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  1. Topher

    Tuxedo EPS

    Should work perfectly, thank you!
  2. Topher

    Tuxedo EPS

    Anyone have anything that I could put onto a T-Shirt? Its a favor for a friend... Something similar to this... I'd attempt to make my own, but I am a horrible artist when the pressure is on. Thanks
  3. Topher

    Pedestrian Crossing Sign

    BEAUTIFUL! Works, thanks for the help!
  4. Topher

    Pedestrian Crossing Sign

    Thanks, those might be useful later... Can anyone convert this GIF to a EPS?
  5. Does anyone have an EPS of the Highway Sign of Pedestrians Crossing?
  6. Topher

    Red Wings Logo

    Looking for a Red Wings logo... Anyone got anything? Thanks T
  7. Topher


    It was useful, but I'm not great with illustrator yet, had very little time to tinker with it
  8. Topher


    Anyone have a face or full character of a Tiki? Thanks!
  9. Topher

    Need some Vinyl Quick, Recommendation please

    I don't know how long they are going to use it, and what they are going to specifically place it onto, but I think middle grade short life span would be fine... Economy grade works for me, keep more $$$ in my pocket.
  10. I need some Vinyl ASAP for a project this weekend; I
  11. Topher

    New on the block

    Here is what I've done thus far... For my GF and I's 8mo Bullmastiff And going to making loads of these, I used to pay a lot for these to be made...[/img] (I hate Photobucket, never works right) Correction, I love Photobucket! FYI this is my clothing company...
  12. Topher

    Where to buy vinyl and accessories

    Could I get his info... Cutting this 15" to fit my machine is just a waste of money! And that is a killer price, think I paid something like 20+ for a 15"x10 yard roll. Think the dude saw a sucker when I asked for some "Test Material".
  13. Topher

    More Free Vinyl

    Ordered some as well... Need to stock up on practice material
  14. Topher

    New on the block

    Thanks people! And to answer your question JC, busy... way to freaking busy!
  15. Topher


    Awesome, thank you very much!