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  1. cutme

    IMG 20120310 161415

    that is an awesome looking dragon! care to share the vector?
  2. cutme

    NEED: Printed Banner

    man you guys are like sharks circling in the water. bb
  3. cutme

    .SBD file I just need a little help cleaning up

    put a pen in your knife holder and draw it on paper before you waste any vinyl. bb
  4. cutme

    Help Needed! Can't figure out how to shadow a text

    to make the drop shadow in illy, click on; effect>stylize>drop sahdow. to make the text open line art; select no fill and apply color to the stroke, then adjust the stroke and outline the stroke. hope this helps bb
  5. cutme

    Why is this showing up in black in SB

    select view in wireframe and you will see that all the bits are there they are just all black. try changing the color of certain items and see what you get. bb
  6. do you have your blade offset set to .25? bb
  7. cutme

    SIGNBLAZER HOTSHOT.... do you want it?

    care to elaborate on that statement? bb
  8. cutme

    need some thing printed

    pm sent bb
  9. cutme

    Double Cutting

    post up a pic and or the artwork and someone will be able to tell you why. bb
  10. i have had such good success with their multi cut, i decided to try their print n cut (maxim) with my roland printer. it takes a little trial and error to figure out the premask, but it works great once you figure out how to peel it from the backing. (hint; peel the masking off folding it over on itself) i threw away a few transfers before i got that one. i will take some pics tomorrow. anyone else here have any experience with it? bb
  11. cutme

    joto paper print n cut

    here are the pics bb
  12. cutme

    Need help creating Multi-Color Vinyl

    that is part of the print/cut operation. you can read all about it in the learning guide. bb
  13. cutme

    Need help creating Multi-Color Vinyl

    try unchecking "selected only" bb
  14. cutme

    Well this guitAR got 6 strings...

    cool graphic, what is the font? would yo umind sharing the vector of johnny? bb
  15. cutme

    Bullet points or dots between words

    that's strange, i can get some of the characters to work but not the bullet point the op was trying to get. bb
  16. cutme

    Bullet points or dots between words

    what version of sb are you using? according to this page in the learning guide, you should be able to click on the bullet at the bottom of the screen and it will insert it, but i cannot get it to work for me. bb
  17. cutme

    radiusing a corner

    it doesn't work that way in sb. you can right click after selecting the rectangle tool and select rounded corners before making your rectangle. or what i have done before to round corners is use a circle as a guide and node edit your rectangles corners round. try giving the learning guide a read through. you can find it in your program files where signblazer is installed. bb
  18. cutme

    .otf in signblazer

    signblazer only recognizes ttf fonts. bb
  19. cutme


    in the cutter screen, click on setup. check the box labeled advance page after job, enter a value and click ok. bb
  20. importsonly at gmail



  21. cutme

    Please help my ID this font

    these zip files are dead, anyone have garamond three and garamond three bold they would like to share? bb
  22. cutme

    PVW Files

    if you want to see the previews for your vector files, and not have sbe make preview files of all your photos. keep the vector files in a seperate folder and do not open folders containing your photos with sbe. sbe only makes .pvw files in folders you open with sbe when you have the show previews box checked. bb
  23. cutme

    how to punch ?

    use cast film and you don't have to worry about shrinkage. bb
  24. cutme

    how to punch ?

    i will go one better than that. go to your program files and where signblazer is installed, you will find a learning guide. it has the answer to your question. or, you put one object on top of another object, select them both and select punch through weld. there is more to it, but that is the simple answer. READ THE LEARNING GUIDE bb