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  1. Where did you get those fills for the go kart graphics. their pretty cool!

  2. charlesnw

    Go Kart graphics

    ive done hundreds of these in the last 10 years... make the wrap about 37 long and 10-12 tall keep the numbers around 6-7 tall depending on the body style you do not really need a template but its super easy to draw one .. like this .. and the use that to make something like this... the ripped up graphics at the bottom are for the shelf ( top of the sides ) never had a problem with it not sticking wipe it with rubbing alcohol first then stick it to the sides. 99% of them are fiberglass sides around here.
  3. charlesnw

    Okay, so they have lasers, but...

    forgot to mention once the laser is lined up in the crosshair you can almost see the focus change or something i dunno how to explain it but when its lined up youll know it .. its pretty easy.
  4. charlesnw

    Okay, so they have lasers, but...

    yeah i got mine working's how im doing it.. i design my artwork in whatever inkscape,xara,illustrator,corel .. whatever you got.. import it to flexi starter .. click effects contour cut.. then effects contour cut mark it puts the reg marks on around the artwork.. print out the artwork with the 4 reg marks.. then laminate it or whatever .. then load it in your cutter and click on the actual red knife icon in flexi starter "cut contour" it opens a window choose interactive line it up 4 times and it cuts.. i got the 34 inch sc machine and once i figured out a few problems i was having its cutting perfect and the tracking is pretty much dead on .. haven't tried cutting any long runs with contour yet but hope to soon. the machine is not fast but it certainly does what it says it does..
  5. charlesnw

    sc series origin SOLVED

    just to follow up i fixxed it .. to set the origin you hit enter then move the origin where you want it and then click select then click enter when its on current .. also the machine running crazy and having write port errors i unchecked in flexi starter under prefrences tools connect over tcp/ip .. this seems to have fixxed it im cutting a really tight cheetah print pattern right now thats 20x36 and lord nows how many individual tiny pieces and the machine has been running a good 30 - 45 minutes without a single hiccup .. although i did trace it on a sheet of paper first with the pen .. but it seems to be working great now that i figured out the write port error that was sending the carriage smashing to the left or the right with no rhyme or reason. can an admin mark this solved ?
  6. charlesnw

    sc series origin SOLVED

    ive worked at a sign shop for 6 years i run multiple cutters and printers all day with flexi pro signlab and versaworks and none of them do this. once in a while it seems i push enough buttons on it and i get it to somehow realize i reset the origin but 99% of the things ive cut so far it wastes the 4 inches. thanks for trying though!!
  7. charlesnw

    Opening .eps files in Inkscape?

    install ghostscript and gsview works on my inkscape anyhow
  8. charlesnw

    sc series origin SOLVED

    wow if i knew a 24x36 inch image with 13 words on it was too much i would not have bought this... the file is only 220 KB the machine has 1mb of "recyclable" memory i use a 14 year old mimaki all day at work its got 1mb of memory and we have cut files over 65 feet long in one shot without a hitch.. i know i bought a cheap plotter but dang .. lol ill try those settings and see how it does... anyone out there who can help with setting the origin correctly ?
  9. charlesnw

    Layering Large Graphics 20+ inches

    i use clear app tape .. stick the tape to your shirt about 10 times first to get less tack .. i know it sounds crazy but we re use the same clear tape about 50 times before we pull off a new peice. we start with the color thats on top first and stick it to the tape then stick the outline then the next outline if it has one then stick it all ontop of the shadow and then we just peel off the clear tape and tape it with normal transfer tape.. good luck
  10. charlesnw

    sc series origin SOLVED

    hey all! I have had my sc plotter 34 inch for a little over a week made a few small things... i must be doing something wrong i cant seem to get it to set the origin correctly i hit reset and see the us cutter flash on the screen then i hit enter move my origin where i want bottom right of vinyl if im facing the machine and hit enter. when i send a cut out of flexi starter it wastes about 4 inches of vinyl before it starts cutting if it was 1 inch i wouldnt care but 4 inches every time i make something is gonna cost me a lot of money in wasted material. now on to problem 2 i made a sign 24" x 36" (artwork was about 20x34) it was a simple text logo i have cut on other machines without issues. i had one big logo about 12 x 30 and approximately 10 small ones nested around it and the words "coming soon". about 10 minutes into cutting the carriage went all the way to the right of the machine and slammed about 30 times into the right side of the machine before i could hit reset. ... how do i make sure it wont do this again ?? im scarred to cut anything big now because of that ...yes im using usb will a keyspan solve the issues ? and yes i have a ground wire connected. so to recap how do i set the origin and how do i make sure the carriage wont go crazy ?? Thanks, Chuck
  11. charlesnw


    looks like Aachen bold to me...