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  1. My 2-cents. There is a tension adjustment screw you can manually access (behind the side cover which can be easily removed) and the cutter head drive belt may require some slight increase in tightness.
  2. slice&dice

    windshield banners

    What you seem to be seeking is the function for "Text Arc" (text around a circle circumference) Also, THIS thread covers the subject
  3. Free Shipping on orders over $199.00 sounds great, but I just went onto the USCUTTER website and tried to calculate the weight & shipping for 2 rolls of 24" x 150' and the 'Shipping Calculator' (blue text link in the checkout cart) fails to work.
  4. Based on early statistics, this could be a record year for reported snake bites in the Carolinas. DANGER !!!
  5. slice&dice

    Looking for a 30x72 inch blank sign material

    Use sheets of DiBond or MaxMetal (Grimco). I cut them down to whatever dimensions I need from 4x8 with a utility knife (score the face of the material and then bend it/snap it off)
  6. slice&dice


    Here ya go -- and the CDM20828 driver for the USB chipset.
  7. slice&dice

    Looking for a 30x72 inch blank sign material

    Dude, you're kidding, right?
  8. slice&dice

    Looking for help with this font

    Lucinda Handwriting -- (standard font installed with SignBlazer) and it obviously was modified here (thickened and node edited).
  9. slice&dice


    Jimmy, if I were facing a serious support issue, with ANYTHING, I certainly would not be sitting around for two days just hanging by the phone for a tech. I've never encountered any problem contacting USCutter personnel, just keep in mind they are on the west coast. (425) 902-1302 (425) 902-1305 (main #) (425) 481-3555 Fax: (425) 284 3169 (yes, using the Fax number is an alternative way to send an urgent message !) ================================== So far, this is what we know --- You own an SC cutter. It doesn't communicate with your computer anymore (since an update within Windows). Let's get some information about how you have the SC connected to the computer? (USB or serial)? Do you know how to go into your computer settings (hardware & devices) and verify the PORT access? Have you attempted to run the cutter using SignBlazer? If not, why not? C'mon Jimmy, this ain't rocket science. Just give us something to work with, and we'll see what's what.
  10. slice&dice


    My SC2 is driven by LiYu OEM model from within SignBlazerElements.
  11. slice&dice

    Sc2 Vinyl sign

    Sure. Just keep in mind that you'll have to do a 'step&repeat' pattern for your cutter to manage a size larger than the max. vinyl size (30", or like 28 practical usable width) The SC2 is a solid machine, easy tracking, simple keypad combo to Pause and Jog the material/cutter head to Origin.
  12. slice&dice

    Backing up files

    Ahhhhh, the age-old question of how to develop a file-storage heirarchy that is comfortable and accessible. Several options -- by date, by job title, by customer. Also, keeping in mind that VinylMaster files are in a proprietary format, you might want to EXPORT each design as an .eps that can be utilized at some point in the future by a graphics editing program other than VM.
  13. I have been working with my SC2 for a few months now, with one slight gremlin. For some reason, it sits waiting for all the data to be fed through from the cutting program before starting to cut. Since that is the situation, I've gone ahead and set the baud rate to maximum (256,000) which allows the entire data flow to speed up and reach the end of the design quicker.
  14. slice&dice

    Cannot get Cutter to work

    According to the USCutter website, the specification on the SC2 says === OS Compatibility Windows
  15. slice&dice


    "First 2 right pinch rollers are side by side." Thanks, that is what I was wondering.