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  1. slice&dice

    Need Help.Flexi Sign And Redsail

    i dont know which one of em is giving the problem -- so i made this thread so that i could get some help. You got EXACTLY the help you required. You were told to download and install SignBlazer, and see if the cutter works OK with it. That is the simple way to discover if the machine is messed-up internally, or if there is some sort of software issue. I offered the most reliable way to check which it is. You're welcome.
  2. slice&dice

    Need Help.Flexi Sign And Redsail

    Jonny, what was the result when you installed and sent some text to cut with SignBlazer? Please answer that first, before going off into so many directions.
  3. slice&dice

    Need Help.Flexi Sign And Redsail

    How's the weather over there? You can narrow it down to SOFTWARE or HARDWARE, by downloading and installing SignBlazer and then seeing what happens.
  4. slice&dice

    MH721 MK2 LCD Display comes up blank

    Yeah, I tend to agree, that display board is more trouble than it's worth at this point. The sequences you need are as follows ---- FORCE left and right arrows (do some test cuts and see if it needs to be increased or decreased) SPEED up and down arrows (run that baby at top gear)
  5. slice&dice

    MH721 MK2 LCD Display comes up blank

    The funny thing is you can run that cutter without the screen, since it really doesn't provide much vital information anyway. The two things which are adjustable ---- downforce and speed --- can be set fairly simply even without the readouts.
  6. slice&dice

    Outdoor Vinyl Color Match

    Intermediate vinyl 056 IceBlue looks about right. Different manufacturers have several names for this light blue shade, like Feller's ShineRite Ocean Blue 513 or ArcticBlue 514. Pick your best guess.
  7. slice&dice

    Incomplete cuts

    For troubleshooting this problem, highly suggest using SignBlazer cut program (MH driver is RedSail).
  8. slice&dice

    Help With grand daughter drawing for contest

    Hoochie Display it is, then. Now just trace that kitty with a sharpie, rescan, and vectorize. Boom !
  9. slice&dice

    Help With grand daughter drawing for contest

    I can suggest the following --- take the outer shield (which is a regular Fire/Rescue graphic) Then just add in the image/vector of the cool pussycat. (Ayyyyyyyy) The Text/Font name can likely be identified by someone here, and you can just type the words in to fit.
  10. slice&dice

    Origin Point Just Don't Understand Please Explain

    Hi, first of all, yes, you can just have the roll of vinyl sitting/resting on top of the two steel rollers, no need to insert through the cardboard tube. Always pre-feed enough vinyl for your job run and don't let the machine PULL it from a full roll. Secondly, the Origin Point is where you manually adjust the carriage head and vinyl advance using directional arrows to a given start position for cutting. Basically you want that point (where the blade is positioned) to be at the right-hand corner and closest to the leading edge of the vinyl that's fed through the machine. You may need to re-read the manual for your SEIKI unit to determine what buttons or button sequence is needed for that operation. In the software, there are two options for cutting -- WYSIWYG and Origin. Generally, you'll be choosing Origin (WYSIWYG has a specific function that isn't routinely used).
  11. slice&dice

    MH MK2 will only print squiggly lines

    Grinding noise? That's been reported here a few times on the forums and is a symptom of fried motherboard.
  12. slice&dice

    MH MK2 will only print squiggly lines

    What this looks like is a bad motherboard. Did you purchase this machine used from someone?
  13. Hi Guest, welcome. You can just TYPE in the numerals and then tilt\slant 'em. I think you should also slant the numbers in opposite ways for the two car doors, so both sides tilt towards the rear.
  14. slice&dice

    Help Vectorizing

    First things first --- identify those fonts (2 different ones). Do not ever vectorize text. Horrible results. Ask them for a higher-resolution copy, maybe if you're lucky get an .eps version!!!
  15. slice&dice

    MH MK2 will only print squiggly lines

    What those pictures show is not clear. Razor cutter? No. TrippLite adapter? ?? LPT port? No. Get back to us with better\corrected info, OK?