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  1. Perhaps you have a different version of SignBlazer, please reinstall using this link: There is no CR1200, but a CT1200, and if you can manually reassign the Com Port to something other than 4, let's see if that works.
  2. slice&dice

    Graphtech FC9000

    Are you using a carrier sheet?
  3. slice&dice

    Help! Liyu SC631 not cutting detailed designs properly

    Cutting from Inkscape? How? Try SignBlazer
  4. For the record, Mz. Skeeter is loved by many here --- she is a true gem.
  5. slice&dice

    Grounding without a Stand

    It's OK to extend that USB cable with a few extra feet, then you can spin that baby 180⁰ (If you like loading the vinyl from that front side, just flip the roller-racks around).
  6. slice&dice

    MH machine Bluetooth?

    I doubt Cathy is anywhere near being tech-savvy, probably doesn't know what RaspberryPi even is.
  7. slice&dice

    MH machine Bluetooth?

    The cutter sold by USCUTTER with bluetooth capability is PrismCut. Cathy, the cutter you own (MH) uses the same basic mechanics as the first computer-controlled plotters produced by Hewlett-Packard in the early 1960's. The physical wired connection was originally Parallel, then Serial, and then USB. (the MH does best with DB9-wired serial legacy RS232 communication).
  8. Cathy, can you please share how you resolved this issue? I noticed that you just posted in another thread (your second post ever) and this old one popped up, leading to my extreme curiosity.
  9. slice&dice

    This all looks the same, what was Updated?

    Dakota, even though this Forum is not the most important thing in the Grand Scheme of Things, it's obvious we do enjoy coming in here and providing some help, some advice, some ideas, some feedback, etc.
  10. slice&dice

    Font ID

  11. slice&dice

    Font ID

    Without having a better-resolution image to go by, it sure appears to be hand drawn lettering, not a "font" That being said, try throwing Helvetica Round Bold in there, adjust the "G" with a few node edits to match that letter in your drawing, and you should be good to go "up in smoke"!
  12. That was a brutal few days, with Forum being down, as it forced me to go do some actual work, instead of spending time here!
  13. slice&dice

    I need usb driver for my cutter

    Ahhhhhhh, let the adventure begin..... (Try using LiYu or RedSail as the model) This is the USB driver, may or not work with your setup.
  14. Get one of those off Com3. Right click to Properties on the Intel SOL, Port Settings tab, (drop the Baud Bits to 9600 while you're there), hit the Advanced button, adjust the ComPort # Let us know what happens.