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  1. mrdavid

    New Vehicle Wrap...

    How long does it take from start to finish and what kind of money do you change for this..
  2. mrdavid

    john wayne

    Thanks to both I to had to get them
  3. I grabbed them to thank you!!! "TO BAD THE OTHERS WHO GRABBED IT COULD NOT SAY THANKS"
  4. mrdavid

    Who uses JPSS for shirts?

    I have been using JPSS for two years now and yes I have made tons of shirts and made good money with it. I to have Epson 1400 with cis with pigment ink and never had A problems with it. And I have two shirts that are two years old and been washed over 100 times still look good and yes I wash them in bleech and hot water and dry them on high heat can any other transfer paper do this ?
  5. very nice find thanks for it
  6. mrdavid

    I need, I need, I need...

    Fire this is why I just set back and watch there is lot of vets here that do ask lot and do not help I can find things I need on the web and then make it vecter my self when I do take one from here I do say thanks and you dont see that as much.. And I will help new people here if I have the fill when I dont then I wont list..
  7. mrdavid

    Buzz lightyear and Woody

    Thanks my kids love them
  8. mrdavid

    gangster lady

    Thanks for the files.
  9. mrdavid

    Anyone have a V-twin motor?

    Thanks for posting them I all so snagged on them..
  10. mrdavid

    Tony Stewart number 14

    thanks I all so got them
  11. Gildan and Bamboo shirts for me..
  12. mrdavid

    Update on Marylin Monroe Tile

    That looks sweet now I have to try that LOL..
  13. mrdavid

    michale jackson

    Thanks Mark-s for that one to..