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  1. I have an image , actually some text (3 lines) that I have been heat pressing on hats. When I cut them one at a time they cut fine. However when I duplicate them or click on multiple copies from the cut screen on Signblazer, the letters are up and down and not as if in a straight line. The pic is merely an example. It looks ok on the screen but is cutting this way. Any ideas? Graphic1.eps Graphic1.eps
  2. JesusFreak

    sizing issues

    That was it Bruce Thank you
  3. JesusFreak

    sizing issues

    ok...thanks I will try that Bruce
  4. JesusFreak

    sizing issues

    I have it in inches... I'm almost certain. I will double check. The size is correct in proportion to the work space however when I click to print and go to the print page the size in relation to the page decreases quite a bit so I think if it was in metric it would stay metric and remain the same size. When I import a file from CorelDraw that is say 8 inches in width it imports into Signblazer with 8 inches in the bottom toolbar. At this point all is well. Then I click print and when the print screen comes up its obvious it isn't correct because I am printing on 8.5x11 paper and will appear to be less than 6 and evn prints this way. Hopefully this isn't too confusing but I can't get any help on this. I sent an email on ColorChrome as well and haven't gotten a response. Jon
  5. JesusFreak

    sizing issues

    Has Bruce seen this post yet? I am still having these issues and its very cumbersome to have to guess what size my images will print at. Jon
  6. JesusFreak


    Is there a plugin to launch signblazer from coreldraw x3?
  7. JesusFreak

    6 in 1 heat press

    I will try that tonight. Thanks Jon
  8. I figured it out ken... The numbers were 3 and 12. The offset from the laser to the knife. I watched the video and was able to see the offsets they were using. Thanks
  9. JesusFreak

    6 in 1 heat press

    which button is the execute button? Which lights do I want lit up? This thing doesn't stop beeping once it has reached temperature.
  10. JesusFreak

    Heat press directions!!!

    If it is the same one I got from USCutter, I didn't even get directions. I am still trying to figure out how to get the timer going. I can set the time but it won't count down. Jon I am not bashing USCutter because I feel I got my money's worth, but if you are a small company with minimal support you need to at least provide some instructions. It would probably minimize half of us newbies from plagueing you with questions.
  11. So I bought the 6 in 1 heat press from USCutter and just got started using it. So far I've only used the shirt press but I cannot figure out how to activate the timer. I set the temp and time and figured like most others that it would begin automatically after engaging the press but it didn't. I tried other things as well but I can't figure it out. Anyone know? Jon
  12. JesusFreak

    sizing issues

    those settings are correct
  13. JesusFreak

    sizing issues

    yes I have that setting correct
  14. JesusFreak

    sizing issues

    I am printing them onto transfer paper then contour cutting. Where do I find these settings. I know that they are importanting correctly according to the dimensions in the toolbar but when I print to my c88 they are smaller. A few times they even shrunk after I hit file, print to go to the print setup. Jon
  15. JesusFreak

    sizing issues

    There has to be more precise ways to size your document or what good would these programs be to the sign and t-shirt industries