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  1. EXPORT as .eps, .svg. or any of several other file formats.
  2. I've got an idea -- MIRROR. Yep, that's how HTV works. I just started doing hats, kids love 'em. Animals -- bald eagle, shark, bull, unicorn, snake, you get the idea.
  3. What's your real question?
  4. FTDI chipset driver installer That old, unsupported SignBlazer program is not listed anywhere on the USCutter support page anymore, so it's impossible to locate unless you have this 'secret' URL, so I do feel the need to repeat here the download link for the hybrid version (in the HELP/About menu it shows release v.7.0.0) SBE v7 (unlocked) Garry, glad you got SignBlazer installed OK, and it appears you gotta check your (Win10 Device manager) com settings and then make sure you've got the right baud rate in SB Cutter Setup. I think you're supposed to drop it from 9600 to 4800 for the MH721-MK11
  5. Gadsen designed it in 1775. In the USA, the first US copyright law dates to 1790. That snake graphic is clearly, unquestionably, in the public domain (although designs using it as part of the overall piece, like the one in the top-post, would be a derivative work and covered under copyright law)
  6. FTDI driver or try this I do recall a notice on the old Support page saying "The Baud Rate in the cutter settings needs to be changed from 9600 to 4800." (Within the Comm Settings)
  7. Duplicate thread
  8. No. The clipart for VM is contained within proprietary .vecpal file which is not editable or extendable. You might want to install IRFANVIEW (and the companion iView thumbnail creator) which will allow you to view all your graphics, and then IMPORT the individual .eps files as needed.
  9. Tripping the Light Fantastic
  10. Can you try offering this explanation again, in plain English? Start with clarifying what "Tripping" means?
  11. I only use caps with a flat front.
  12. It is not a function in the Basic (Cut) version.
  13. When powering up any cutter, it goes through a self-test of circuits and components (motors, switches, electromagnets, etc.) Yours is failing that internal diagnostics check. Now, while the problem may indeed be caused by a motherboard failure, it's also possible that the LIMITER SWITCH (also called a kill switch or home contact) is not properly functioning. I had an SC machine that arrived DOA, and the first thing I did was take off the upper cover and make sure the switch was making contact (it wasn't). I simply bent the metal slightly so it would, and that was it.
  14. In ANY cutting program, when going to the cut screen you'll be offered a selection of different colors in your job (in this case, just black and white). Just cut the black.