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  1. I understand Ken, I'm just surprised because I'm extremely new to all of this and in my past limited experience with USCutter, I've always recieved prompt replies and help so I guess I just thought that was normal and expected and maybe something was wrong since I wasn't recieving as prompt of help as I was used too. You have been really great so I'm sorry if I added to your stress, that was not my intentions!
  2. I have sent him multiple messages and he doesn't respond so I'm at a loss for what to do
  3. Hey, has anyone ever returned their cutter for a replacement? I sent mine back two weeks ago because it did something funny and made a loud pop sound and started smoking in the middle of a cut, anyway I sent it back two weeks ago and since then I can't get ahold of anyone at USCutter, no one replies to my e-mails or phone calls and I'm just wondering if I'm ever going to see my machine again??? I think it's funny that it only took them one day to send me my machine when I first purchased it but now they're taking their sweet time and I can't seem to get any answers on how long I should expect before I get my cutter back. And, I have some small jobs that need to be done by the end of the month but I can't do them without a cutter. Sorry I needed to vent a little since it's starting to get annoying and I also wanted to know if anyone else has experienced this problem? Thanks.
  4. gohartman


    Ok. At least it's under warranty still. I'll just wait to hear from Ken and see what they can do.
  5. gohartman


    Thanks. I've tried calling the support number and left a message so hopefully I'll get a call soon. I bought the maching directly from uscutters and have had it for just under two weeks.
  6. My cutter has had problems freezing up in the middle of cuts for no apparent reason. However I have been able to manage to cut a few things out but usually end up piecing them together meaning the cutter cuts part of the lettering than freezes, so I cut another part out until it freezes then try to finish the lettering then put it all together. Anyway today I was attempting to cute out three words and right as it was about to finish the last letter the machine stopped, started making a loud blowing noise and the LCD screen went blank. All of a sudden I heard a load pop that sounded like it was coming from the blade carriage and then there was a bunch of smoke and an awful oder. I'm assuming that the cutter is no longer working and will not attempt it again. What could've happened and what do I do now? And also what kind of warranty do these machines come with? I have had nothing but problem after problem and would like to get a cutter that works. Thanks.
  7. Ok. How would I do that? Well the machine is working right about half the time now so that's a big improvement!
  8. Ok, well I think I'll wait on replacing the motherboard for now. Do you think turning off my screen saver could possibly help?
  9. Thanks Ken. I guess I am one of the lucky ones who got a possibly defected one eh? Well in the mean time, should I just wait and see what you guys find out?
  10. You know, I've tried it with about 10 different things. I'm only trying to cut out letters, no fancy graphics.
  11. Ok, I did it and it works except that it is still stopping before the sign is all the way cut. I'm about to return the machine and get something different and more reliable.
  12. I've had problems with my cutter freezing up in the middle of cuts. People have recommended I switch from using the USB cable to the serial connection. I'm obviously not good with computers, but now that I have the serial connected, what do I need to do as far as setup so that my computer and cutter will work together?
  13. gohartman

    Error...now what?

    Yes it did. I could try that. What all do I need to do besides just hooking it up to the computure and cutter?
  14. gohartman

    Error...now what?

    I tried cutting again and it did the same thing so I'm not sure if it's a USB problem or what. Is there anyone who is happy with their cutter and has things up and going pretty well?
  15. gohartman

    Error...now what?

    Ok, so now it's magically working again, but this time about a third of the way through it just stopped. What now?