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  1. slice&dice

    Mh721 mk2

    Grinding noise? This seems to be a symptom of motherboard failure, as reported several times in these forums by others who experienced this same terrible sound.
  2. slice&dice

    US Cutter SC2 34" - Is it worth it?

    Well, it actually is an eggshell color -- a robin's egg. Happy Spring!
  3. slice&dice

    Screen Printing ?

    Put some Siser easyweed through your cutter and use a heat press to transfer those decals onto T-shirts or hoodies. Unless you are doing really large quantities, silk screening seems more hassle than it's worth. Also, the online providers of garment silkscreen work are really cheap enough.
  4. slice&dice

    US Cutter SC2 34" - Is it worth it?

    For anti-stat, my solution is to stuff dryer sheets into the open ends of the cardboard tubes.
  5. Whenever you arc text (follow around the circumference of a circle) it's always a good idea to KERN the text out. This way, you avoid the letters hitting each other (especially on the inside bottom of the arc). For the record, SBE offers arc text as a feature. Including the radius of the arc, above or below circle, clockwise or counterclockwise, and justification. (TEXT menu -- Text follow arc) This brings up a dialogue box with several options to configure the way it arcs.
  6. slice&dice

    roller marks

    Just remember NOT to allow the machine to feed the material from the roll directly ---- unwind the amount of vinyl you'll need first. This is why a media basket is important, so this un-spooled vinyl in the back doesn't end up all over the floor (likewise for the cut vinyl that spews out the front). EDIT -- this is in the Tabletop Titan thread, so there's no stand, no steel rollers to hold the 50-yard rolls, and no media basket to consider. At the least, it might be worthwhile to get one of THESE --
  7. slice&dice

    Vinyl Cuter Cutting Sloppily (Circles look like Ovals)

    that double layered piece of vinyl is what goes through the cutter. I'm not sure if that'll affect anything? I think it certainly might. Have you simply loaded a bit of vinyl (not doubled) and see what happened?
  8. slice&dice

    issue CUTTER or SOFTWARE?

    This type of question (software vs. hardware) is easily resolved with SignBlazrr utilized as an alternative cut program. (Redsail = MH)
  9. slice&dice

    Vinyl distributors

    When I need a particular color at the last minute, I'll do a quick run down I-95 and grab vinyl from FELLERS local warehouse (World's Largest Wrap Supply Company). Frank Fellers is a man I highly respect. (So was Jerry Bonham, but that's another story).
  10. slice&dice

    Cricut Export?

    From what I've seen of DesignSpace, there is no way to export .eps Depending on the complexity of the design, you might want to simply draw a white box around all the design objects, place the square to back (in order to hide/eliminate the grid lines of the workspace) and then simply do a Screen Capture (PrintScreen button on keyboard), and then PASTE into VM and convert it with the Vectorizing feature.
  11. slice&dice

    Upgrade Question

    The increased speed and quieter operation are the primary benefits. RDunn may not even NEED to change to another machine, depending on what type of work he mainly produces. There is no way my jobs (Banners and Signs) would require anything of that mini size.
  12. I seem to recall that SBE needs Com4 or under, go into you Device Manager in Windows and manually change to something less than 5. Also, why is width on a 24" cutter showing 640" Also, 'advance after job' doesn't have to be over 1/2-foot
  13. slice&dice

    Plugged My SC2 into USB. It blew up.

    Apparently it was De-furbished.
  14. Change the port manually to something else (under 4)