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    Any thoughts on what this is?

    Thank you for the font. I agree it looks great.
  2. Car8Chief

    Some of my latest work

    As requested, here are the pics of the completed job. Finished today. The pics look a little distorted and alignment appears to be off but it is just the angle the pics were taken and a slight fish eye effect with my camera. Again, thank you for ALL comments. It helps. Pic 1 is curb side, Pic 2 is street side and pic 3 is the rear door.
  3. Car8Chief

    Some of my latest work

    Thank you all for your comments. Constructive criticism is always helpful and not to be taken personally. Will upload to here a full set of pics when completed. Point taken.
  4. Car8Chief

    Some of my latest work

    Follow the link to some of my latest work that I have done. Pictures posted. The newest job is a 14x8 foot cargo trailer. *** Note: Pics posted here now also ***
  5. Car8Chief

    Pricing chart??

    I was looking for that myself. I did a search and found the link that was posted for downloading it, but the link doesn't work. Very interested in this spread sheet myself.
  6. I wasn't sure if it were proper to post a Facebook link to a business page but after searching I saw many. I wasn't even sure if this was the proper place to post this message. Just a quick history. I started a small business out of my home making magnetic vehicle signs and vinyl cut decals back in 2012. This is when I joined the site and read from many of you suggestions that have been contributed. I was a fire chief for 21 yrs and after becoming inactive. I needed something to keep me busy. I had a physical issue that caused my legs to be numb about 90% of the time that went on for 3 1/2 years. After starting my business my wife was diagnosed with colon cancer. Oct 31 2012 she had surgery to remove the cancer and 6 months of chemo., My business actually was doing well but then my attention was turned to her. All my materials and equipment was funded from the work I did but then she became ill, keeping in mind I had my leg issue at the time. To cut this short, I finally had both access to insurance and a Dr. that listened to me. He did an aggressive diagnosis and found my issue, spinal stenosis of the T11-12 vertabrea. In Aug this summer I had surgery on my back, 4 screws, 2 rods and a bone fusion of the vertabrea, I am back to being about 95% normal walking again with little or no nerve damage. I have 4 more physical therapy sessions to go and working hard to get back to almost normal. Wife is 2 yrs clear of the cancer. Our finances have taken a digger and I am trying to get my business off the ground again. Now the main reason for this post. I would like the members here to at least take a look at some of my work at the Facebook site I set up. Any constructive criticism here would be appreciated. I have the photos and designs set up by category under albums and keep in mind this is a work in progress. Tks for taking the time to read and I enjoy this site greatly. Here is my link. (Mike)
  7. Car8Chief

    Handicap sign

    Thank you for the two links. Great collection of signs that I can put to use.
  8. Car8Chief

    Would Like All My AI & EPS Files To Be SVG...

    I use XnView at or Sage Thumbs at to view and convert many image formats. Both programs are free and have worked very well for me. Sage Thumbs is an image files explorer addon for Windows and has AI, EPS support as well as 162 other formats. Also check out XnConvert on the XnView page. Their description form the page: XnConvert is a powerful and free cross-platform batch image processor, allowing you to combine over 80 actions. Compatible with 500 formats. It uses the batch processing module of XnViewMP Mike
  9. Car8Chief

    Wet Application of Glass Etch

    Thanks for posting the video of you homemade stainless big squeege. I have to hunt for some materials to make one now. Looks like it works well.
  10. Car8Chief

    Contour Cutting

    mostdiehatin: You might try to save the design by printing/saving to a PDF file. I believe the reg marks will be saved but not able to check it out right now. If the PDF file shows the reg marks you should be able to take the PDF file to a laser printer, print it and back to the cutter for contour.. Print to PDF from SCALPro to see if the reg marks are saved in the PDF file. Important note: When printing to PDF, make sure resize to document is not checked or your dimensions will be off. Not checking resize to document will produce a custom PDF and should keep dimensions proper. I have done this when designing magnetic car signs and larger decals for the customer.
  11. Great originals, Grabbed them, Thanks.
  12. Car8Chief


    I had issues with some earlier version files not loading and I re-associated my SCUT2 and SCUT3 project files with SCAL 3 Pro, and now they open fine. Give it a try. Hope this helps.
  13. Very nice post. Picked up some sites I didn't have. Thank you. )
  14. Car8Chief

    What option do you select after you send the cut?

    I have the USC SC34 and always use the stop after cut option. When the cut is done, I set the cutter to local to advance the vinyl to the cutting strip and return it back to origin when the cut is done. Has been working fine for me since I have been using Sign Cut.
  15. Here is a copy of an email I sent to support a few days ago on some issues I seem to be having. As of yet no response. I want to let you know I am liking the pro version of SCAL a lot. Today I did my first Print and Cut of some decals on printable vinyl. I do have a minor issue I hope you can address in your next update. In trying to calibrate the laser on my SC Cutter from US Cutters for Print and Cut, I have figured what the correct values should be to enter them directly into the calibration window. The problem is I can not enter an negative number in the window. With the defaults being X = 0 and Y = 0, I need to enter an negative number in the Y co-ordinate and it will not let me do so. The same happens for the X co-ordinate. My cuts are about 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch off and not being able to enter a negative number keeps me from correcting the issue. (Note: This issue has since been resolved through trial and error from the calibrations window) I also sent you an email last week with an attachment of the screen captures of the errors I have been receiving with the plugins for Corel Draw, Illustrator, Inkscape and the errors I am receiving trying to print my project to PDF in Acrobat 10. Did you receive the email and attachments. Above are the two main issues, but an enhancement to the program I think that would also be helpful is the ability to put registration marks between cut layers on the cutting mat that can be seen across different layers, similar to Sign Cut Pro. The ability to turn on and off these registration marks makes design much easier. This would greatly help when trying to line up layers of different colors, such as a multi color vinyl decal. I know you have had this request submitted by others, but the ability to import EPS files is greatly needed. Most of us have large graphic libraries in the EPS format and converting to SVG would not be prudent but a waste of time. *** [Note 12/14/2012 - EPS support has been added on version SCALPro 3.042. There is no direct import function on the import menu, but you can drag and drop an EPS file into SCALP from windows explorer. It is slowly getting there.] *** [Note: One thing I forgot to add is the weeding window needs to be redesigned. Either a larger view of the work needs to be available or placing of the weeding lines could be done on the cutting mat without a pop up window. Placement of the weeding functions on the tools bar to me seem more appropriate or the the pop up window needs to be larger to be see the work and the weeding lines, again similar to Sign Cut.] Thank you for your time and continued good work on a promising piece of software. Mike