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  1. Muffoletto

    question about cargo trailer

    For cast and calandard cut vinyl with permanant adhesive, I wet apply and releif cut panels seams. For wraps.....cast or calandard vinyl with "air release technologly" etc, I laminate and apply dry and overlap the panel seams.
  2. Well, that's the difference between our businesses.... Some make magnetic bumpers stickers with there scraps and some don't. I print everything "ink" so a business card size piece isn't going to fit on my printer so that piece is what it is... just a magnet. A 10" x7' maybe..... Would I go thru the hassle, probly not. Oh, I charge $10 sqft on magnetic, printed packaged and shipped..not $25 so I don't feel like I'm ripping anyone off!
  3. Oh alright.... Sorry, guess I'm way off track then. The way I understood the OP was how to price the job. Charging by the sqft? of coarse. "by charging for the amount of raw media used to create the finished product" If the OP is using 24" wide mag creating a 14",7-1/2' mag, he's left with 10" tall x 7-1/2' piece of magnet. I have made a bunch of mags for over 9 years now and have had very little "profitable" use for left over materials this size. Yeah I do save pieces like these for those jobs when you need them that small but how often do they happen really? . Lots of uses for mag scraps tho. Work great for cutting strips from one to three foot pieces to measure up vehicles for graphics or to help hold graphics in place on a vehicle for application etc. So yeah, I've used pieces for small jobs and to hold up notes and such but the handy left overs just don't pay the bills . Just sayin....
  4. Don't forget to add in wasted "unused" materials. Everything you toss in the trash, you had paid for.
  5. Muffoletto

    online pricing tools

    Very helpful thank you :-) I have used it a few times already... much easier to use than others. I just need more options. I'm looking for a tool for my mobile where, when I am at a job site I can calculate my cost and what I should charge for materials to be used without having to take to much of my customers time and more importantly my time! Or even worse, for big jobs have to email price to customer afterwards due to all the calculating.. For instance... I can enter in the size of media and what it cost me.., let's say 54" wide x 150' @ $579.00 . Then below I can enter in what it cost me to print ink per sqft' "example - $0.18 per sqft'. Below that, I can enter in overlaminate...54" wide x 150' @ $419.00. Then, below that,.. I can enter in masking if needed "same idea as media"..Below that I can enter in a substrate like coroplast or alupanel or mdo at cost per sheet. THEN, below that, I can enter in a value I need to be charging for materials. I usually charge my cost X's 3 etc. Below that I can enter in time "labor", @$25.00 per hour with 1/2 hour minimum default optional. Finally now I can enter in the print size and quantity for the finished product"s" to be able to get the exact dolar amount I need to charge my customer. Better yet! After all that,"below all those options", a tab I can click at the bottom on to send all that info to my email so I can paste it in the description on my customers final proof / invoice. Media / material usage, time and cost to the customer....not my cost... Estimate to bid to proof to invoice without having to retype it all, all in one app! Nice! It would be nice to have that as a app for my iphone :-) For that I would pay $$ for..
  6. Muffoletto

    large format printer needed

    Pm sent to ya
  7. Even it the sign is up you have to get a permit. If the artwork on the sign has changed you have to get a permit. Id go visit your building dept and ask for the sign regulations. They should have a packet explaing there guidlines availible to you. It's not worth avoiding especially when the work is all done and next thing you know you get a call from your customer and they tell you they were fined by the city or county or you get a letter in the mail from the building dept..... If ur not on site doing the work...taking down / putting up, then it's your customers responsibility to deal with the permit. I get a few customers that wanna do that to save a few bucks "but", you should still supply them with the facts about the sign. A image of the sign complete with square footage, materials used and cost. I do that for any sign job, a copy for me an a copy for the customer.
  8. Exactly what snapper said... Ask to see approval from the building dept first. I wouldn't install anything without it! Now, if they brought the sign to you and they installed it, no worries for you. To answer your question, id print on translucent vinyl or 651 if it's all one solid printed sheet. If your cutting lettering / graphics, translucents or 751 is best.
  9. Muffoletto

    online pricing tools

    human39...... THANKYOU!!! Now that is very NICE of you. Perfect!!
  10. Muffoletto

    Advice on package - ready to buy

    Roland GX24. http://www.uscutter....op+Servo+Cutter Comes with its own RIP / CUT Softwear. Does great with heat transfer material..... The only swingaway I started out with 5 years ago is a DK digital Knight. Get the press and buy the attachments for hats "n" such
  11. Muffoletto

    need help thinking out of the box

    The 130r is a good machine no dought but I would save your money and get a versacamm for your type of application. My wifes friend has a 130r and does crafts type stuff and posters. AND, I make her signs...Really tho, I have taken this route in the past and it's just not worth it IMO. There are folks here that can print for you while you save $$ to do your own. Just my 2 cents of advice to a fellow sign guy. For wraps I use Oracal 3951 with 290 or 293 Oragaurd laminate. Also,...keep in mind that certain inks arn't suitable for wraps.. not just cause of UV but when you wrap, stretching of the vinyl can distort the colors or "thin the colors out" unlike solvent inks laminated or not! Solvent printers heat up, opening up the poors in the vinyl allowing the ink to penitraite into the vinyl therefor the ink has more body in the vinyl not loosing or distorting the colors while you wrap. Don't forget that pretty much most media available is only ink receptive with certain inks! I have only two customers that race cars and every few months they need more decals. For this I use Oracal 651 calendared or 751 cast vinyl. I print on both but for helmets, "I've only done a couple" I used Oracal 3951. For off road, like bikes and quads, I use Oracal 3105 HT. @$0.50 cents a sqft works good! 3951HT does to but it's a $1.25 per sqft. If your looking for the top of the line, Go with MotoMark by general formulations. It's a $1.08 per sqft and the overlaminate is a $1.60 per sqft but well worth it! Anthoo, keep saving! If you need stuff printed up, ASK! I'm sure peeps here can help
  12. Muffoletto

    Need this graphic

    I have the same leaf image in eps Graphic1.eps Graphic1.pdf
  13. Muffoletto

    pricing guide

    I hear you. Think everyone here has at one point has at least experienced the downhill effect I know I have. Well, you know what they say., your first 3 years are the toughest. I've heard some say 5 years. Hell, took me 6 years LOL! After 6 years, I started contacting big business / corps, dosens of them offering my services and actually picked up a few. A couple of them pay my bills every month now! or at least most of them in the slow season. I feel very fortunate to have picked them up. Took a lot of work tho, AND cost me a bunch in samples and spacific materials to start up. Somthing I still do that gets customers .... I make an appt to see or drop in on a business with a package of products we sell or send packages to various business in and out of my area that include samples of product we sell like a small 10" x 18" banner hemmed and grometted so the potential client can actually see and handel the product. Also some printed decals, glossy and matte. AND, a 4" square of coroplast, aluminum, mdo, allupanel. A printed tee shirt etc. What ever I can think of they could use to promote there business. All with examples of cost, a couple business cards and images of work I have done for other businesses in there back yard. This is deffenatly an expensive way of advertising so I would only send packages like these to potential clients that I want. "Just not anybody out of the phone book" BUT!! It's a preety good tool. Sometimes you have to go get em. They don't always come to you......... Hang in there mrextreme.. hope all works out
  14. Muffoletto

    Son gives up baseball switching to tennis

    I find a lot of stuff like this just looking around.... check out some of these sites. You cand download eps files for free:) Hope this helps:)