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  1. hey everyone i'm looking for the maltese emblem representing firemen.any help would be greatly appreciated.......cjb
  2. cjb

    firemens maltese logo

    wow thanks jon!!!that is the one they need!thanks again to everbody that posted u guys are all gre888t ! cjb
  3. cjb

    firemens maltese logo

    thanks all,,,,i found out today the one i need has the ladder,axe and helmet inside the cross!if any one can post it in eps would really appreciate it....the local fire dept has been waiting 2 years for another guy to do it.....thanks again cjb
  4. cjb

    first big contract done with my copam

    wow!!!great job!
  5. cjb

    Fleet Vehicle Done Sunday

    very nice! cjb
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    Hello everyone !!

    welcome ! cjb
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    welcome ! cjb
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    My car

    great job!really like the hood! cjb
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    Thought I'd Share Some Pics

    very nice!luv em all !
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    Car Window

    very nice!
  11. cjb

    more cornhole

    very nice!
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    First Big Window Job

  13. cjb

    new decal

    nice,right to the point!
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    very nice
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    HI all

    welcome ! cjb
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    welcome ! cjb
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    New guy

    welcome txturbo! cjb
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    Does this look funky?

    WOW! both are great!nice job!
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    Happy Father's Day!!

  20. wow sorry to hear someone is dissatisfied with the mh721 .....i think its the greatest thing since i discovered mr.winky at about 9 yrs old !!! cjb
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    Hello from a confussed NEWBIE

    welcome ! cjb
  22. cjb

    Problem with vinyl sticking to glass

    hi ! try to clean glass with straight rubbing alcohol.let dry,than apply....should stick than. cjb