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  1. When you say it 'refuses' to cut, what exactly happens? How are you connecting? USB? Serial DB9? What cutter model are you selecting in the SBE cutter setup? (I don't believe you have GoldCut JK as an option in SignBlazer)
  2. The version is listed within the HELP menu / About. Take a look and see. What issue are you having?
  3. slice&dice

    New problem

    The problem was that you were trying to cut some "Let's Go Brandon" decals.
  4. slice&dice

    SC Plotter cuts partial letters

    From what you describe, it's possible that the blade holder itself is damaged. The blade needs to rotate freely inside the bearing 360* in order to spin and reorient correctly while being dragged. Try disassembling the holder & check for anything obviously visible, maybe replace the blade (add a drop of fine sewing-machine oil in the hole). Also, perhaps the retaining arm (swing arm) for the holder was itself cracked or otherwise damaged? I had an MH unit that happened to, the hairline crack was hardly noticable, but it was enough to mess up the action of the cuts (wobbled).
  5. slice&dice

    machine wont cut as desired

    First of all, go to the "HELP" menu, and click on About --- check to see if it says V7.0.0 in the dialogue box that appears. If not, download that Hybrid (no-Nag) version, which is the last release, as abandonware. Your picture doesn't show a regular cut in vinyl; what are you attempting to do? Also, SBE doesn't have an "overcut" option -- it only has a Blade Offset feature (in Cutter Setup).
  6. slice&dice

    Need Help Please

    You happened to catch me on a good day --- just hanging around the house, watching the grass grow. Fortunately for us both, the logo was composed of very simple geometrics, and although my designer talents are virtually non-existent, I just managed to do it, using SignBlazerElements. Yeah, not too shabby, it came out looking OK. Yer welcome!
  7. slice&dice

    Need Help Please

    This is not something you really should be tracing or vectorizing from the image. Just re-create it from scratch. Node-editing. lc.EPS
  8. slice&dice

    Getting more than outline cut

    No bueno.
  9. slice&dice

    Getting more than outline cut

    That'll buff right out. Good Lord.
  10. slice&dice

    Getting more than outline cut

    Although somewhat tedious, it would be possible to go into Node Edit and delete all the excess stuff around the dog image.
  11. slice&dice

    Pixmax720 won't contour cut

    Your cutter is working, so there's not a problem with the COM connection (cables and adapter). Static build-up is a problem with low-end models of cutters. Try using DRYER SHEETS stuffed into the ends of the vinyl roll tubes. Also, the cutter needs to be grounded with a wire from the bottom of the cutter to the stand. You also might try using SignBlazer and cut with that program, using LiYu or RedSail in Cutter Setup. (PixMax is not going to be listed)
  12. slice&dice

    How Small can it cut?

    Weeding that would be beyond my pay grade!
  13. It probably does need an older computer to connect, because you don't have USB. That is either an LPT (parallel) port or DB9 serial, which are legacy outputs; today's computers don't have those ports anymore. Do you already have Flexi 10? I'll also suggest you can utilize SignBlazer, it contains the CM24 model in Cutter Setup.
  14. slice&dice


    Ignatius, you are in luck, because a guy named Jerry Bonham developed design & cut software many years ago, and after he passed away, the program became available as "abandonware", and USCUTTER has it available for download in a hidden archive. No registration or license required, but also, no further development or support. Most every machine known in this industry is listed in the Cutter Setup.
  15. "Bought a used non-working Titan3 68 inch from an individual." --- For how much? You probably are pretty happy right now, with a functioning unit that cost peanuts!