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    Hello to all, from a new to the game guy

    No probly not as I am not that fine but Mickey Ale is a anagram of my real name Mike Lacey....so it works for me....that and I like Mickeys Malt liquor ..
  2. As I have just gottten into the vinyl pressing game, I really do not know how much to charge. I have taken the time to read some already posted comments in some threads and prices seem to range. Once while visiting a sign shop, the sales person have a calculator that automatically totalled the price per inch, product price and additional fee's. Does anyone here have anything like that? perhaps a excel form ....thanks for any input
  3. Just wanted to say hello and introduce myself, I'm mickey and new to the cut, press game but i am excited to try my hand at this. I just got into some low end equipment to wet my feet. A simple 15X15 shirt press, and hat press and one of the low end US CUTTERs in the 28". Hope to learn a lot from this forum and pray that I can get some cool clothes out there. Anyone in the Columbus Ga area, I would love to talk to ya and get some inside tips