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    how do i apply double layers of vinyl?

    Sorry I should have not joked about post #9. I have reported it to moderator.
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    need a metal detector epp please.

    search images with google
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    how do i apply double layers of vinyl?

    Help, my computer just messed up, I cannot read the last post. All the letters are all miss arranged.
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    From the album: Eagle

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  6. Something not mentioned, is make sure your work table is good and flat. I had a little problem using one of those plastic 8' tables that had become bowed in the middle as I was applying the app tape.
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    New guy over here...

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    looking for this font

    Looks custom
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    Looking for this font

    Anyone know what font this is, looks like magistral bold, but I don't want to spend 30 bucks for one font. Something close will work, any ideas. Thanks
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    Looking for this font

    Thanks, mb20music. I had looked at two of my sites and could not find it, now have a new favorite font site.
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    asking for a video ?

    Awesome, Jay2703
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    Got to find something to put this on.
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    Yea, the snake would be a pain to weed at 14" max I have with my cutter, I have got to get me a 24". Only problem I am spoiled with my Graphtec Robo craft. This thing cuts so darn good. If you can see good enought to weed it, it will cut it.
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    jpg, I can not draw anything.
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    Glad you all liked it, Dragonduster inspired me so here's one with a snake. Nothing like non stop weeding. I have not cut this one so it may need some tweaking. I did some tweaking in SB and saved it as an EPS file but for some reason the file is now to large to post. 1768kb I don't know what happened to make it so large. That is ten times bigger than most of my EPS files.
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    Here you go. eagle.eps
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    Greeting From California

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    Hello from Washington State!

    Welcome, Pat
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    That sounds like a good idea. I really did not have any plans for it, just wanted to do it because I liked the way it looked. The weeding was not that bad for one, I would not want to do 10 of them without some good compensation.
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    Hand Carved Foam

  21. top53

    Hand Carved Foam

    I like this, where can I find out more?
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    I guess I just wanted see how long it would take to weed an eagle. 14" about 30 minutes.
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    Guess I wanted to see how long it would take to weed an eagle.
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    What kind of substrate are you installing on? I had a lot of bubbles installing layer upon layer and than installing on the substrate, so much so I ended up remaking it and installing directly to the trailer one layer at a time. It looks real nice, post some pictures once you install it.
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    asking for a video ?

    towman208 is way better but if you want to try tracing this will give you some idea, this was done rather quickly but will give you the general idea. Part one: Part two: