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  1. Pepe

    Recent work

    Is that Oracal's snake film?
  2. Pepe

    Another Helmet Decal

    Cool, how do you get it to lay flat around the curves without wrinkles and bubbles?
  3. Pepe

    How to apply this and cut size?

    Thanks, and just to clarify. You mean to cut the line "specializing....." side by side on the 24" . Layering: Are the reg marks actually going to the van and later peeled off?
  4. Hi Fellas, Never done a line this long. It's 72" x 7. I was wondering how to apply this, so it comes out straight along the body line. I'm using a copam 2500 for cutting and am not sure if I should order a 15" roll of black and cut it in one piece or order a 24" roll and split it up. What would cut better? Not sure how accurate the Copam can pull back the material to start cutting inside the letters. As for the cake, I'm familiar with reg marks in flexi, but have only done it once with a smaller logo. I would just cut the two colors and lay over each other on the van, right? Using clear packing tape on the reg marks? Any input is highly appreciated P
  5. Pepe

    what transfer tape for oracal 651?

    Do you use the orange peel for prepping also?
  6. Pepe

    what transfer tape for oracal 651?

    Thanks Coaster.
  7. Pepe

    what transfer tape for oracal 651?

    Thanks, I wouldn't hesitate buying a 24" roll, but I can't find shorter than 100 yds. Here is a layout I did in Flexi for the cust to review. I was considering the center hinge application for the mainline. Any suggestions appreciated. Vinylm.: Did USC charge $9 to ship the gallon?
  8. Pepe

    what transfer tape for oracal 651?

    Thanks, what liquid would you recommend?
  9. Hi all , I have a 22" by 80" headline to do on a van, using 651 pink. All I have is TransferRite Ultra 16" by 50yds and clear Rtape conform 14" by 50yds, but they have been on the shelf for over three years now. Tested both and they work well, pretty sticky still. Should I buy 24" and what brand? Also, haven't done anything that long. Should I hinge in the middle? Thanks, Pepe
  10. Pepe

    Needed decent eps of ballet dancer

    How do you download there if I may ask? I couldn't find a download link ;( Thanks
  11. Pepe

    Flexi Training

    Never mind. Figured out the node editing part. Path edit, scissor tool and reconnect with bezier tool, arrange/compound.
  12. Pepe

    Flexi Training

    This is the vectorized image in flexi format. Oops, it doesn't let me post .fs files. I'll try eps. Eps doesn't work either. Screenshot in wireframe than. Sir vectorized.eps
  13. Pepe

    Flexi Training

    This is the image (jpg)