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  1. Cuttter

    Popular Decals?

    I'm in the Dallas, Tx area, The big thing here right now is that stupid western star. Its a simple photoshop tool star and everyone is going crazy for them. Even though these things are dumb as heck, I just might jump on that wagon, cause they are buying them for 15.00 in a 4 inch star.
  2. Cuttter

    pricing on Large Signs

    At times I use this website. 9 out of 10 times I get jobs quick from it, especially if the customer is watching and I under cut the price shown on the screen.
  3. Cuttter

    HP Designjet 1055cm Printer

    Thank you to all, well the good thing is it came with new ink cartridges. I can sell the printer and carts seperatly to go toward buying what I need. I plugged the printer and ran a test and it printed perfectly.
  4. I recently purchased an HP Designjet 1055cm large format printer. I have 40.00 invested in it, so I don't have alot wasted. It came with ALOT of ink. The guy I purchased it from stated it can print onto glossy also. I know its a plotter and used for architecture work/drawings. I am wanting to know, can I also use it to print onto vinyl or banners? I know it won't cut around the images but if I can get doing back windows, even car doors.....great. I am wanting to know if there has been anyone that has tried this with a machine similar to this. Thank you all for reading and helping on this issue.
  5. Cuttter

    Printing 11x17 in Inkscape Problem

    Never tried it because it's so easy in Sign Blazer why not give that a try? I will give it a try. If you need anymore help let me know That didn't work either, the image is sqewed with lines across the entire image. I have posted an image.
  6. Cuttter

    Printing 11x17 in Inkscape Problem

    Never tried it because it's so easy in Sign Blazer why not give that a try? I will give it a try.
  7. Cuttter

    Printing 11x17 in Inkscape Problem

    It is Windows, I did also change both to 11x17 and also tried tabloid setting.
  8. I have been trying to print from inkscape over and over again my problom is the size I am trying to print is 11x17, each time it prints an 8.5x11, no matter if I change the document size to 11x17 manually or even choose the correct setting in the printer setup. If any one has had this issue and corrected it, please let me know what you did to correct it.
  9. 25.56 ... includes the vinyl and weeding time. Then add the cost of the magnetic.
  10. i use this website.
  12. Cuttter

    Pricing help.

    i use this website.
  13. I have adjusted the belt and the slack has gone away. I have also replaced the blade holder, all the cuts are now closing. Now if I could only get the cutting strip to is smaller than the original that came with the machine.
  14. I reloaded Signblazer from the forum, it has stopped the wierd cuts.
  15. Cuttter

    Signblazer Reverse weld?

    Thank you for the information, I have downloaded the software, to me this is an upgrade, with more features than the SB elements. I just cut with the pcut setting and is did a better job than it has been doing. Now I have to test it on a 6 ft banner.