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  1. slice&dice

    Win10 drivers for SC 631e

    Vic seems to be drive-by poster, and there's no way to really help without his further input and more details. If I was sitting in the same room as him, I would have that SC up and running in two minutes with SignBlazer (the 'can-opener' of cutting software, since it can work with basically any plotter ever made) However, since I'm wayyyy over here, and he's wayyyyy over there, there's not much more I can do other than what's already been offered.
  2. slice&dice

    Win10 drivers for SC 631e

    OK, Vic, let's back up a bit. You own a "SC 631e plotter" (let's assume it is the same SC/Liyu OEM as USCutter was selling) that you purchased second-hand. Is that correct? When you made that acquisition, you saw the cutter operating in person, and it was demonstrated to your satisfaction that the machine is running fine? (What cut software was being utilized by the seller? Why did you not obtain it along with the SC?) Is that correct? Before posting here, there was some effort on your part to investigate numerous threads about SignBlazer being a terrific solution to troubleshoot pretty much any cutter that is acting wonky? ( I post such advice here myself probably twice a month) Is that correct? You know where to obtain SignBlazer for FREE, and how to set it to run a SC/Liyu machine? Is that correct? Let's get those questions answered first, and move ahead later about to what to do with designs produced from Corel
  3. slice&dice

    Win10 drivers for SC 631e

    "Drivers" are only for USB emulation as a Com port. The executable file is Your software for design/cut should already contain the appropriate choices of Cutter models so the computer can talk to the machine. What program are you depending on for that to happen?
  4. slice&dice


    Myron, welcome. You describe the cutter blade not lifting from the material (dragging instead of rising and falling as required). If that is happening, you may have fried your Z-Chip.
  5. slice&dice

    Graphtec CE6000-60

    "team logos" -- all are copyrighted and you would need written permission to profit from them.
  6. slice&dice

    Graphtec ce5000-60

    Mike, try that explanation again, but in English.
  7. slice&dice

    Graphtec CE6000-60

    Brass stencil set - this is the proper way to do it. $35 will be all you need to spend, Jeff. (plus the cost of spray paint cans). Best Way to paint curbs with Go-Karts!
  8. slice&dice

    Equipment Advice Please!

    OK, Wilson, congrats. One thing to add ---- remember to MIRROR cut when loading HTV. Also, I think optional media catch-basket could be a worthwhile investment (keeps longer cuts from unrolling to floor), along with the app tape roller/dispenser.
  9. slice&dice

    Best Cutter for the money

    Not to mention, the SC2 is baby blue.
  10. quote - So excited, the kids think that I'm the greatest. This reaction leads me back to to the original heading of the thread -- SignBlazer. It's always felt to me as a KIDS' program... You might want to download / install the free version and play with the DRAW Library graphics with the kids ---- they'll love cutting out animal decals!!! Yep, even a penguin! Here is the "hidden link" of the aforementioned software (officially listed in the About menu as v7.0 after install). Have some fun!
  11. slice&dice

    Best Cutter for the money

    Hi, good question ----- (drop the word "printer" from your vocabulary, just a friendly suggestion). Since you did not specify the size of these trucks, it's hard to evaluate the size machine you'll be needing. Most likely, a 34" unit is appropriate (for using 30" vinyl rolls ---- with a practical cut width of 28.5" max.) SC2 *34" USCUTTER model is $460 plus shipping. Then, you can add some consumables (vinyl and app tape). BOOM, you are beyond $600. Here is the app-tape dispenser I've built to handle the 30" materials (clamps onto 3' x 8' costco tabletop).
  12. slice&dice


    Hey Tim, if you're still with us here --- That version of SignBlazer is 'abandonware' of sorts, with no activation required anymore. It's like a can-opener for getting up and running most any cutters with USB or serial DB9 cables , however it's uncirculated as an optimal software option anymore officially from USCUTTER. Rightfully so, but there it is. VinylMaster is the topic header, and I apologize for interjecting SignBlazer once more but I just had to, the fact remains Jerry Bonham exists for us all. What we are able to do in the world of sign making, and getting maximum use (and resulting $$$) from the products sold by USCUTTER, that knowledge for many of us out here all comes directly from Jerry's tireless efforts, prior to his death. Search "Jerry Bonham" for insight into that distant past of these Forums. It's out there.
  13. slice&dice


    Many people think that cutters install like printers but that isn't the case. Always verify that your cutting com port is set to 4 or below (hardware properties - Advanced Com ports)
  14. slice&dice


    Download and install this software (free) -- then in Cutter Setup choose the RedSail driver. There's a manual also (just keep in mind there are some software features described in the operations directions that are NOT included within the Elements version).