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  1. After about 4 months of dealing with this problem, I finally gave up and returned my cutter to US Cutter. Although I know Ken was working very hard on the support side, I found the company's ability to deal with the problems of these cutters to be entirely inadequate. I am sorry that you are now having this problem and that I can not offer a solution. Hopefully someone has discovered a fix. Good luck, Chuck
  2. squelch

    Corvette 427 Emblem?

    Rod, Thank you very, very much for vectorizing that for me. I really appreciate the help. Chuck
  3. squelch

    Corvette 427 Emblem?

    Hello folks, I am looking for a copy of Corvette's 427 emblem shown in the attached image. I really appreciate any assistance. Thanks, Chuck
  4. Update: I received my replacement PCut today... but I can't try it out. US Cutter sent me a replacement machine, but none of the peripheral gear such as blades, blade holder, cables, stand, etc. This is really getting ridiculous. We are going on 2 1/2 months since I first bought this thing I am still not cutting vinyl. (Insert funny little smiley face guy pulling out hair) I know that we all appreciate the hard work that Ken puts in around here. I have not doubt that he is busier than a one legged man in an ass kicking contest, but US Cutter really needs to get their act together. They obviously need more customer support personnel. Either their products are too defective, or they have way too many customers for their staffing levels. Rant Over I'll let you all know how the new cutter works when I get my cables and blades.
  5. squelch

    Quality of your cuts?

    I am not using USB. I am using a serial cable and I have tried every conceivable setting combination I can think of. I thought that too and checked it out closely but couldn't find anything unusual with the tracking. I didn't wait long. I posted this problem in the PCut support forum and the PCut Discussion forum. Had some guys try to help, but no luck. I really appreciate the input guys. I have recently returned the cutter to US Cutter. They are going to send me a new one. We'll see what happens with it. I will post the results of the new cutter once it arrives. Chuck
  6. No cure. Finally received an RA # from Ken and will be exchanging my machine for a replacement. Speculation is that it is some sort of mechanical problem. I'll post an update when my new machine arrives.
  7. squelch

    Looking for Corvette Z06 Logo

    Thanks. That looks great! I appreciate you doing that. Chuck
  8. squelch

    Looking for Corvette Z06 Logo

    Yes I have. Several Corvette logos, but no Z06.
  9. Anyone have a C6 Z06 Logo like the one in the attached image?
  10. squelch

    Car Font Website

    Found a cool website that specializes in Automotive Fonts Check it out: http://www.autofonts.com/
  11. squelch

    Quality of your cuts?

    Ken, That would be great. If you don't think there is any way to resolve it then I would like to send it back. I appreciate you answering this. I know you are busy. I was hoping someone else on the board had experienced and solved a similar problem. Thanks, Chuck
  12. squelch

    Quality of your cuts?

    First off... I want to apologize to those who have already read about my PCut problems. I have posted about this in the PCut specific forums, and received several suggestions and a lot of help from TyKite, but have been unable to solve my problem. I was hoping it would get a few more views here and maybe someone might have another suggestion. I have been trouble shooting my new PCut 630 for over a month, trying to get it to give me a nice cut. I have gotten all of the parameters set that make the cuts look good, with one exception. Wherever the blade starts, it has a little curl to it. Then, when it comes back around to close the cut, they do not meet (See Attached Drawing). This is driving me nuts and I really want to get it fixed. Here are my questions: 1. Has anyone ever had this problem before, and if so, where you able to fix it? 2. Is everyone else's cuts closing properly, or am I being to demanding of these cheaper machines? I have samples cut by a Roland machine that are absolutely perfect. How do your's look? Specifics: PCut 630 Direct Serial Port connection. SignBlazer Elements PC Laptop 45 degree blade that came with it Speed 30 Pressure 140 Offset 47 Things I've already tried: 1. I have tested the cutter over the full range of all the settings above. This is what it takes to get the cut to look good and none of the settings have any effect on the closing of the cut. 2. I have also tried it with the Pen installed. The lines close perfectly with the pen. No indications of the problem I am having with the blade. However, the offset of 47 does not work with the pen. It needs to be more like 25 to get nice sharp corners, which is to be expected. With the blade at an offset of 25, all of the corners are rounded. 3. Checked the rollers for play/looseness. None. 4. Checked the drive belt for slippage. None. 5. Changed cutter selection in SignBlazer to Creation PCut CTE630 HPG. No difference. I appreciate any input or suggestions. At this point I will try anything. Thanks, Chuck Here is a link to my other troubleshooting thread: http://forum.uscutter.com/index.php/topic,4752.0.html
  13. I can not find any reference to the Overcut feature. I am using a PCut 630 and SignBlazer Elements. Does this apply to either of these? If so, please let me know where to find it. I have also checked the rollers for play/looseness and they are tight. The drive belt also seems to be in adjustment. Thanks, Chuck
  14. I tried the PCut CTE630 HPGL setting. The cuts look exactly the same. Any other ideas? Thanks, Chuck
  15. Ken, I sent you an email 4 days ago and a PM today. If you received these, please respond. Thank you, Chuck