (against the text) == When weeding numbers, left to right == When weeding out the centers of letters/numbers, stick the pieces onto the back of your opposite hand (area between the thumb and forefinger) in a little 'pile'
  11. slice&dice

    Mh 721 not recognized windows 7

    randy, hey whazzup? Why aren't you just running USB cable from the cutter to the computer? What is the purpose of the adaptor?
  12. slice&dice

    New to the forum and new to cutting

    By the way, it's actually yellotools, not 'yellow' ---- my bad. (USCUTTER calls these roll clips 'speedclips') Oh boy, this "welcome" thread has certainly moved into the realm of "What's a Newbie Need to Know?" !!!
  13. slice&dice

    New to the forum and new to cutting

    Dakota, for the average cutter hobbyist, it's overkill. However, as a sign man, I've found it to be practical and necessary for remote installs, containing all sorts of items that may be needed in the field. Like my Makita power drill, a small container of Goo-Gone, plastic pink Chizler, a razor scrape tool, a bottle of WhiteOut, plus an essential -- a pair of 'cheaters' (reading glasses). OK, why the WhiteOut? When I put up a maxmetal sign, I like to use the correction fluid on exposed screw heads. (OCD? Yep)
  14. slice&dice

    New to the forum and new to cutting That just about covers it. By the way, ON SALE now, the amazing Yellowtools carry-all.
  15. slice&dice

    Plotter Software

    Hi there mactac, welcome to the Forums. While I am not a fountain of technical information about running a USC-sold machine directly with Gerber proprietary software, my quick and dirty answer is No Way, Josè. Your company needs to contact USCUTTER staff through their main website, and request for them to properly evaluate the various workflow requirements you have. The regular folks here are not affiliated with USCUTTER. Our choice to participate on these Forums is driven by a desire to chat and provide input for others along the lines of " our own experiences.." That being said, best of luck, and hopefully you find a solution that your company is satisfied with.