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  1. I cant tell exactly what's going on in your picture because for some reason its huge on my screen and wont shrink down. But it looks to me like your fabric was stretched out when the vinyl was heated and applied to the shirt or your shirt shrunk after it was washed and now your vinyl is bunching. My sons shirts do that often. I get the same result when I apply heat to the shirt for to long. The vinyl starts to lift in spots after being worn a few times.
  2. Well I can't figure out how to update the about me but none of what's there no longer applies. I'm pretty much above the crafting level.

  3. Well I can't figure out how to update the about me but none of what's there no longer applies. I'm pretty much above the crafting level.

  4. stickeysand

    10 yard Vinyl Rack

    I'm not sure if I'm should be feeling this way about your workspace. But I think I'm in love..... lol It looks great!
  5. stickeysand

    Sugar Skull Candy Skull

    I'm looking for sugar skulls, candy skulls, you know those embellished skeleton face designs. I want to use embellished bits and pieces of different ones to make a complete different one. Anyone have any? If it matters to anyone my finished product will be a layered vinyl shirt.
  6. stickeysand

    Looking for Angry Orchard tree

    I would LOVE a huge Angry Orchard tree on my wall! By chance did you write to them and did they send it to you?
  7. stickeysand

    Did this to my beer fridge this weekend

    Should have picked a better beer. Great work thou
  8. stickeysand

    Boundary around image?

    I'm not sure I'm not sure I's following you correctly.... Why cant you just contour to the size you want and use that as a cut as the boundary? Honestly I've never used "boundary" so I'm wondering if I might be doing something the hard way :/
  9. stickeysand

    Please help Peacock feathers needed

    truly amazing love them!!!! thank you!!!
  10. Anyone have one of these? I have looked on every free site I know of and cant find one I would love it to be in the downward position like in this photo. I have tried a trace in Corel but cant seem to get a good enough trace that I wont be there for an hour or two making it even and correctly cut ready.... !
  11. Thanks All!! Wooo Hoo! Saved me a bunch of work right now!
  12. stickeysand


    Beautiful Koi! Did you make the Koi yourself? And what are the chances of you sharing the Koi? I love all the detail!
  13. Very possible the repeated line could be overlay of the design. Some of the files you find online seem to have multiple of the same cut lines....
  14. When you say "wet" what exactly are you all using? A guy in town uses Windex. I apply dry but make sure I rub the transfer tape and vinyl really well before I stick anything. Sometimes I get tiny tiny bubbles but very rarely.
  15. stickeysand

    Guns and Coffee

    Here's another its cut ready GUNS AND COFFEE.eps
  16. Personally I use Hotfix rhinestone applicant tape. I get it from Sign Warehouse. and after I apply the tape I flip the whole design upside down and peel the template material away from the tape vs the tape from the template.
  17. stickeysand

    Looking for EPS files for rhinestones

    Try bling art usa .com they have files you can purchase and cut yourself. \
  18. stickeysand

    day of dead skulls

    Best one yet! AWESOME! Thank you!
  19. Can anyone help me? I want this Yellow Jacket to open in Sign Cut. I want to cut just his outline out so basicly the black will be all vinyl. I would like to have the option to have the H on the chest all vinyl as well. Can anyone fix this for me? I can't figure it out. Any help or step by step instructions on how to do it myself would be greatly appreciated. Thanks all! So 2 eps files is what I think I need. One Yellow Jacket with a solid black H and one Yellow Jacket with the outline of the H.
  20. This post is old but it's full of great Birthday ideas! I love it!!!
  21. stickeysand

    Buzz lightyear and Woody

    Just a reminder any copyright images can usually be found at or but those are cute files Thanks!
  22. stickeysand

    Looking for Camo/Military stick people??

    Check the stick figures collection out at My Vinyl Designer .com it contains numerous uniforms heads, boys, outfits, ect. I have the collection and love it! I would share it but i'm pretty sure it's some sort of copyright I purchased it, you can to! It's not very expensive and you will earn your money back form buying the file pretty fast. Highly recomenmd it!
  23. stickeysand


    How were you able to get the vinyl to lay so smoothly on the curve of the helmet? I have the hardest time gettting my vinyl smooth on curves! Great job that look cute!
  24. I have a few ideas and designs I would like to buy either rhinestone stencils for my design and ideas or a rhinestone cut file i can use with sign cut to cut my own stencil. I don't have a rhinestone program and buying pre-made is costly. So I'm hoping to find someone who already has the software and can cut and mail the stencil to me or can send me the file so I can cut my own REUSEABLE STENCIL. Stencil or sign cut usable file I want to purchase... 6" numbers 1.5-2" A-Z alphabet in a non cursive but elegant font yellowjacket bee hive/ yellow jackets nest Hilmar Yellowjackets in a nice font about 2-3" tall Anyone reasonably priced? with this type of software?
  25. stickeysand

    Rhinestone trasfer stencil or templates....

    Sounds like great information thank you so much!