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  1. "Cutting Master" is great to have linked as a plug -in directly, so good for you! The workaround I suggested is extra steps, but is practical for all cutter/design coordination. Anyway, today is your lucky day, it finally puts the graphtec into operation! Now, of course, from here on out, you're doomed. Once you get that cutter runnin' -- hard to stop it. Like Mickey Mouse as the Sorcerer's Apprentice (if you haven't yet viewed that famous scene in "Fantasia" please do).
  2. Hello, here is a quick rundown of the steps to take. 1. create a design using a Vector program (Inkscape, Adobe, etc.) 2. EXPORT the design as .eps file 3. IMPORT that file to the cutting program
  3. "...even replaced the mother board." Nicci, what cutter? Have you tried SignBlazer? Not much to go on from your first posting here. When you return (and register as a forum member) maybe bring something more to the table? We'll try to assist.
  4. slice&dice

    My Cutter wont cut anymore ?

    First things first. Download and install SignBlazer ELEMENTS. (make sure your antivirus is disabled for the process, because the SBE.exe is not a true problem, but the version has an internal 'bypass' code that makes it appear as such). The MH is 'RedSail' in the setup. Let us know what you discover with that.
  5. slice&dice

    Trouble connecting with cutter

    Cliff it.
  6. slice&dice

    MH871 MK2

    blue = 60* yellow = 30* The Yellow Cap blade features a 30-degree angle and a tight offset. This blade is suitable for cutting intricate designs, providing small details, & cutting small text.
  7. slice&dice

    MH871 MK2

    haumana, if you look at the photo, you can see a utility knife on the tabletop. That provides a way to determine the relative size of this graphic (it's fairly small). Naturally, changing out the blade would be the first thing to try. Blades are difficult to verify if the tip is broken, they're almost microscopic to see. Just go ahead and put in a new blade, they're not very expensive, and are the basis of making good cuts.
  8. slice&dice

    Small Engine Repair Vector or Logo

    Good morning, ncdecals, let me ask this just so that we're on the same page here --- are you familiar with using the 'vector engine' (built into the VinylMaster program) to produce a cuttable file from the above displayed graphic? If you need some help with this process, let us know. Converting from raster (pixels) to vectors (nodes/paths) is a fundamental skill that is worth knowing how to achieve, as it's a common thing we all run into now and then. Also, for the record, I would start with a font like MAGNETO which has a kinda cool 'retro' look. Post up the result of your completed design, we would love to look at it.
  9. slice&dice

    Small Engine Repair Vector or Logo

    Hi, howya doin' there, ncdecals? If I understand you correctly, the idea here is to obtain a small engine graphic that's cuttable, and can be inserted (or added-to) as part of you creating a new logo for a specific company that does repairs on that type of equipment?
  10. Generally, by holding down the SHIFT key, allows multi-selecting objects. Sometimes you have to reposition the objects (move back or move forward) in order to arrange items so that it's possible to 'grab' them with the pointer.
  11. OK, it finally happened, my old Dell laptop has a problem with the video card, and the screen blitzed out. Found a nice Toshiba TECRA M5 for about $60 on eBay and I'm back in business! (The M5 has a legacy DB9 serial port, making it a good choice for connecting to cutter).
  12. Using the SEARCH function ("roller marks" boolean search, with the quotes) for this Forum would reveal this topic has been covered over and over here. By the way, after cutting, it is NOT recommended to leave vinyl without weeding for very long. The vinyl self-heals and makes weeding difficult later. Just a heads-up.
  13. slice&dice


    $20 for a beer mug? Yeah, uh, no. You want to jump from a hobby to a business, maybe consider looking more closely at your competition? Etsy (the premier marketplace for custom-made items) has several of these types of mugs for about half that price. Anyway, as long as you're having fun and keeping busy with friends' requests, that's important, too.
  14. slice&dice

    Set Material Width

    Update your program, to the latest version. The cut width is there right below the cutter model in the General tab. Show us your screenshot of what the issue is --- something isn't right.