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  1. I always had this same issue with my old MH unit. It would go through that same process of throwing the vinyl out the back! The only way I could resolve that was to just do a RESET before each job, and then go offline & place the vinyl + carriage where I wanted, and set origin. If I tried to run back-to back jobs without the RESET first, it would kick the vinyl out. It's something in the circuitry; you have a warranty, take advantage of it. USCUTTER should be able to either replace the entire machine or just send you a new MB.
  2. slice&dice

    Need help recreating

    Damn, that took all of 40 minutes, incredible. Mark-s, you're a beast. Bonus points if you name the SOFTBALL typeface! And a Gold Star if you can pinpoint that "C" in the CB logo.
  3. slice&dice

    New Business Laptop

    HaHa, Skeetz, the troll gotcha! By the way, in case anyone really is interested, pricing on an older Dell with XP has gone up to around $100 - $150. (with legacy serial port DB9) These older laptops are fine for powering a cutter, especially if you want to use the actual COM port (instead of USB). And while we are here --- this is the link for older (unsupported) software which has all the functionality required to run cutters and provides basic design capability.
  4. slice&dice

    Cutting Flock for Rhinestone Jig Pattern

    I seem to recall that Sure-Cuts-A-Lot has rhinestone template capability. That being said, I don't believe the material (flock) is going to cut properly with the MH, although it theoretically can be done with a carrier sheet, I suppose. Since the O-P already owns the machine, it's not a big deal to test it out for themselves. I still say No. The MH is a vinyl cutter, for all intents & purposes.
  5. slice&dice

    Newbie here

    Howdy. Right around Christmas, we get a lot of newbies, as Santa brings thousands of people their new cutters and other equipment. In these tough times, having a cutter setup for either a hobby or business, makes good sense. How are you using the knowledge provided? What have we offered that gives you some ideas?
  6. slice&dice

    need to replace pinch roller

    What is wrong with it? Just the wheel itself? Those are replaceable.
  7. slice&dice

    Maxiumum Number of fonts?

    You've accumulated too many, for sure. I recall first installing SignBlazer with the preloaded 200 fonts, and felt that was a lot to deal with!
  8. slice&dice

    Vinylmaster Cut adding weed lines

    You can just draw them, straight lines wherever you want. That's how I do weed lines in SignBlazer, simply create them from scratch using the Polyline tool. (two nodes, start & finish)
  9. slice&dice

    What cutter do I need?

    If you are involved with a project that requires 10,000 pieces, I have no doubt that sending this to an outside production company would be preferable. (is that 10,000 rectangles, total, = 1250 sheets x 8, or 10,000 sheets x 8 rectangles per = 80,000 ?)
  10. This is what I would do, as a troubleshooting process: 1. De-register the software 2. Uninstall it from your computer 3. Restart your computer 4. Run the installer again, place a fresh copy onto your computer (update if it asks you to) 5. Re-Register the VM. 6. Let us know what happens
  11. slice&dice

    What cutter do I need?

    Do you have a budget of over $1000 ??
  12. slice&dice

    Some work I have done.

    Yeah, they have great nuts. Oh wait, those are Macadamia.
  13. slice&dice

    Some work I have done.

    Isn't that near The Netherlands?
  14. slice&dice

    Some work I have done.

    kepner, you are necrothreading; not a good way to "introduce" yourself to this Forum. Post in Introductions and say hi, maybe? What are you doin' with your cutter? What's your primary interest? Experience? etc.