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  1. xsv219

    scion xb outline

    thats a great idea. thanks guys! ima give it a shot!
  2. xsv219

    scion xb outline

    hey guys looking to make a sticker for my buddies car, does any body have the outline or vector image of the side of the newer 2nd gen scion xb's? Thanks guys!
  3. xsv219

    need help with a pit bull sticker

    thanks guys,nope just makin it for a cousin of mine.
  4. xsv219

    need help with a pit bull sticker

    thanks, i couldnt think of the name lol
  5. hello, im looking to see if any body has this design or anything similar. like the guy or what not. thanks
  6. xsv219

    Tanning stickers.......

    i know few girls that would put stickers on them, a few would do a vinyl sticker every now and then. i dont believe they give off heat just uv light. but you have to consider if that is true, darket colors would absorb more uv light. something to look into research wise.
  7. xsv219

    looking for some help

    yea but didnt want to put sex or f**k in lol. this is all i got for it. i tried to recreate it in illustrator withthe symbols, but the only sortof bottle was a 3d wine bottle. im trying to have the first 2 as beer bottles. thanks guys
  8. xsv219

    looking for some help

    hey hows it going guys, im looking to get a recreation of this sticker for my brother. im having a hard time trying to vectorize it to make a sticker. i just need the front 2 boxes not the nissan part. thanks guys! (its the drink sleep nissan sticker)
  9. xsv219

    Sc series help

    i did the patch install, worked perfect. ima cuttin away!
  10. xsv219

    Sc series help

    I will look when I get back home. I read too that there is a patch for it. I'm gonna try that as well and are how it goes
  11. xsv219

    Sc series help

    Hello all, I received my SC series cutter yesterday and got it all together. So today I go to set up all the software for it, and sign cut pro does not give me the option to select me cutter. The start page from uscutter shows that I can select the uscutter SC series 25cutter inch but then in the actual sign cut program its nit an option. So I am writing to see what you guys think. And if you have a SC series what cutting software do you use. Please help me!
  12. xsv219


    hey guys, i saw that in some of the request threads people have been linking this website for some logos and designs. my question is about this website is, well is it legit? or i mean is it safe? is it aplace that some of you visit or trust? i see some great things on there that i could use, but i am always leary of what i download from the internet. if you guys could input your opinions/ experiences it would be grateful. thanks matt
  13. xsv219

    new to the vinyl cutting world

    thanks guys. cutter should be here tomorrow. a heck of a lot quicker than i expected. lol doing all the reading up i can till then.
  14. Hello all, I have just joined the world of vinyl cutting and ordered my first vinyl cutter today and cannot wait to get cutting. i hope to be able to learn a lot from this community as well as try to share some knowledge. I have some design knowledge, as I am curently a design major in college. I have worked hands on with vinyl, wraping cars, and parts with assorted vinyls. Well i guess i will see you guys around on the forum!