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    Change X and where to cut

    I have the mk 721 The cutter works good for me with the setting, but I can change that and see how it works. I am not sure why it is so far to the left now and has to pull it back like 20" to work.
  2. Troymx576

    Change X and where to cut

    And here are the settings
  3. Troymx576

    Change X and where to cut

    Yup, that is checked. Here is a pic of what I see.
  4. Troymx576

    Change X and where to cut

    I figured out how to make a few stickers and I am happy with how it comes out. I use inkscape and SB. Now when I got it to cut it is like 20" accross the screen and wants to pull it all the way back to cut. So I have to feed like 20" of vinyl through the cutter and it pulls it back to start. I am sure I just did something dumb and have a setting wrong. It did not do this before. I did cut something that was a little longer so that might have messed something up. This can be fun making customer stickers, but it does take some time pealing and pealing away. Now I think about that with my desings. Thanks for the help. Troy
  5. Troymx576

    Alost there, just need some help with eps

    Thank you, that worked.
  6. I just got my USCutter 721 mk2. I have also installed singblazer. I got inkscape also. Now I finally got it to work with the correct ports for the usb. I import an image to signblazer that is a jpg, click the image, convert to monochrome, then vectorize. Well, that did not work that well and came out not looking good. So I read on the forum here a lot of people just use inkscape. So I got that, imported the image and saved it as a eps file. Now when I pull up the image in Signblazer it is just a black square. Also, my signblazer gets hung up and closes down on its own. So I was thinking maybe it is inkscape or something. So I go to vectormagic, do the free trail and get two images and do the same thing there. When I try to import to SB it just does the same thing and a black image. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for the help Troy