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  1. Exactly what I've just managed to accomplish, what, almost 7 years after your original comment? !!! SO, I bought this old hat pressing thingy off a craigslisting post, it's pretty nice for $60. I have a question, anyway. My dial on this used machine has a scale 1-10. It's a rotating type knob. About what can I expect to dial it in to, for getting like 310* F heat on the press? There's no readout on the unit, is there an easy way to check the platen temp?
  2. That star provides a clue. What I'm seeing is 'wobble' overall. The blade holder itself sits inside a clamp, and those have been known to break with overtightening. Look closely and check if there is a hairline crack on the plastic arm. I've busted two of those suckers over the years.
  3. Well, to be fair, the opening post was kinda all over the place. " it so useless if i cant cut anything i've downloaded from the internet even tracing doesn't work also. " Yep, one more clue about the source of this problem being in their graphics. To properly evaluate this failure to cut ("job cancelling") being related to the software or communication links, the very first thing would be to see if it cuts TEXT. That's the primary method to track down and exclude a com issue or driver issue or connectivity, especially since all we have heard about here is this mystery .svg file.
  4. This was posted right at the top -- "It only cuts the basic shape found on the library of sure cuts a lot 4." So, yes, it cuts. Leading me back to the issue being related to specific graphics that are problematic. I sent them the svg file I used , they tried it to other machine, and its ok, svg file is working fine While that is all fine and dandy, it's important for us to see that file (attach it, please), so we can do our own troubleshooting here to help you out. OK, it's not yet dawn in the Philippines, so let's wait and see what kind of reply is forthcoming from those Pacific islands.
  5. It's not really a FONT, but rather a Graphic Design incorporating some text. In cases like this, I'll ask the client to get in touch with the creator of the graphic and if they can't, I'll turn down the job by telling them it's copyrighted by the designer and I cannot violate their creative rights by attempting to mimic it. (If the client says -- "well, it's My name and My business, and My logo" I simply tell them to show me the contract in which the graphic designer explicitly agrees to relinquish or transfer rights to the work).
  6. HiYa. I think the main problem has to do with the graphics you are trying to cut, Post the actual cutting file in the other thread. Maybe it will provide a clue.
  7. We only have the picture you supplied here --- that graphic looks nasty. Also, rarely will you ever want to cut with WYSIWG as the cut mode. In all the years I've been doing sign making, I never once chose that option.
  8. I'm truly sorry your family is so dysfunctional.
  9. Be aware that arc and arch are two different things. In VinylMasterCut (basic version), there are just 3 Distortion options for text -- Flag, 2D and Cylinder. Using Cylinder mode, you can manipulate the text to arch. There is no option, however, to follow a circle/circumference path (arc).
  10. No, you'll be fine, I've left weeded stuff without app tape for several days before covering, it hasn't caused any transfer issues later.
  11. There are other brands of white vinyl that have standard white backing. Alternatively, you could simply save some white backing paper from vinyl colors used on other jobs, and transfer the decals onto these.
  12. Novarese (came up with that by isolating on the R, C and especially the A)
  13. Hi there KMC. Easy solution -- when you are working on a project in SBE, just select everything in the workspace and use EXPORT (as .eps) from the File menu. These .eps files can now be IMPORTED to VM and you should be good to go.
  14. 4x8 table top is the minimum of what I require for making signs. A 3x7 total space seems insufficient to fit a cutter into, even.
  15. It's important that there are two marked positions on the right side in close proximity to each other (those marked positions indicate where the lower grit rollers are exposed ---- in the MH and SC, the lower grit rollers are exposed along their entire lengths, but in LPII and above, there are only specific locations for the pinch rollers to meet the grit rollers). We had some discussion here previously in the threads about one of the Titan cutter models not having these two adjoining spots, as the rollers were all spaced out evenly at 15" intervals, without that vital pairing at the right hand side.