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    That is why I was looking for a vector, not just a graphics file. If my program could determine the vector out of that it would be so much easier. Maybe I should be looking for a new software that can extract vectors. Currently using Roland CutStudio.
  2. Simmetrical


    Does anyone have any dinosaurs? T-rex for a kid room would be nice, dinosaur set along with trees would be awesome. Thanks much,
  3. Simmetrical

    Raw Picture

    I would like 96 wide.
  4. Simmetrical

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    Yea i was hoping someone has something available, i got a camera but no scenery like that.
  5. Simmetrical

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    I must be doing something wrong, non of the websites offer pic for resolution for 53"x96", I even looked for any images of that size.
  6. Simmetrical

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    yes tried googling, image will be very distorted.
  7. Simmetrical

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    At a local fundraiser I obtained a mural printing and installation dimensions 53"x96" but I have to use my own picture which i do not have of a high quality. Is there anyone around that can help? Something outdoor, woodsy or something that you think will work for a kitchen wall. It will be used for 1 mural in my kitchen not resale. If you have something and don't want to post here, please send me a message. This was my favorite but resolution is not good enough. (cant link here but its a barn Picture #2 "472424.jpg" google) Thank you guys,