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  1. I normally don't get into many revisions on sign jobs, usually v.03 is the most the client requests before I'm approved to go ahead. This one is getting out of hand. It's already at v.09 and still going back and forth. Well, it's what happens when you have more than one person making decisions, with several different company officers who want their ideas incorporated into the design. I actually thought we were good at v.04, and then all sorts of emails started flying around, leading to several more revisions, and now v.09 is ready. Crossing my fingers. (attached is my standard Job Sheet, in case anyone can utilize it for their own workflow). Job Worksheet.doc
  2. wonky "scratching record" sounds Welcome to our world. Be thankful you own a (relatively) silent Graphtec, not the SC2. That thing'll chase me outta the room, louder than these cicadas.
  3. slice&dice

    Display showing testing

    wowzer., haumana, guess what? Yep, I found out an amazing thing tonite. USCutter is allowing access to the SignBlazer download once more. It's still hidden, but will prompt for download. As always, disable anti-virus defenders, this V7.0.0 is 'cracked' to run forever, as abandonware, will install safely and run properly --- when using this MH unit, select in cutter setup RedSail model.
  4. slice&dice

    cricut grid

  5. slice&dice

    cricut grid

  6. slice&dice

    Sign on wood - question about process

    Please offer us a video of your process. It will assist us in evaluating your request for feedback.
  7. I have the solution ---- stop using the wrong terminology for the equipment and process. What you own is a PCUT PLOTTER with a knife blade to cut vinyl. It has no ink, no toner, no printing ability whatsoever. As for your cutter not responding, have you ever seen it working before this? Or did you buy it without checking that out ?
  8. slice&dice

    Hat CaP Press

    Do you have a question that people reading this Forum all around the world can assist you with? 1. You have a press that's not heating the platen evenly. This is actually a common problem with the 6-in-1 (it is designed to swap platens, but that's a weak link and can cause heat distribution issues like you describe). What do you think we can do about that? 2. Can you post an image of the cap visor being "in the way" ?
  9. slice&dice

    Which driver

    In SignBlazer cutter setup, choose the RedSail or LiYu models and see if the cutter responds.
  10. slice&dice

    Uneven cuts

    Tracking with the MH is notoriously tricky. If the vinyl feed is not set perfectly, this is the result. You can call USCUTTER and request a 'deal' for sending back the MH and buying the SC2 instead. Ask a supervisor to authorize that and they may accommodate you.
  11. slice&dice

    Middle roller scrunching up the vinyl

    haumana, the SC and MH have long rollers, like your LaserPoint. The pinch rollers can go anywhere (EXCEPT at the mark in the center, where the lower grit roller is affixed to the axle). At first I thought the middle pinch roller was located at that spot (which results in crinkled/scrunched vinyl), but the images show otherwise.
  12. I'll repeat, since you never answered -- WHY do you require WYSIWYG ("absolute Positioning").
  13. Wow. As many times as there's been this problem appearing, this is the first time an actual direct causation is shown. From static frying the sucker. I am impressed that 'test' replacement resistor got it running, wondering if the thing just could be left in there, operating the cutter? It'll fry if another jolt hits, it, granted, but for now, it's Ok like that, right?
  14. Why are you even using WYSIWYG? I'm doing signs for many years and there has been no project which would call for that. The maximum practical cutting width of the 34" MH (or any 870mm cutter) is just 29" across the 30" vinyl media.
  15. slice&dice

    Which Cutter to pick

    bevans, where did you obtain your copy of SignBlazer, if I may inquire? Is it V7.0.0 as indicated in the HELP/About info menu? Seeing your cutter Setup screen is usually a primary step in long-distance troubleshooting like this.