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  1. LOL Thanks everyone
  2. also take a look at it in wire frame a lot of times you can find problems that way ...
  3. And if thats the case the offset on the Graphtec is 0.00
  4. One last thing look at it in wire frame mode and make sure it not cutting the vinyl twice ....
  5. Look inside the blade holder after you take the blade out and I think you will find some small pieces of vinyl in there. Use a magnifying glass if you have to and add a drop of oil. Remember that the blade also has to be free to spin, and as Scott said way to much blade, if anything start with as little as you can where you can just barley see the blade. The same glass look at the tip and make sure you didn't bust the tip. You have a great machine and no way should it be cutting like that ...
  6. Did you try the copy and paste to see if it would work for future projects?
  7. Just try copy and paste that should work
  8. In Corel on the left tool bar you will see out line tool try that, then you will have to play with the nodes a little
  9. Maybe have some one like Scott ( Dakotagrafx ) give you a price on printed ones. Then all the dealership has to do is peel and stick. They don't need to know you are sourcing them out ...
  10. welcome
  11. welcome aboard
  12. Welcome from Florida
  13. Welcome and have fun with your new cutter
  14. very cool to hear keep up the great work you are doing ...