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  1. Hi all, Ive been using my redsail mh 721 cutter yesterday and several days before without an issue. Turned it on today and laptop says 'can not open the output device. Trouble initializing cutter'. (also the red reset light is permanently on and don't think it used to be). Nothing has changed or been moved etc. Its about 5-6 years old but only been used a handful of times. This is not the first time it has happened, in fact in the past its happened many times. I think I packed it away and months later got it out the box again and it just worked. Ive got an urgent job needs doing so cant sit around doing nothing just waiting. Ive turned off for a while etc and nothing has changed. Will cut a test if I press the test button just stopped working from my laptop. Any ideas? Thanks in advance
  2. Sorry my mistake, my old cutter was the redsail. Shows how much I use one! I did use the search box and saw a few people say their light was on, but their cutter was still working.
  3. stealth

    Alaskan malamute dog

    anyone have one, cant find anything anywhere? Thanks
  4. stealth

    does anyone have

    a template for a lexus soarer like this thats scalable?
  5. stealth

    vinyl printing

    well things are going well for me now with my cutter and it looks like it may be time to branch out a bit and get some kind of vinyl printer. I need something that will be big enough to do the average side of a car and it needs to be able to cut the image after aswell, any ideas what sort of thing i need like makes, types etc? any help would be most appreciated guys
  6. stealth

    vinyl printing

    hmmm slightly more than i got at the moment, lol. maybe i wont be getting one after all. Works going great but im not rich yet
  7. stealth

    Need some ideas guys

    hi guys, a friend of mine has asked me for some inspiration for his new business logo. Its called Havoc Auto's but i cant think of anything decent to tell him. anyone got any ideas?
  8. stealth

    Need some ideas guys

    its body shop, i have no guidelines at all so could be anything
  9. stealth

    any ideas guys

    i believe that the symbols in this company logo are kanji (well thats what they told me anyway) i need to get the symbols in plain black as a clear image (without the blue overlay) anyone know where i can get these, had a look at dingbat fonts but they dont seem to have anything like it
  10. stealth

    any ideas guys

    thanks FatDad thats fantastic ur a star
  11. stealth


    someone wants this font for a window banner, trouble is the cutter dont like doing it as its lots of small lines making each letter and the small ones come off or get stuck when cutting or weeding. Does anyone know of a font the same but just plain type style (not made from lines)?
  12. stealth

    anyone got a gun sight

    thanks alot guys
  13. stealth

    anyone got a gun sight

    the circle with a cross through it to line up shots on games etc
  14. stealth


    fairly simple but very effective, it look great :thumbsup:
  15. stealth

    Alaskan malamute dog

    thanks guys there great, they will do perfectly
  16. stealth

    some more

    erm maybe cos im english but what is a cornhole board and used for what, lol sorry?
  17. stealth

    where could i find this?

    im looking for this sort of pattern, or something similar but i dont know what its called. Anyone got any ideas.
  18. stealth

    where could i find this?

    done it now, thanks alot hun
  19. stealth

    where could i find this?

    i cant read it so dunno where to click to download lol
  20. i own a car club for woman who drive high performance japanese cars and decided to make an event called jap ball rally. This will be driving in large convoy from london, england to nurburging race track in germany. everything is going fine apart from i need a logo for the event as people attending will have the logo on there doors etc. i have had a go at 2 but has anyone got any other ideas?
  21. sun shine thru the car? how do you mean?
  22. ok i forgot my reg points so i messed up the layering (its not quite lined up right) but is this what you ment
  23. stealth

    whats the time gap?

    its 12.50 am here (what am i doing up at nearly 1 in the morning for)
  24. stealth

    Need help with a slogan

    lmao, i wonder what you have been watching