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  1. Font Help.. Maxim 56

    You are welcome, I couldn't get a Fontmatcherator result for the script, oddly enough.
  2. having Problem

    What does the Bug Report show?
  3. clhyer expressed my same sentiments exactly -- but now USCutter offers an improved SC2, just the thing for whispering into Santa's ear. And it will arrive with a very impressive design/cut software program VinylMaster included. And for the record, the 34" is only $40 more than the 24" so it's probably worth going bigger!
  4. Font Help.. Maxim 56

    Start with Charter Oak (SBF_C027) and unslant it and widen/expand/stretch, you will be close for the 85. Someone will probably soon chime in with the script font ---- just remember to WELD to keep letters from cutting overlaps.
  5. Now, THAT'S a wrap !!!!

    Found this picture of a carnival food trailer, with a full-color (and full-fat) wrap. Yep, this is real.
  6. SC Uscutter Not Finishing Cut?

    Do you also have this same problem with SignBlazer cutting this design on the SC?
  7. I'm not sitting in front of my computer that has VM loaded on it, but this sentence seems not to make sense --- " can't seem to make the end nodes snap to the existing objects" From what little I know, if the new added line/path ever TOUCHES the existing object, it should become a part of that object's path. In other words, I don't believe you can have a new path of nodes that contacts directly with the path of other nodes, without joining the two paths. The reason for this is mathematical. A node path has x-y coordinates that the computer & cutter share, and you are essentially asking the computer to repeat one of those x-y points and start a new path, which it can't do.
  8. Font need help with

    It never ceases to amaze me that people obtain graphic services from design professionals and neglect to obtain basic information like the name of the fonts used. Just this past week, I had three business cards presented to me with some odd fonts but the clients say "That's my Logo, but I have no idea what fonts were used, and the designer is unavailable to contact" and they expect me to just KNOW the name of the font, like magic. By the way, the picture and the small graphic you posted underneath it don't show the same fonts for Kiefer Built. Plus, are you seeking the KB font name also?
  9. MH Refine 721 Help

    While this is not actually related to the issue you are having, be aware that your blade holder is NOT correctly seated within the carriage arm. That barrel of the blade holder needs to be lower down, so it rests against the retainer ring -- there shouldn't be any gap like that, it needs to be flush against the bracket. What sometimes happens is the blade holder itself slips up as the machine is working (from the down contact force). It so happens that you cannot put too much pressure onto the retainer arm (over-tightening the knurled locking knob) because it will literally crack that arm. My solution to this was adding a bit of masking tape onto the barrel of the holder which provides friction/traction and keeps it from slipping back up. As to your original problem, I'm also going along with dakota and darcshadow ---- Static (which is more of a problem on dry winter days). Just put a dryer sheet into the vinyl cardboard tube.
  10. MH Refine 721 Help

    jclarke, whazzup? You said -- " (The old MH unit) makes a diagonal line through the artwork, essentially ruining it... I'm tired of jacking with it " My first suggestion was to entirely abandon working with a Mac for cutting, and hook the MH to a Windows computer with a true (native) serial port. This idea has been proposed countless times in these Forums as a way to eliminate problems encountered commonly with USB emulation. And as has been said above already, the MH is not compatible with a Mac according to US Cutter's specs. My second suggestion was to entirely abandon the MH and purchase a new USCUTTER machine Model SC2 which was recently introduced. It's baby-blue in color. Or what I call Cool Blue. (the previous SC1 was off-white).
  11. Training & Webinars

    Just start clicking on icons and open the menus. That's the best way to learn software. You can't BREAK it. Here FWIW, are my ABC's and 123's A] Artwork & Graphics --- No raster art for cutting, it has to be vectorized first (VinylMaster has a good conversion engine, see tutorial in the Training link provided) Also, VM contains some built-in cuttable clipart in the CUT basic version, and more items in the upgraded LTR and PRO. Just click on the teddy bear. B] Begin Cutting --- check the Separate By Color box, enabling you to send multi-color designs to the cutter one element at a time. Remember, since YOU control what color vinyl is loaded into the machine, it doesn't really matter what color you place on your workspace screen. In other words, you can use Purple and Yellow when designing, but Blue and Gold vinyl when cutting! C] Circles & Squares --- One trick to making a more interesting sign is the use of Reverse. Put white text inside a black square or circle or oval, and after it's cut (select both colors), weed OUT the lettering. 1] Learn your Fonts. Spend some time just scrolling through them and just keep a mental picture. Serif and Sans-Serif are the two main classifications. Times Roman is serif; Helvetica is sans-serif. 2] Node Editing. Daunting at first, but essential when working with vector graphics. 3] Kerning and Leading. (adjustment of spacing between Letters, and changing the distance between Lines of text)
  12. SC Uscutter Not Finishing Cut?

    That blade needs to spin freely 360* within the bearing. Just a heads-up, every once in a while you should remove the blade holder, and take it apart -- remove any little bits of vinyl trapped in there, add a drop of sewing-machine lightweight oil, and reassemble (or even replace the blade if the tip is chipped, which is entirely possible especially on a used machine that you have no idea what was done before you got it and maybe you haven't changed blades since obtaining it).
  13. I'll take a wild shot in the dark here ---- it's possible that the microswitch (known as a Kill Switch or Home Switch) is jammed up. To get to it, you'll have to remove the top off the machine (and before you do that, be aware that it may void any existing warranty). ...we have been trying to work this out with USCutter since 10/9. Why have you not shipped it back? All you need is a return machine authorization (RMA), and I imagine that a single email could get that done.
  14. Anyone able to help with this font?

    For the record, this is a font that uses "Small Caps" -- a nice effect.