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  1. Print Star

    Chicken hawk from looney tunes

  2. Haven't been around in a while but could really use this if anyone has it! Thanks! Kenny
  3. Print Star

    My new light table

    Sold the house and have my light table in storage due to space issues. So here is my new one until I can figure out somewhere to put the "real" one!
  4. Print Star

    Anyone care to help out

    I cannot get a good trace of this image. If anyone can it would be greatly appreciated! Only need the black Thanks!
  5. post a pic of the koozie and the art, I may be able to screenprint them
  6. Print Star

    A Big 5XL Shirt I did

    That looks awesome! Is that a screenprinted transfer? If so, where did you order it from?
  7. Print Star

    Not vinyl work

    Thanks Man!! I really enjoy it!
  8. Print Star

    Not vinyl work

    It's not glitter it is mettalic gold. Prints thru 110 just fine. Actually should have used 160 since I had a white base. Feels a little too thick but turned out good!
  9. Print Star

    Not vinyl work

    Just wanted to show a screenprint job I just did. Have had my press in storage for a few months. Finally found a new shop and am back in business! This was the first job in the new shop so I just thought I would show it!
  10. Print Star

    coupla magnets

    Thanks Vette! He is very proud of her! And relieved he doesn't have to come up with all that out of state tuition!
  11. Print Star

    coupla magnets

    Made for a friends daughter. She got a full ride for academics!
  12. Print Star

    Free vector site

    Don't know if this has been posted before but here it is! Lots of good sports stuff!
  13. Print Star

    Distressed font

    I like it! What is it called?
  14. Print Star

    just got their catalog today. Looks pretty good!
  15. Print Star

    So I just got a epson 1400

    do you ned a rip? what brand positives? sorry! don't mean to hijack!