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  1. jisep32

    Blade offset in SB

    Sorry for bringing this post back alive but I'm having the same issue. Any luck fixing this?
  2. jisep32

    Newish, SC Cutter Help.

    FYI. I just got my old desktop computer working and started cutting using the Serial port. Well I have to say all is well. Have run many large jobs without an issue. Thanks for everyone's help!
  3. jisep32

    Newish, SC Cutter Help.

    Will the SC series really need a Keyspan adapter? The SC series already has a usb connection built into the cutter? It's also noted that the Keyspan adapter is only needed for Mac users. I am also having issues with Cutting across work Randomly. I haven't had the cutter stop on me yet. At first I thought it was because I had my screen saver on but that is not the case.
  4. jisep32

    US Cutter SC 24 cutting problems

    I was running into the same problem and found out the cause. I also have the SC series cutter using Inkscape and Signblazer. I watched one of my 18"x32" detailed decal run using the plotter pen on the vinyl backing for testing. I notice my laptop flashed, I looked at the cutter and also found the start a ghost cut not finishing 1 part but starting another by dragging the blade. Well, it's the screen saver I had setup on my laptop. When I set the Screen saver to NONE and changed the Power to NEVER turn off monitor, NEVER turn off hard disks, and NEVER go into System Standby.......Ran the detailed logo twice on the cutter and no longer see ghost cuts. Cuts out the detail with no issues at all. This was never possible before. Hope this helps!
  5. jisep32

    SC Series Manual?

    I found it. Sorry it was on the disk they supplied me with the drivers. I didn't find any information regarding the Optical eye/lazer. Anyone try it on the SC Series?
  6. jisep32

    SC Series Manual?

    Hello, I just received my USCutter SC series cutter but I can't find a manual for it. The only manual's I can find on USCutter support section is for the MH and the TC. Anyone know where I can find it?